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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Light Of Mine (Michelle)

I planned on putting this post up yesterday evening, but I was too busy hiding under my blanket cause I'm terrified of firecrackers! Me and my dog gave eachother company.Lol

I always loved helping my friends put up lights and diyas all around the house and when we were done, we used to just stare in awe at how beautiful the house looked(the best part were the delicious pure ghee sweets that I devoured afterward) but the aura of positivity that surrounded us whilst standing in the midst of beautifully lit houses with lanterns and rangolis.The sound of the bell during puja, the smell of the incense, families having a great can't help but feel festive!

I didn't really light any firecrackers because I'm dead against them but I do love watching the fuljhadis and the rockets in the sky.

A very HAPPY DIWALI to all the BUFers.Hope this festival of lights brought with it a lot of happiness, hope and lots of love.Keep letting your light shine!


  1. HAPPY DIWALI beautiful!

    lol Im scared of firecrackers too..I can watch em from afar but Im scared to get near em..incase they burn me or my clothes..oh Im such a wimp LOL!

    hv a beautiful bright shining Diwali. May u always b surrounded by love n light Michi!

    same diya pic yeyyyyyyyy! :)


  2. im a much bigger wimp i was shivering under a blanket hehe hope u had a wonderful day kesh!

  3. Michi d u know even party-poppers scare me? I HATE THAT RUBBISH! It freaks me out :(


  4. Hi,Michelle..nice light post.:)smile at your not posting because you were hiding from firecrackers..

  5. thats so cute! aww lil baby!!!

    And LUCKY Dawg! :p

  6. keshi,

    haha bursting of balloons scare meee!!! i run in the opposite direction if there r balloons arnd! sudden noises to be precise! had this phobia since i was a kid.


    heeehe its ok even if u were smilin at tht my friends make fun of me anyway :(


    hahaha! he was shivering, i was attempting to be bold and peeking out of the window only to be welcomed by a terribly loud sound which got me scurrying back to hiding