This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Knock Knock!! :-) (Ishita)

Yes I had a wonderful holiday … thank you :)

Being with my family, both brothers and their families after a span of “God knows how many” years … was something that had me break down in tears when the time to say goodbye came. And now I’m left wondering when next?

Accessing the net was a MAJOR problem at my parents place – they have dial-up you see! And the one day we all decided to check our mails…the home pc crashed!! Yeah, lucky us
:P … heh…

Anyway, the laptops came in handy but we had so many things to do and catch up on that being online or checking emails was simply set aside….BUT of course I sneaked in to check on BUF….

What amazes me is that despite the whole lot of topics given and the freedom to write on that many….the response has been…quite disappointing. Then again I know how it is during the festival season etc. So let’s just say the disappointment was ‘expected’ yet prior knowledge did nothing to ease that… *sigh*

I don’t want to start yet another debate on why, what, if, how…blah blah. Seriously, I think those of us who care to hang around and be a part of this space for the purpose of keeping in touch and simply being ourselves should simply let it be…

Let it be… and by that I mean, let each of us prioritise BUF the way we want to. First or last in our scheme of things, a visit a day or a week or a fortnight or a month or never at all…at the risk of sounding “oh so philosophical’ – lets just not “EXPECT” things from each other except the one basic thing that can make relationships (be it virtual or online) work – an effort to see it (the way people choose to prioritise BUF) from their point of view.

No one can feel more elated than I do when BUFers write and comment at a regular pace and no one can feel more disappointed when they don’t…! And if I can reach a stage where after all the “appreciation” and the “criticism” I can still hope to make it work…. I don’t see why the rest of you can’t? I guess you do. It gets very upsetting at times I know….but when’s life perfect?

I’ve tried different ways and means to sustain this plc… BUT it’s never been about the kind of effort I may make….in the end it’s always been about everyone in it and the level of interest shown. I dread to think what would become of this place if everyone decided to put BUF at the bottom of their list of priorities OR lose the ability to step into each others shoes…

The true test of friendships…I guess…is in difficult times. And Keshi’s sense of frustration is one I completely empathise with. I struggle with my sense of disappointment with the diminishing enthusiasm among BUFers and at the same time understanding that everyone has a life…it’s not easy…

I could go on and on and on and on….

But seriously, what I’d like to see in this space which lets remember is a BLOG first….is some posts and good writing. Comments or no comments – BUF is essentially a space to write!

If the will to write is gone…then this space has no meaning – right? :)

So if there’s just me and a handful who want to keep “writing” on topics … that’s what matters in the end – that’s enough reason to keep BUF going :)

I’ll be back when I’m ready with a post on the topics mentioned in this post (put up before I went off) –

Till then,

Happy Blogging!

Ps: The pic was taken at my parent's place...I love the diya (lamp) amidst the flowers.*sigh* I miss home...


  1. Ish its wonderful to see u bak. WB n HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    Sounds like u had a magical time with ur family. Its lovely to hear abt it.

    Ofcourse we know that u were on a break and there was no way that u cud be online. Ish u dun eeven hv to say anything regarding that cos u let us know before u left. So chill :) MWAH!

    I was referring to the regulars who were here and then suddenly disappeared after u left. I know I should not EXPECT anything from anyone but this is a group blog and I thought we had some RULES to follow here. If it was my own blog, I dun really care if ppl comment or not...cos I write there for myself. But BUF is abt a group of friends and we write based on topics etc. Hence my disappointment that ppl dun seem to really take this all that seriously. Maybe I shouldn't hv EXPECTED that too. Im sorry.

    Like u said LET IT BE. Let each of us prioritise BUF the way we want to. Thats a good solution Ish. I like that.

    **BUF is essentially a space to write!


    I know we cant force anyone to be passionate abt something just the way we feel abt it.

    Ish plz read my emails when u hv time. I hope u u'stand my need to be away from BUF for a while. Its not that Im abandoning the space. I need a break. With or without me, BUF will go on.


  2. Hey girl...I cant access your page !!!!
    Whatys going on...?
    So much has happened since I made the temp exit ...huh ????
    Hoping to catch up.
    Meanwhile, culd you please check out whats with your page.
    Even southpaw. i dunno if he;'s still blogging or not but I cant access his page either.
    Take care lady.

  3. Hi,Ishi...welcome nice to read about your trip..having a family gathering is something I'm longing to do,too,frankly..let's see when.Can imagine the excitement it generated for you.

    As you said,the response to the variety of topics was somewhat muted,and,I'd give people the benefit of the doubt-namely,the holiday season..on the other hand,I'm more apt to agree with the 'let it be'theory:Quote:

    "Seriously, I think those of us who care to hang around and be a part of this space for the purpose of keeping in touch and simply being ourselves should simply let it be"

    That's so true.I know they say'the more the merrier',but,sometimes,solitude is bliss,too.I'm just working out the 'home' work,err,word,now..So,should be able to post on it shortly.

    WB again.

  4. Who's there?

    hehe welcome home Ishi :D Am sure you had a ROCKING break! And yes the pic looks so so pretty ... i wonder why i cant click such pics lol ... i guess am one of those who're obsessed with their own selves lol

  5. **Who's there?

    Keshiroo :)

    k I think I made alot of ppl sad here including Ish, Cheesy, Amit and Darsh...I owe u a smile and a very quick comeback.


  6. aha!!! welcome back.... :)
    Hmmm... so someone had a really gala time!! Gosh... i wish I cud trade it with you... nah!! just kidding....
    regarding BUF... i guess i have to agree with you on this one... (now wen ws teh last time i disagreed.. jeex we librans are so useless at times!! :P)
    btw, do u really need a topic to write here??
    I mean now that we've had the festive season, everyone can have something from those days which they'd like to share.. i mean from this year.. good or bad... doesn't matter!!
    We all can have a go at that!!
    wot say?