This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

hello!wait a sec :) (vishesh)

a wish to many-
but all need to filled.
a duty to many-
but all need to filled.
What comes first,
what comes next?
in life,
order of precedence
is not preset.
The day can be damp and wet
or sunny and shiny :)
but what about the many
layers which i need to fill?
if i were to will all,
i need to grow a arm or two
more,i am tore
between to
many,that it is a too many to roar!

all right,i am not giving a excuse this time :) but seriously speaking,i am caught up between too many is easier for me to post on my personal blog,because i can just like that write whatever comes to me(usually i do that).I like this place and all of you,i do try and make it over here on holidays,and yes i do read a lot of your posts on the feeds whenever i have time,but well i am usually to tired to think of a comment :)

well here is something from my blog :) its my latest post so :) ha! no i will leave you people with a story,which i wrote for a competition but never submitted this version,but still this version is what i like :
long hours crept by.there was a single flickering light,throwing shadows of monstrous proportions.I felt lost,among the virtual,immortal cloaks which have clung onto me.Their darkness,their depth,their shallowness in physic,their constant backpacking with me reminds me of my past.As a child i remember chasing them,they always won.They were my my fuel,my companion and my tutor.When i chased butterflies,they moved with me.When i raced the skies they joined me.

and here is a pic to all of you :)

see you around people !! :)


  1. Hi(I mean,Hello),Vishesh...many layers to be filled,definitely...happy arm growing.

    Hey,if it's easy to post on your personal blog,I'm sure you can post easily on BUF, kidding.Try it.

    Wow-you were a butterfly chaser? Which type? I mean,two-legged type??Just kidding.:)

    Nice post.

  2. @amitl: lol :) i forgot to mention thats a small part of the story i have linked it to the full story...hmm.....well it would be easy ...i will try :)

  3. nicely written vishesh! hope to see more of u!

  4. Good work! Hope to see you here more often though!!