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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Word: Hello:AmitL


GK: Hello appears to have arisen in its first instance as an imitation by hunters of a hunting dog’s yowl.Halloo, hullo, hello are a few of many variants that include the reduplicated hullabaloo.

You know which word drives me crazy sometimes? It's 'Hello'...the word,a dread of which sometimes makes me put my cellphone on silent,or,switch it off. And,if the landline takes over where the cellphone left off,I go and sit at another table,just so that I can rest,err,work in peace!
Here are some of the Hellos and what follows after them,which drive me crazy.
(Point to note: Since I look after Purchase Dept, the average no. of daily calls is around 40..some days,it shoots up to 65+).
Regular readers on my blog must have seen my frustration vented out on this word,and,telephone calls,some times)
- Hellow,Mr. Amit. How are you,Mr. Amit?How's the family,Mr. Amit?
- Haaaaallllloooo!(That guy sounds like he's going to cut my head off if I don't answer)
- Yellow?(Ok,you love to yell,but,don't make it so colourful)
- Aaloo( Now,aaloo means 'potato'in Hindi)

Smart people have realized that it's better to say hello,and then ask 'Is this a good time to talk to you?' LOL.

How do I reply?
Good mood: Hello-w!
Better mood: Hell-io!
not-so good mood:Hell-o.
Worse mood: Hello,hello,hello,hello.(This happens when people ring up,wait to hear my hello to see how my mood is,and,I can hear only deep breathing on the other side.LOL)
Now,it's over to the others,for their versions of Hello. Loon Gal,Keshi-this time there's sooo much you can write on this word. I'm keeping the rest for part 2 of the post.Now,if you don't write,well,it's not my 'fault'!Touche!?


  1. I've minimised the use of the word ... coz apparently it was so not trendy to use "Hello" when you see a name flashing on ur cellfone .. you know its one of your friends and still you pick up and say "Hello!" like talking to a stranger! I used to do that until one of my friends started repeating me and I realised it was funny lol ... so now when i pick up i say "Heyyyyyyyy what's up?" lol
    and when am at work .. when i take calls i go "GoodMorning/Afternoon Bank of ____" ... because of a MAJOR staff shortage at work .. i was made to sit at the reception for a few days in the beginnin .. i got so used to saying the Goodmorning thingy .. that even when I picked up the fone at home I accidently said it lol ...

    And yeah i don't find anything i can write on the word "Hello" ;p .. I wonder who suggested it ... i have a suspicion that u suggested all these words thts why u have so much to write abt them ;p

  2. Hello is a very sweet word...depending on who says it and ur mood too. LOL!

    **Aaloo( Now,aaloo means 'potato'in Hindi)

    haha u crazy guy!


  3. Hi(see,I didn't say'Hello'),Loon Gal..whatever do you mean,you don't have much on the word 'hello'? This comment had the most interesting description of your (non)use of it,when at work,and,when on cell with friends.LOL-that's a fact- why DO I say 'Hello', when I know the person at the other end,I wonder?Let me try to skip it,too. I have some more humorous 'hello' incidents,but,waiting for someone to do a post on it,first,before Part II from me.:)

    LOL at your thought that I suggested it..I believe it was Keshi..right,Keshi???:)

  4. Aaloo,Keshi..:)yes,that's a point,too..that hello is a sweet word,depending on your mood and on who says it.Waiting for your take on the word..I'm sure it'll be interesting.