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Monday, October 29, 2007

World of colour (Silvara)

It all started when I was a little girl. Bright eyed and eager to learn, I listened with rapture to the teacher's every word. I was the first to show her my work, grinning in pleasure when she gave praise and carefully placing each paper she handed back onto my desk.

She showed me that there was a whole world out there, that could be brought to life by me. I was awed at the power that I wielded, even as a child, and have always been amazed.

I'm talking about the world of colours.

Introduced to me, and I'm sure many of you as well, through paints and clay, we were given the chance to explore without boundaries. The primary colours, Red, Blue and Yellow were taught and many pictures of yellow suns and blue oceans and red-roofed houses were made. Then one day, my red paint accidentally mixed in with the yellow (due to an unruly child knocking over my paint tin. The biyatch :P). I ran crying to my teacher, and stood hiccuping as she smiled and pointed.


I watched as she used my paintbrush and slowly swirled the two colours together. "Look what has happened."

And to me it was magic. Red and Yellow, became Orange. The teacher gave me back my brush and quick to pick up, I made Purple and Green. I happily sat and painted for hours, tears forgotten.

Now my world was complete.


  1. aww sucha 'pretty' post :P i still love colouring...we never were allowed to use paints till like the fifth or sumtin :(

  2. accidents lead to invention !! lol

    nice cute post :D

  3. Babe this one had me in tears...I swear.

    I rem my bright childhood colors...and then it all faded into black.

    profound post dahlin - LOVED IT.


  4. @ Aakash - thank you :)

    @ Michelle - heheh I have no idea how old I was tho - don't you ever remember finger painting? that was my inspiration :P

    @ Loon Gal - heheh the best inventions are from accidents lol :P Thanks :)

    @ Keshi - aww babe, childhood was such a bright colourful place for all of us and then it suddenly faded into black, white and shades of grey.

    but the memories will always remain :)

  5. awwwww.. this is suchhhh a cuuutteeee post......

    loved reading the innocence in the post...

    can imagine how it could have been...


  6. Hi,Silvara-a big smile at the 'learning colors' experience you had...

    The world's biggest inventions were discovered by accident...just like the mixing of red and yellow magically became orange.Err,did you shout 'Eureka' by any chance?

    :)Nice post.

  7. u have a way with words.. :)
    u do put simple things very nicely..

  8. @ darsh - heheh i was a cute kid, so naturally... :D

    @ amitl - heheh no i didn't yell that out but ur right the bets inventions are born out of accidents :P

    @ sudeep - thank you :)