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Friday, October 26, 2007

Colour not color pls :D... (Sudeep)

She: Tell me which colour suits me the best?
Me: Baby didn’t you know that I am colour blind?

Can’t help, but the first thing that strikes my mind is colour blind. Sometimes it is good to be a colour blind in situations where some random answer might start an altercation :D. Go here to listen to one of my most fav songs, Colourblind by Darius Danesh. Thanks to Vipul for introducing me to this song.

The next thing that the word colour reminds me is the festival of myriad colours – Holi. Splashing buckets of coloured water, hitting water balloons and smearing fistfuls of colours on faces of friends (and sometimes on unwary strangers), roaming around the city on bikes with a horde of friends in the multi-coloured attire will always be fun for me at least. Below is one of the pics during a Holi blast...

I am quite naive at posting videos/songs in a post coz blogger always fires me some error. So here is a link of a video on youtube. Won’t reveal what lies there coz then it would useless to spend time watching the beautiful video. Thanks to Yashita for sharing the link.

Wishing Sam & Diya a belated happy birthday and may God bless you with all the joyous colours in the coming year. Have a colourful weekend everyone... :-)


  1. The festival of colours (not colors :P)... Holi, is perhaps teh true depiction of an Indian - Colourful!!
    And thnx for your wishes....

  2. Hi,,that's a nice reminder of color-the festival of colors..holi..:)Nice one.

  3. i love colourblind by darius! it used to be one of my fav songs...still is actually lol...and i looovee holiiiii

  4. lol i am allergitic to holy colours :)

  5. lol that was smart! its diwali time now! u're kinda slow eh lol

    yeah i love that song too :D :D :D

  6. A festival of colours must be wonderful. This blog has a wonderful and intimate feel as if we have walked into someone's home. Thank you for sharing.

  7. wut an apt post for the word 'COLOR'! Holi is def a colorful and enjoyable festival and u said it even more beautifully Sudeep :)

    Nice funny pic too LOL!


  8. Holi is one of my favourite festivals! love the colours and the joy about it :)

  9. "Holi khele ragubeera humaro holi khele ragubeer"...

    areyyyyyyy yaaaaaaar.. you make me miss india now..............

    Dude i love this festival of colours...

    nice post hey :)

  10. man i lovee that festival.. just amazinggg

    btw aap ismain kaha ho?? ;p