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Monday, October 29, 2007

Colours Of The Wind (Michelle)

There I was sitting blue

Staring at the picture of you

Your hazel eyes made my heart sink

The blush creeping upto my cheeks turning me pink

I loved those words you said,

With a rose so very red

You've put me on a pedestal with a crown

Entangled with my locks of brown

This kind of love I have never seen

Its better than a view of lush grass blades of green

I love you more than a smushy marshmellow

You are my sun with rays of yellow

Your ways and talk always make me swoon and croon

Baby your love has left me marooned!

(very cheesy I know :P)


  1. lol that was sweet and yeah a lil cheesy lol ... but u tried hard for it to rhyme din u? lol

  2. I thought that was HOT Michi :)


  3. Hi,Michelle..that was one nice n colorful rhyme.:) I especially smiled at the 'pedestal with a crown,entangled with my locks of brown'.

  4. woah woah woah...

    Michelleee...... this is very very shweete.....

    has this hapnd in actual huh ;)

    nice one hey :)

  5. cheesy,

    ahaha yes the point for it to be cheesy enough was for it to rhyme in a cheesy manner :P i was in a very cheesy mood too!


    thank you keshi :)


    thank yu :D

    haha i was like wth rhymes with brown man...hehe finally thot f tht


    thank darshoo!! haha yeah its happened :P true life 'poem'


    if cheese cud be a person, id be cheese!! ok im getting very cheesy and lame now :P

  6. ha ha.. yeah cheesy but very nice

  7. michi baby...

    pinkkkk reminds me of uuuuuuuu :):):)