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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Word of the week: Sparkle: AmitL

My eyes 'sparkled' when I saw the word of the week, just when I was leaving from office, on the last day of the 'short hours' month. Wanting to start off on it'asap' (as Ishi suggested so nicely..*smiles*), with Notepad in hand,I walked absentmindedly but determinedly to the co. vehicle,and began noting the sparkles which I've come across till now,and, was able to think of quite a few- enough,so to speak, for the first post.

I love these sparkles:

- The way the water of the sea sparkles,when we're on the beach,with the sunshine making it glitter just that special bit extra.

(Note: I specifically avoided mentioning any of the sparkling heavenly bodies which sometimes float around on the beaches,especially in further details...since I haven't been there since two years)


- Sparkl(e)-ing mineral water- which has a certain fizz to it- Perrrrrrier(I always forget where to stop the 'r') I believe,is one of the brands. It tastes better than the coloured waters which are sold in cans as fizzy colas,I feel..and,it's surely more healthy.

- Sparkl(e)-ing eyes- anyone who displays them, is a genuine person, is how I read it, and, I'm usually right- sparkling eyed people do have a zest for life,and,are usually pretty optimistic, as opposed to people who display eyes which are just too tired to even shine a wee bit,even in the morning. And,if the lady's sparkling eyes are accompanied by impish smiles..ooh la la..smiles and goes into typical Piscean dreamland...:)

(See pic:One of my favourite comic duos-Terence Hill's eyes-sparkling,just like his roles in the comic movies the duo did together.
(Couldn't remember a heroine with similarly sparkling eyes,yet..except,perhaps,Preity Zinta?)

- Sparkl(e)ing diamonds- err,this one's for the ladies to elaborate on...personally,I haven't seen too many of them in real life(except those tiny tots in my ring),but, in movies- yes, even though I know fully well that it's glass and not the real thing,still, the eyes go wide,imagining the market of such a bauble if it was genuine.
Lastly, my favourite pastime besides Scrabble, where English is concerned: How many words(three letters or more) can you make from a word, sparkle in this case,which is a dream word,since it has two nice vowels in it? I came up with:

Park, spark, par, rap, speak, ape, reap, pear, pale, spear, perk, leak, lake, leap, ear, are, lap, pal, ale, paler, lark.. still debating further... oh,yes ..... sap, spa, lea.....
Anyone wishing to add more,you're welcome.:)
Loon Gal, before you ask,yes,after all my thoughts were penned down,I did 'insanely' google'sparkle' to see if I could find some pics related to the word(I did find them), but,only in the images section...*whistles*..from sparkling sarongs to swimsuits to a sparkling spectrum of colours, there were vivid images of all the sparkles available in google's world. But,don't google the web for 'sparkle'-it'd take away the freshness of what one writes from one's imagination..correct?

Have a sparkling happy weekend,everyone..looking forward to some nice posts on our BUF,which really sparkles these days.Cheers.


  1. haha u made words outta sparkle...tats soo jokes...and after the sparkling water at the beach, i somehow knew the next thing was gna be about the heavenly bodies before reading bout it :P BUF telepathy

  2. Neato Amit! u know how much I love the sea dun u :)

    **the sparkling heavenly bodies which sometimes float around on the beaches

    u mean bikini babez? d u get em in Dubai??? Or d u mean dead bodies? LOL!

    I love sparkling Eyes...some ppl hv the most amazing shining beautiful eyes!

    OMG u made words using arse ;-) U pretty much covered the entire dictionary there Amit LOL! Anyways u forgot PEAK?

    u hv a good one too Amit!


  3. The sparkling sea...that's what I think of as well...nice post :)

    Hehe words out sparkle eh...hmm...ok

    rake, ark, spar, real, rasp

    that's all i can think of lol.

  4. Hi,Michelle....LOL...yes,BUF telepathy,indeed..In fact,to be honest,I edited the post to add the heavenly bodies,knowing you'd ask why I didn't mention them..more BUF telepathy..:)

    The words from sparkle: Awaiting at least one addition from


  5. Hi,Keshi...tku..:)Yes,I did have your affection for beaches in mind when mentioning them..grin..

    Re. bikini babes out here-well,this is perhaps the only Gulf city,which has them..chk this link for assurahce: the oglers and the ogled:
    (And,if you google 'dubai beaches'you'll be as surprised as I was when I first went to one of them.hehe)
    Haha..tks for the additional word(peak)- I missed that.

  6. Sparkl(e)-ing eyes- anyone who displays them, is a genuine person, is how I read it, and, I'm usually right****Mar gaye...:P, wondering how wud u describe someone like me who has drooping eyes and mostly behind goggles...:)

  7. Hi,Silvara..tks..and,those were some words I really missed.*reprimands self*..tks for them.:)

  8. Hi,Raj...err,let me think over that..and,will give you the answer shortly..:)

  9. ok I'll chk that link soon Amit tnxx :)

    aww nice of ya to think of me when u mentioned the beaches...


  10. Sarkling Eyes ...i thought of writing on this first...but all i have is just few words..

    Eyes that Love Sprakle the most!!!

    Paaaaaaaniiiii ...oh ho aaj kal ke pani mein bhi milawat hai !! :( pata nahi kya kya ...OMG my thoughts are gng in wrng direction !!!


  11. amit..

    the beach snap is awesomeeeeeee

    and so rightly said abt sparkling eyes..

    n ek nazar raj ke comment main gaya.. n tells him " ur eyes r droopy coz u never restttttt and always thinking of workkk u never give rest to urself so how u expect them to sparkle.. " grrr


  12. Hi,Silvara...yes,the sparkling sea is one of the first thoughts which comes to mind,na?

    And,nice additional words from sparkle.(How'd I ever miss them out??)Tks.:)

  13. Hi,Keshi..yes,indeed-special people get special mention.:)

  14. Hi,Poo..hey,you're right-eyes that love sparkle the most.Coz they're full of optimism,right?:) your thoughts going in the wrong direction,with paani mein milawat.

  15. Hi,Uttara...tks for the comment..and,tks for replying to Raj's comment too...I was going to say the same thing(Raj,you listening?)...tired,droopy eyes say 'I'm overworked-don't feel like sparkling.'

    Raj,I was the same,believe me,then,I realized-what's it all for?Work never,instead of trying to finish everything on one day,I began prioritizing and listing out the day's works..and,it really,the eyes remain sparkling,as an added bonus..hehe.

  16. Slap! Now dont ask why i remembered this
    *hangs head in shame*