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Friday, October 12, 2007

My Forever Sparkle (Ishita)

Call me crazy but the lines below just happened when I was drifting off to bed, having tucked away my baby (err..he prefers being described as a “big little boy” now!) … it’s past midnite, so rushing through…simply had to get this done or else I’d change my mind :P

“Sparkling diamonds
Sparkling brook
Sparkling stars
None compare to
Your sparkling look

You’re special in everyway
Growing dearer everyday
You make me smile
Laugh a while

I may call you a brat
You drive me nuts
But I luvvv you
No if no buts
none compares to you!”

For my forever sparkle – Vedant :)


  1. That is a Sparkling poem from a Sparkling mum to a Sparkling kid...awwwwwww so very special Ish!

    And that pic of Puki is so cute! It reminded me of Puki tax just then LOL!

    Children r precious...and to a parent, there's nothing else that Sparkles more in this world than their babies. Even tho Im not a mum yet, I know how my mum feels abt me and my sis. And also this post made me all clucky :):) I WANT A BABE NOW :*( baaaaaawaaaaaaaah!

    ***HUGS n KISSES*** to Vedant!


  2. Hi,Ishi..that was really sweet and spontaneous(That's how the best words flow,I feel)..A big Hi to Vedant-his smile was sparkling,in the pic.(With a hint of mischief visible,yes)

    Have a good weekend..out here,they declared Eid today-so,thankfully,life's back to normal,you can sip from a water bottle on the street without fear of being jailed,'s sparkling,again,as they say..:)

  3. completely agree with jitendra on this...:)

  4. Jitterz it wud be great if u cud comment in Engish? or translate :)

    mebbe Im the only one who doesnt speak/u'stand Hindi here!


  5. Sooooo cuteeeee ...Vedant's smile is so nice :)))

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  7. ishi.. he is the sparkle of ur eyes :)

    indeed aankhon ka tara .. muaaah

    he is a cute lil kid i loveee him


  8. What a cutie :D Such a sweet post for a sweet boy :)

  9. call me crazy?? likhne ki jaroorat thi? :p
    i have always told u tht i like ur puki-posts more.. nice