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Thursday, October 11, 2007

NEW Word of the Week & Updates (Ishita)

Ok time again for a new word (though I am a day early with this post). The last day for the previous word is still Friday 12th October, 2007 but you can start off with the new word asap! It’ll run till next week sometime depending on the pace of the blog.

But before that we have couple of
birthdays coming up :)

Yes our very own
Michelle and a dear friend Richa (she left BUF but I’m sure many of us would love to wish her on her special day). They both share the same birthday – 14th October!!

Remember people, anyone can do birthday/anniversary/ special day dedications and there’s no limit on dedication posts, so don’t forget to wear your party hats and wish them the best ever!!! :) Add the post label "update" and "special post" along with your name label for such posts...thanks :)

The new word of the week is - “Sparkle”

The poll counter is back! I’ve put in word suggestions there (from lists sent in by you all) and you can vote for the next word.


  1. wow @Sparkle! :)

    tnxx Ish!

    Birthday wishes in advance to Michi and Rich! HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    Lets sparkle then ;-)


  2. Sparkle? hmmm, cant thing of anything from that.

  3. yaar kuch masedar ho jaye next word:p

    sparkle .. diamonds tpe:p

  4. Hi,'m already in 'note'mode,for sparkle..await/awaiting some,err,sparkling posts,now..

    Many many happy returns of the day in advance to Michelle and Richa..

    I did notice and use the poll counter..tks for that.Cheers!

  5. LOL..Uttara- did you mean 'mazedar',or,'masaledar'??Both words have different connotations..:)

  6. happy Birthday Michi an Richa
    have a masti, ding dong dance, Blast :))


  7. :((
    i haven't done with first one.. and teh second one is here.....
    sam is losing it!!
    BIG TIME....
    carry on fellas... i'll catch up soon!!! just 9 days more.... :)