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Thursday, October 25, 2007

When I think of.... (Ishita)

Every time I sat down to write about this word “color”, my mind would go blank. Mentioned the same to Mala and she gave me the idea for the lines below.

The idea is to associate a color with people who are close to me…

I’ll start with

BLACK – it’s also one of my favs. But the person who it reminds me of is Rajiv coz of his sheer love for this color and always opting for an outfit in black when he shops for me :P … I remember one festive season he got me three outfits…all black!!

Also coz I think he looks nice in that black shirt teamed with grey trousers *ahem*

It also reminds me of my old blog :) and my love for templates with a dark background :P

RED – My son! He loves Red. It’s his fav color and somehow every birthday he ends up getting a lot of that color in the clothes people gift! Red toy car, Red yo-yo, Red power ranger….*sigh*

Also, Red reminds me of a certain someone who’s ready to be a bride :)

GREEN – Reminds me of maa and her love for plants and the little terrace garden at my parents. Mummy’s voice… that’s always so reassuring.

Also reminds me of Assam. Lush, green, wet monsoon days and all the friends I hung out with. Part of my favourite childhood memories…

SILVER (silver) – reminds me of daddy. His silver grey hair :) and sitting with him on the terrace watching the constellations and his stories of granpa and his love for astronomy….

WHITE (white) – reminds me of my granmas (maternal and paternal) … of thamma (paternal granma) singing early mornings….of nanima's (maternal granma) gentle reminders to chant the “hanuman chalisa” to ward of my fear of the dark….

Also reminds me of BUF :P coz the template’s been this shade from day one and then I find myself thinking of all the ppl I’ve come to know here… the good and the not so good times...the whole experience of being in it! :)

CREAM/Off WHITE (cream/off white)– reminds me of my lil niece. My favourite pic of her is in a dress of the same color. I can’t wait to see her for the first time ever next month!!

BLUE – Reminds me of my brothers… of being slung on dada’s back and whirled around the room…them singing “phoolon ka taro ka…” …me throwing my head back and laughing…watching the blue sky…

Never can listen to the song without tears in my eyes….

*ahem* right then certain ppl close to me will know the rather cute story behind “blue”. It reminds me of an old school time crush :P

PINK – coz it is such a feminine color and the first person it brings to my mind is Suchi. Whenever we think of buying her a gift, R and I end up giving her something in pink! :D It suits her best. Isn't pink the happiest color too :))

YELLOW – would be the frenz I hold so close and true to me. Esp. the sunshine girl Uttsy :) … and yes u, u and u :))

You make the world a brighter sunnier and happier place indeed!

BROWN – reminds me of “ruru” from the first day I held him in my arms and felt that first wet lick on my fingers….till the last time I saw him…old, limping and yet making that effort to show me he still recognized me. His tail wagging, his bark feeble… I miss him…May God bless his soul…

*sigh* I’m done…Thanks Mala :)


  1. Hi,Ishi..great post-associating colors with memories..I'm curious about the story behind 'blue',but naturally.hehe.:)

  2. Nicely done Ish!

    Pink reminds me of a sweet sweet gal...

    Red reminds me of a vixen...

    Blue reminds me of the sea...

    Black reminds me of posh...

    Silver reminds me of my car :)

    I wanna see ur brothers Ish..I know they r married LOL! But wud love to see wut they look like...

    aww Uttsy the sunshine girl!


  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Black.. a ha.. rajivv... :):):) it reminds me of rajbir also.. cos its his favvv color tooo :D

    BTW mera bhi hai...


    **would be the frenz I hold so close and true to me. Esp. the sunshine girl Uttsy :) …

    awww thats such an honor... thanx hun..
    and thanx for being with me during my thick n thin ... :):)

    the feeling is just mutual baby :)

    love u

  4. you mean you love most of the colors :P

  5. very ankhoka post ishi... very nice... and matching bhi sounds perfect of people with the colours...

    acha laga... sach mei... nice one :)

    ekdum... fultu :) :)


  6. dat was a beautiful way to putting up why colors mean something or so much to you... wonderful expression!!

  7. nice idea by Mala n nicely put down Ishi.. :)

    i luved the silver n blue part most..

    (aur teri sunshine gal darr gayi mujhse aaj ha ha.. :D)

  8. wowoww u've done it so nicely :D

    so every colour has some significance in ur life eh :D

    nice one!!

    am sure red reminds u of Mala :D

  9. Beautiful post Ishi - colours mean something different for everyone, but I have to agree with a lot of them :)