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Friday, October 5, 2007

Time to smile (Puja) ;))

When all the world looks gloomy and you seem to be filled with sadness n sorrows, it is only one's smile that lights up the ambience for you(Accha theeK hai even Hug). When we smile, (Dil se) our inner joy is first reflected in our eyes and u glow with love.( Not like ooh ouch types) Pyaari smile do yaar.

People have thousands of reasons to smile. Some smile in joy, some smile in amusement, some in victory (ok I am smiling because I am getting married) ;) Think of some childish pleasures – hmmm like like jaise !!! kuch dimag mein nahi aaya …AAp log batao?

In today's world a smile has become a rare expression. Work pressure and tensions of all sorts, studies, family pbms, we have forgotten how to smile….. Arre yaar mujhe bhi bahut bahut bahut tension hai ufff Don’t ask me !!! But I still smile, That’s life now come On smile( Ok I can see Keshi , Ishi, Amit and and the Unknown Guest smiling) Good aache bacchein ho.

A smile can always win us friends. Yes even some times bad ppl. So better be carefull. Pyaari Smile matlab. Sweet ok!!

Ok Now something very serious - Most often, in an bad, fights, impulsive moment, we tend to speak bitterly, (everybody friends, mom, dad, kids. husband) little realising how painful and hurting it can be to others. Only in a moment of careful thought, we realise the sharpness of those words. But by then little can be done to change it. It is with a word as with an arrow - once let it loose and it does not return.

Words have immense power. The reason of sharp words is so strong that nothing can mend the damage caused by the bitter words. (If you have fought with someone Just Smile and Hug) ok this is only with Good, Close friends, family Not all ;)

Please Smile ;) Have a Rocking Friday and wonderful weekend.

PS: Sorry I am not able to comment. I wanted to post something. Love you all. Love you Sexyroo.


  1. Lovely post Puja. Heheh I'm smiling for the same reason you are (getting married) but also because of the great weather, abundance of chocolate and good friends.

    Everyone just needs to smile more.

  2. (((((SMILEZZZZZZZZZZ)))))

    :):):):):) Poo MWAHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Lovely post and d u even know how much I miss ya!


  3. Hey hey Poooo :)

    Pehle toh bohot bohot bohot Mubarakho.... Congrats yaar for marriage... (psst - m i calling u bechari or callin Him bechara) hehe... who is more dominating yaar sachi sachi bata :)

    Hey poo nice post yaaa... well written and woah!! what a smile....

    seeeeeeeeeeee :) :) :) :) :)


  4. Hi,Poo..*smiles*...this was a post right after my heart..smiling is something I do only too often(perhaps more than I should),except for moments when I just cannot,courtesy stress or extreme annoyance. I've seen that smiles can work wonders in a situation where words are not just working-they diffuse the tension,they make the opposite person relax.

    Thanks for this post. I think it'll succeed in making most of us BUFers smile too.Smile and move forward,so to speak.:)

  5. a ha.. congratssssssssssss sweetyy

    sahiii am soo happy for ya