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Friday, October 5, 2007

The Great Extinction (Keshi)

(This was an old post from my personal blog...I just felt like putting it up here so people can laugh a little...just like how Poo thinks we should smile enjoy guys!)

Genre: Humor (so chillax).

Ladies and (sometimes-not-so) Gentlemen, it seems like my love-life is in extinction. Therefore do I even have to tell you about my rather invisible sex-life? It's as dead as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Precious fossils of it can be found in my mental museum. Well I'm not complaining cos I think this is how it was all laid out for me by the old man upstairs - maybe He knew where it would have taken me and slowed the pace after a few demented Dinosaurs. Just like wildlife protection is necesssary, Keshi's love-life protection is indeed required but it has no funds or organisations around it. No one seems to be even thinking it's an endangered species - most of them see it as a nutty species that need to be left alone. Anyways as endangered as I may feel, I also feel a great sense of relief that my love-life is near-death. Cos it lets me look around without bias and selfishness. I don't mean that people who have a love-life are selfish, but having a love-life in full swing sometimes makes you blind to other areas in life. Been there done that, so I'm talking about me, not you. Well the number of BFs I have had in the past (according to my love-life stats) is quite a healthy number and although that number is dwindling right now resembling the white Rhinoceros' count, I don't think my love-life needs to be secured in a sanctuary somewhere in Africa! Sometimes I do feel like I'm a rare species that's being oohed and ahhed at by a group of people on a safari. Anyways why do I think my love-life is in extinction? Well this is why:

**Potential partners only exist in the past/movies/blogs and is
as rare as spotting a Giant Panda on any Tuesday
**Everytime my Blue-bellied Parrot of a love-life gets lucky, there's always a habitat killer
**When I do find a great guy, in the end it turns out to be that he was just hunting for my 'tusks' - leaves me feeling like an African Elephant
**When things get serious in my love-life, the very next day it mocks back at me like a Hybrid Spider Monkey and asks me to get real
**Each time I try to recall my last romantic encounter, I laugh like a Gorilla - not cos it's funny but cos the 'last time' seems like it was 100yrs ago
**Old aunts remind me that I'm running around without a man for some time now and that it's really uncommon in our family as much as the Red Wolf is in the world
**I'm receiving alot of wedding invitations these days (most of the brides are younger than me) and usually
I end up being the only Snow Leopard at these weddings
**My mum says I'd be married to my car and closet forever, and each time she says that I disappear in a dash like the Pygmy Possum
**A friend brings a marriage proposal (for the 1st and the last time) and when I meet him he turns out to be a hairy-nosed Wombat - yes rare but wouldn't mind his extinction

**The opposite sex who is the responsible care-taker of my love-life seems to be pouncing away from me like a Sumatran Tiger that's being hunted for skin
**A great catch is as rare as a Silver Shark is and it seems such guys see me as a common over-populated kind of shark

**I feel as blue as the Blue Whale when I go to parties and see couples hugging and kissing that makes me wonder if I'm the only Brontosaurus left on Earth

**Mistletoe seems like some long-lost memory of a Short-tailed Chinchilla

**Going back to memories of past BFs and relationships makes me feel like I'm walking in Jurassic Park
**However, to me marriage sounds like a Californian Condor out to get it's prey so its really ok guys, I'm cool, don't shower me with sympathies now pleeeeeease ;-)


  1. keshiii

    this made me ROTFL! lolz

    i think i'm doing this after ages i mean ROTFL :p

    ****I feel as blue as the Blue Whale when I go to parties and see couples hugging and kissing that makes me wonder if I'm the only Brontosaurus left on Earth

    wat u doing in that darn party u should be at the WOOODS! ahem ahem don't ask me whom u know who said that :p


  2. ee hee...Keshi,at first I thought u'd visited Jim Corbett National Park in India,seeing that magnificent tiger's photo.:)Then,as the post progressed,I was really ROFL.

    Yyou really give true meaning to the word' let yourself go' and it's wonderful.Hey,you've so many readers here and on your blog,who love to be friends with you-so,be thrilled with that,and,just keep ur eyes and ears open for the 'Mr. Right',parallelly,na?(Don't mind me,please,I'm in a humorous mood,too,it being first day of the weekend).

    Definitely,though,ur love life's not in extinction,not by a long shot,even though all the similes you wrote so nicely,would give such an impression...the best one was 'I disappear in a dash like the Pygmy Possum'..*laughs and laughs*.

    Cheers and tks for a grt post.

  3. its time you get married ;) when is it ??

  4. great post! lol atleast u have brains! so why worry? wait n wait for the right guy ... m sure he's nt very far :D

  5. hey Uttsy Im so glad ur ROTFling :) HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    I know lol...I should be at the woods ha! Joining me for a 3som? HAHAHAHAHAHA!


  6. aww Amit ty so much...u always make me believe in myself, everytime I feel I wanna just give up on everything. TY for having fait in me!

    **the best one was 'I disappear in a dash like the Pygmy Possum'

    LOL yeah...I do that when my momma starts giving me a lecture...

    whetherI find that guy or not, Im so glad I found all of u in Blogville. My life wud be missing a very special part if not! hv a good one Amit HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


  7. Vish no tnxx! Im happy the way I am w.o. that mental monkey species in my life. LOL!


  8. lolz tnxx Cheesy HUGGGGGGZ!

    **atleast u have brains!

    well thats why Im single...hahahaha!


  9. no so u can wait for The Best One without gettin stressed!!

    and i think ure only 26 rt?

  10. lol Cheesy ok tnxx!

    26? Who said? :):)