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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blooks: AmitL

Hi,BUFers. A slightly different topic, but, I'm sure all of you will love to read it:

This was some news I just had to share with fellow/fellowine(feline?grin!) BUFers. It’s from an article I read in a local magazine, about the first ‘blook’ ever. Some of you might be knowing about it already, I'm sure.( I love the title- can relate it so nicely to BUF. )

They titled the article ‘mind blogging’ and very rightly so. Perhaps we bloggers should also, collectively put together an epic kind of work like this someday. (For eg. A book on essays on some of our topics- memorable train journey, etc), or, ‘human nature and bonding’, etc.*looks towards Ishi for ideas*

About the blook: 103 bloggers from 24 US states, and 10 from across the globe, created publishing history with a ‘blook’.Yes, there is an Indian whiz kid involved, too, from Oman- Arun Rajagopal.

The book is titled ‘The Age of Conversation’, and has been compiled based on inputs from all these people, and is co-authored by Drew Mclellan from US and Gavin Heaton from Sydney, Australia(Yaaay goes Keshi.grin), both of whom had never met. The post calling for authors was on March 22, 2007 and the book was launched on July 16, 2007. (Fantastic, isn’t it?)

Each author contributed a one-page chapter worth their marketing-communications expertise to help create better conversation among brands, marketers and consumers. The mix of writers- from marketing gurus to social media experts and from ad professionsal to T-shirt freaks.

The blook is about how various marketing disciplines such as advertising, digital, PR and journalism have to change the way they talk to their consumers to be heard. IT emphasizes that the most important part in a conversation is listening.(Ahem!)

Some conclusions in the article:

Blogging takes on a new avatar as a tool for dissemination of information.

Any company that ignores the blogosphere is telling it’s consumers that they don’t really care to listen.

Anyone with internet access can now reach an audience.

Over the next few years, we’ll see the blogosphere become more mainstream.

Whether the Age of Conversation has opened up a veritable can of worns or a cornucopia is yet to be seen.

The blogs of these two authors: (I can’t get to either of them .The connection times out):

The website of the book:

A point to note: The book is being sold, and the proceeds will go to Variety the Children's Charity , which is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of children around the world.Variety reaches into communities across the globe to offer financial assistance and services to children and organizations that serve children with special needs. Variety strives to make a lasting difference in the lives of children, their families, our communities, and the need at a time.

What do you say, BUFers? Interested in planning a blook, one of these days?


  1. interesting!! and very thoughtful... :) ill be sure to chek it out thanks amit

  2. Thanks for the commentary, Amit. It was certainly an interesting project -- we self-published through -- it is print on demand so there are no costs up front. It is a great way to step into the world of publishing. Good luck!

    I am sorry that you have been unable to access our blogs -- they are both hosted in the US.

    We also have a Facebook group which you are welcome to join. Simply search on Age of Conversation.

  3. I think it's fast becoming more popular - both in the story telling perspective (such as Belle De Jour, Girl with a One track mind etc) and blogs such as thsi which give us perspectives on certain areas.

    Everyone has a story to tell lol so why not??

  4. he Amit very informative post!

    ** IT emphasizes that the most important part in a conversation is listening.(Ahem!)

    WOW nice one n so true!

    Is that Gavin himself commentig above OMG! :)

    A Blook is a great idea...someone else told me abt it's a neat idea for BUF, wut say?


  5. Yaaar amit sir... where do get so much ghyaan from yaa... ur posts are really brilliant mate :)

    great information here again ..

    thanks yaar :)


  6. Hi,Michelle..yes,do check it out..I'm planning to buy the book.

    Gavin,as Keshi says 'OMG-is that Gavin himself commenting above'...thank you soo much for the comment,and,our congrats for bringing this amazing feat to fruition and so fast,too.I'll search for Age of Conversation on Facebook.Thank you again.

    Hi,'re so,why not plan a blook one of these days?:)

    Hi,Keshi..yes,I'm also pleasantly surprised to see Gavin himself commenting here.

    Err,so,when're you writing the first few lines for our blook?

    Darsh, big secret for gyaan,sirji...just keep eyes open,be an avid reader,and such nice articles immediately catch your eye.(As such,nowadays,anything with the word' blog' is an eye-catcher for me.grin)

  7. nice concept.. thnx for sharing it Amit :)

  8. Hi,Sudeep..tks for the comment.:)