This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Straight Talk (Ishi)


Before I start off, a warm hugg for Poo – Congratulations baby :) … You must let me know when D-day is…and plz share pics on email so even I can have a look at *ahem* you know who :P

Now back to BUF…

Reactions were expected. And “No Reaction” was expected too. Personally I want to thank Keshi, Darsh, Amit, Neha, Loony, Poo and Vishesh for being around and for reaching out to me. It helps to get some perspective when one is as disillusioned as I have been…and maybe still am. I know kesh that not replying to your mails or leaving a comment on your post has you disappointed. I can sense it. And I’m sorry but I needed time out to get my thoughts in place. I want to thank others (Uttsy, Raj, Rajiv, Suchi...etc) for the “support” given behind the scenes (not @ BUF but beyond)… and I want to tell others who’ve walked through BUF and chosen to abandon it that now is the time to make a crucial choice – Get back or leave. I do not want to have to make the choice of removing names from the list one by one.

My problem as you all have rightly pointed out lies in giving a lot of importance to people who walked into BUF all gung ho and then took it for granted. I don’t know all of you personally but I do know some better than others so I may have been more agreeable with the reasons some gave and been doubtful about others. But yes, I was hurt more by people who chose to simply walk out of BUF to suit their convenience. I think there has been only one instance where I did not take someone in and another where a rather “disappointing” experience had one of us leave. Others have either left amicably or simply not bothered to let me know why. I can sit and get pathetically blatant but I think everyone knows which category they fall into.

For me it works like people walking into my home, having a good experience and then leaving without even a trace. It’s as bad as that! Agreed there maybe a few who didn't have a good experience with me personally but then again BUF is about everyone in it and not about who gets along with Ishi or not!

I know not everyone will get along with everyone. I had no desire to remain the common link because honestly I am not a “super” personality who had a common connection with everyone. There are some BUFers with whom I have no contact whatsoever. The emphasis has always been in everyone putting in the same effort to get along with all and sundry and to enjoy a common space to write and share views on topics…subjects etc etc.

*specific statements for specific people below - do not generalise them!*

But let me tell you again, we never really feel as hurt as this when its simple acquaintances that walk all over us. It hurts only when its people we think we know well. My mistake coz looks like I never really knew you then.

I don’t understand why there should be any formal talk between friends. I’m not cut out that way. If I think I know u well enough, I’ll take the liberty of picking up the phone and talking to you even if I have nothing specific to talk about. If you did the same to me, I wouldn’t be looking at my watch wondering when you’ll shut up and I can move on!

If you and I were working together in a project and you were someone I called a friend and not a casual acquaintance, I’d expect you to understand my criticism and give it back to me in equal measure and not just clam up and walk away coz you couldn’t handle my criticism or tell me the same!!

Being friends is not about being petty. Being friends is not about meeting occasionally and making merry!

I call that person a friend who can wait for me to come to terms with my disappointments – even if they felt I was making too much of nothing! I call that person a friend who can pick up the phone and simply hear me out.

I call that person a friend who can show me his/her worst side and not think that I’d hold a grudge forever. I call that person a friend who I may meet after ages and yet have a conversation like we were never apart.

Specific references and names will not be taken by me. It’s enough for me and them to know who I mean.

Who wants to abandon a space they gave so much to? I started BUF with no clue as to where we’re gonna go or how we’re going to be even a month later. In that respect, BUF has done great. I’ve always been very sensitive to people’s emotions. I can sense when they’re positive or when they’re negative. Ditto for the blog and I always treated BUF as home. The idea running in my head was like when you walk into a coffee shop and sit down with friends….have a nice conversation …a good time. That’s how I saw BUF.

I think it’s time to “de – clutter” BUF. It’s time to take stock of just who really wants to be in it and say a goodbye to people who cannot give BUF or BUFers time.

Honestly look at the past posts and comments. Where is everybody? And why the hell am I looking for people who really couldn’t care less. I get around a lot of blogs during the day. I spend hours on Orkut and Facebook, I see these “really too busy to get here” people all over the virtual world and they expect me to buy the excuse that they can’t get here? I’m sorry but I’m done being the “all understanding” Ishi. On second thoughts, I’m not sorry at all.

As far as topics is concerned and the great divide I have among BUFers who are still active. There are those who want “topics” to stay and those who want to blog on any “topic”. I of course feel what makes BUF different is the fact that we run “topics”. I know I don’t let “serious” topics in because they raise debates and arguments. Lets face it some of us get very opinionated (Me too). And I’d hate to see a fight break out because we can’t handle other people’s opinions. But then fine, maybe once in a while we’ll run a serious topics too…what’s needed is for people to come up with more suggestions.

I think it would be wonderful if we could share responsibilities on BUF…maybe take turns to run the show? That way I’d get my time out and you guys could work out your ideas?

All this is for the people I know who will be here. And I’d also like the ones who wanna walk away to get here and say so.

I’m done.

For the ones who made me believe in myself…like Keshi said…words cannot define the emotions I’ve felt. You are all very special in thinking beyond yourself.

Lets get some “reactions” so I can make BUF work again.


  1. Ish I've been waiting for u to say something and Im glad u did. This is a well-balanced and fair reaction to all our recent posts and the happening in BUF. I thank you for this Ish n HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    U hv always been a fair person, even when it's ur feelings that hv been hurt. I dunno how u do it but u really r a level-headed girl. Which is why we need someone like u to be guide us all and to make this place a happening place. W.O. ur lead, we wont be anywhere...cos not everyone has the kind of skill and patience like u do.

    Having said that, I want u to realise that there r few ppl here who really love this space and r serious abt it. Others who made false promises n then disappeared w.o. a word, dun need ur attention. They hv wasted ur time and emotions. So dun bother abt them. Like u said, they better come here n withdraw their membership or else, lets just cancel it within the next week or so...wut say? We cant wait forever for them come n say it, can we? So yeah, lets make a decision on that soon.

    I dunno who u meant by the 2nd half of the post, but whoever it is, he/she isnt worth ur time n energy. Its really sad to see 'friends' behaving that way. So my advice to u is, now that u realised it, move on hun...ur a strong girl, a very smart one dun let ppl get to ya..especially ppl who come in the disguise of 'friends' who really arent friends.

    I think ur idea was take turns for BUF Admin. Then everyone gets their off weeks too. Lets organise that and Im sure there r alot of us here to help u out Ish. ok? Im glad u came ard to write this post. That means u really havent given up....Im happy. MWAHHHHHHHH n TY! :)


  2. Hi,Ishi..Great to see a post from you,and,an aptly titled'straight talk',if I may say so..

    Yes,reactions were expected,just as 'no reactions' were also expected.I'm so glad that you took some time out to collect your thoughts- (I often do the same,and,it helps put things in a better perspective).. Re people who've walked through BUF and chosen to abandon it,I agree- you should not have to make the choice of removing names from the list.

    But,instead of waiting indefinitely, how about giving them a time of,say a week or a max of a fortnight to say'We're here,and,we're here to be regular'.I'm sure any BUFer who's on the net, would visit BUF if their interest level's still existing.

    I loved the analogy with people walking into your home,and leaving without a trace..that's the way blogging works,not just BUF,but,in general too,I guess.As you say,BUF is about everyone in it.

    Your concept of a friend is totally true,albeit,we tend to forget it so many times,especially,when it comes to being petty,holding grudges,feeling jealous,et al.

    I think you did a fantastic job setting up BUF,right from the rules,to the topics...just like walking into a coffee shop,and sitting with friends having a nice conversation,as you say.*Smiles*.

    Well,now,what's next?I'm totally
    'in' where sharing responsibilities is concerned,as are Keshi,Loon Gal,Messy,from what I gathered from the SB today morn...

    The topics part,I think we'd need more guidance from you,on what your concept of topics is,I feel,coz everyone will have a wide horizon of topics they feel comfy with..perhaps we need to put a list of topics out,and vote on them?

    Also, I think comments should be restricted to members,as before..or else we'll have a 'nice'time deleting idiotic comments..I saw one today,too.:)

    Awaiting comments from more people before writing more..cheers.

  3. Darsh and I suggest the following Ish:

    **hv a brain-storming session in the SB for ideas on what's next...who will be we will do it etc etc.

    we just need to arrange a time for this session.

    Is this ok Ish?


  4. I agree with what Amit said...

    also, I think if we share ADMIN responsibilities (eg:Cheesy for 2 weeks, Amit for the next 2 weeks etc), then the topics can vary according to the ADMIN in charge for that fortnight (with ur consent on topics ofcourse)....that person has to do the Updates and all the ADMIN jobs for those 2 weeks. And if someone's bday/anniversary falls within that fortnight, the BUFer in charge has to do that post too.

    Actually it's not alot...cos 2 weeks fly fast.

    Also, we can hv that brain-storming session one day soon on the SB, to get new n exciting ideas for BUF....we can do this session every now n then to bring fresh activities for BUF...


  5. Hey Ishi :) I think a response from you was exactly what was needed. A lot of people have voiced their views on how BUF should be handled and what it means to them but the underlying thought is always that YOU are the backbone of this space.

    I agree - a blog is like your home and those who come and post or comment are like the friends who drop by for a visit. For them to leave abruptly is almost an insult. I DOES hurt more when people that you would have considered to be given the privilege of being considered a friend does that to you, rather than an acquaintance.

    Anyways, I am relatively new here and perhaps I don't have as much right to say all this but BUF needs to change. De-clutter as you put it is the perfect idea. New admin, new structure, make space for those who truly want to be here. Having guest admin teams for a short period of time is a good idea as well as a regular brainstorming session on SB or whatever.

    Everyone has lives beyond their blogs. But I feel that BUF should be a place for friends to catch up and meet - not a chore. As far as opinionated posts - everyone is different and should be able to handle other's opinions. In fact, it might even end up being a good way to get people thinking!

    Ishi, I don't know you very well, but I admire you a lot for what you have done for BUF considering everything. I just want to let you know that I am here to stay as much as I can - and that is my honest thought. I won't give you bullshit about being here and not rock up - if there are chances why I can't - I always believe that it can be sorted out be letting others know.

    So count me in :D

  6. Hey Ishi,
    I won't give any excuses. I have been off the map for nearly two months now.... pathetic!!
    And frankly, this post of yours should act as a wake up call for all who are yet to realise why they joined BUF!! Jeez... I miss blogging... allow me to be back with a vengeance!!
    Sorry... for not being around!!

  7. first and foremost
    this is completely ridiculous thing what is happening.

    If people feel this is some place where someone is begging you all to be then wat u guys thinking is WRONG n utter SHIT!

    If people say u r equally responsible and say sorry "ask urself if u really mean that "SORRY" and wanting to be here willingly? "

    cos ishi is not someone who wud be begging, i think u all love the kind of attention from others that is wat u looking for..

    if so then u know wat u have to do and wat's the best.
    I cant have someone ( ishi) thinking abt BUF all the time ruining her personal life for some people out there who are not bothered to even revert a mail even after 'REQUESTING'. The main reason i have lost the interest level here is cos most of them are here only for that 'EXTRA VISIBILITY' and say hey am cool!

    only wen u doing the job(admin) u know how much u gotto give for this place. I may not have been the ADMIN but i know wat it is like as i have spoken, i think maximum conversation which WE ( me n ishi) have how to make this place better but not many of us have the belongingness abt this place. ( SAD )

    Also i know how it affects her life as i have stayed with them for a month so it does affect in everymeans!!

    Stop expecting things from her SIMPLE! if she is going i think it is good for her and her family i won't hold u (ishi) back thats not me!

    U deserve to get ALL the credit and not be arnd in this deep shit!

    you(ishi) also tried giving it to ppl who took the sole responsibility (admin) but alas they r never around wen needed,( i think u knw wat the guest way talking crap.. right? ) and secondly as u say if people get around at orkut facebook etc then y not here?

    people then love to talk behind the back so y not have the GUTS to talk here or say what they feel? if its soo much of a problem then they know this is not their place so keep out of this 'so call whatever place'. don't make it an entertaining factor talking abt it. If you guys know wats its like or feel it is easy and a cake walk then take the task and do it. then we shall see and 'talk ' about it.
    If you feel lot of politics happening then yes! it is may be you guys are the cause of it!

    anyway .. this was not a right time for u (ishi)to put this post as i am not in the frame of mind to say yes to all crap!


    i think i said it all! and no regrets i said wats it is and how i feel.

    PS : this is for those lot who are guilty of their acts!

  8. oh ishi!
    i can understand..i know how people walk much ever you try they act as if they don't care....thats been one of the problems too....was having a few problems with handling the depature of few people whom i thought were to be good friends,but well i have made it up that well detachment is the best...

    no i don't mean detach your self...simply have fun and remember that the true friends and people are always with you...even if you can't talk to them at that moment...

    i joined BUF for the only reason that i saw a few people with charisma...i personally like this idea of no topics but keep posting...but i know where it will lead to...since i have seen it in the group blog i had i think we should still have topics....

    now don't just watch BUF will change the world.....i am serious...some thing tells me....if we just make people think yes we can...simple idea i think...btu well the process is going to complicated....give me a day or two i will write about it..its time i did something...i was kinda bothered about entering as i mentioned earlier adults conversations...well at times when i was free...

    TC ishi!

    remember we are here for you always....

    love ,faith,hope

    the light shines the brightest

  9. tnxx Cheesy!

    Uttsy I agree with wut u said. And abt Admin abandoning BUF n not being ard when needed, was really slack. Ishi cant do it all alone. Atleast Admin should hv told her that they cant do it anymore, w.o. disappearing altogether.

    Who's this Guest ur talking abt? And what did he/she say to Ishi to upset her so much? I mean it wud be good for all of us to know that if we r to lookafter this space in future. We can track their IPs I suppose? We can implement some security measures if necessary.

    Anyways those who hv disappeared for a long time should be rejected of their membership. Thats what I suggest. We cant wait another 24months for them to appear n ask for it, can we?

    Anyways tnxx!


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  11. Nehz, Ishi, Utsi, Keshi, Amit, Loon, Michelle and Poo, Abhi that is all I know here. I feel frnds with and dil se acha lagta hai.

    You know why that names coming out easy?
    Cos from the time I have joined BUF these have been the people I have known and have seen active.
    - please others dun tk this above statement as offensive or allegations or etc etc... agar dost ho aur is cheez ko apna samajhte ho... toh u will feel sorry for what i said and not feel offended -

    Sorry guys I duno the past or history of BUF lekin to what I feel is there is a lot of hurt being felt in people (FRIENDS) cos of some or the other reasons.

    Whatever reaons like: Extra Visibility or proving "cool" tags or etc etc.

    It is all said and done. All I would want to say that friendship mei jyaada hurt allowed nai. It is more about joy and being together in any form. I can feel too much panga here and emotions flowing.

    Stop it and i mean it STOP IT. DO NOT THINK ANY MORE OR DISCUSS.

    Backtracking situations or digging into past will make it even worse.

    Get ourself in, count who wants to stand for BUF and get rocking as usual.

    Drowning BUF is like drowning a MultiMillion company guyz.. the multimillion worth here in BUF is the friendship and affection we possess... and to what I understand none of us want BUF to go down, cos if BUF was not so dear none of us wouldve been struggling here explaining, justifying or commmenting or posting...

    Please I couldnt be talking more serious than this... i have to crack it up now........

    For mich & keshi the above line means... Get together pals... wats up and wats hapning to u... ;) LOL

    *** I am up for the revolving admin thing, I am up for taking over the admin thing and I am cool to help in anything to keep our BUF going. All we need is put systems in place and organise rules and redraw them... ***

    Jst leme knw and I am there... MEIN HU NA :) :) :)


  12. aww Darsh ur so very sweet and caring. Can I marry ya? LOL!

    **Stop it and i mean it STOP IT. DO NOT THINK ANY MORE OR DISCUSS.

    I agree! No point digging the pain again n again. Lest just get on with it guys!

    ty so much Darsh for being here all the time(even tho ur fairly new here) n encouraging everyone to kick ass as usual :) U ROCK!


  13. isme se mere liye kaun sa waala line tha.. bataaya jaaye pleej :D

    i personally was/am keeping way too busy than ever.. for another week or so. but more than that, i started finding the topics on BUF bheri boring.. atleast for me they were getting too boring. i have always been against this policy of regulation and control..if you call us friends then have the trust and give us the freedom to write whatever we want. Less control == more freedom == more posts == less jhanjhat.

    and i wont be able to post for another week.. so if you think i shud leave, then feel free to uncheck my name from the members list.

    and yeah, if i dont write on my personal blog for 2-3 weeks, no one dies. Neither the blog, nor me.

    Take it east and Hail Mogambo!

  14. Jitterz I know that comment was for Ish to read but I couldnt help contributing to some comments u made dun be mad at me ok :) This is nothing personal..just a commment related to wut u wrote.

    **atleast for me they were getting too boring.

    fair enuff...but then cudnt u hv told that to someone from the ADMIN or to ISH? Or u cud hv suggested some topics to Ish...thats what I do whenever I feel she needs help with the topics. And she always asks for topic suggestion anyways.

    ** i have always been against this policy of regulation and control..if you call us friends then have the trust and give us the freedom to write whatever we want.

    thats true in a way. But this is a group blog n it has an aim and some rules. That doesnt mean ppl r beinf controlled here. While w ehv to take certain measures to make this a group blog, that doesnt mean ppl r not free here, is it Jitterz? Just asking.

    **Less control == more freedom = more posts

    mebbe ur right cud mean more posts. Its a good suggestion for the future of BUF. I hope Ish notes that one down.

    **so if you think i shud leave, then feel free to uncheck my name from the members list.

    lol u r not irregular here r ya? Atleast u hv been on the SB n ard more often that some members. Im sure Ish isnt talking abt u Mr.Mardo Wala :)

    **and yeah, if i dont write on my personal blog for 2-3 weeks, no one dies. Neither the blog, nor me

    yeah true but this isnt ur or my personal blog, is it? This is a group blog n we r members and there r certain rules that we hv to follow to run this smoothely. Thats all Jitterbug :)

    TC n plz dun get me wrong for asking these qns...Im honest abt how I feel, hence this comment.


  15. Keshi,u said it..."this isn't ur or my personal blog,is it?"

    I also feel that, similarly, people's reactions,be they Ishi or Uttara or Keshi or anyone else, are not at a personal level-they refer to 'us' as the middle word in the title of the blog.(Smile)

    I can see things a bit from Jitendra's angle(Hi,Jitendra..I'm a new entrant here,relatively..grin)..but,Jitendra,if you have freedom to post anything,anytime,you might as well do it on your blog,right?Why'd you need to post here? We're together so that thoughts can converge together, and not diverge,right?
    The same is the reason for the rules,which,I feel are fair.

    I do hope you get what I'm trying to convey,and,as Keshi says, you're always free to suggest topics. I'm sure they're selected in such a way that they interest everyone.

    For eg, I could say,'The Art of DXing' as a topic,but, since most of you wouldn't have done shortwave listening in the past, you'd feel left out. Instead, a topic like 'memorable train journey',is something everyone related to.

    Cheers,and "positively" hoping to see u around more often.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. keshi: appreciate your "contributing" to my comments: let me re-contribute ;)

    "fair enuff...but then cudnt u hv told that to someone from the ADMIN or to ISH?"
    -- i have told ishi about my reluctance to write on some topics that dont excite me. As for suggesting some, i have also told her about not having weekly topics. if at all it has to be topical, make it broader eg music, sports, politics, travel, fun, friendship, random etc..

    "yeah true but this isnt ur or my personal blog, is it?"
    -- so? infrequency doesnt mean indifference.

    in sum, i dont think its a good idea to run such a blog with "corporate objective" eg having so many posts per day or so many members by this month. And if indeed this is the objective, by all means act like a corporate house and have tough rules. You cant be semi-corporate and expect such results.
    I personally thing the objective should be to have fun and enjoy in whatever little we write. Viewership and membership are secondary.

  18. Amit yeah I agree with ya...if we can write abt any topic, then we might as well do it in our own blogs (like we usually do anyways) :)

    I believe that one of the underlying objectives of having a group blog and weekly topics, is to bring out the best in members and get them to express their views (even if they dun like ceratin topics).


  19. tnxx Jitterbug :)

    **so? infrequency doesnt mean indifference

    awwwww I know that Jitterz :). but if we wanted to post anything we want in BUF, why cant we just do that in out own blogs? Why here? :) If we r to post anything we want in BUF, then it's like having 2 personal blogs...isnt it?

    **in sum, i dont think its a good idea to run such a blog with "corporate objective

    somehow I agree with u there....rules dun much work with me either. but Jitterz this is a blog that Ish started as a social networking space (between friends), hence the discipline and rules requirement...we cant just ignore that can we?

    **the objective should be to have fun and enjoy in whatever little we write. Viewership and membership are secondary.

    I agree..the main objective is to have fun...but we cant just let loose in order to achieve that. Its a bit like going to the beach to have fun...even at the beach, there'll be certain rules to follow in order to have that fun SAFELY, FAIRLY and I wrong?

    Anyways we can agree to disagree...:) no worries n ty Jitterz!


  20. LOL LOL KESHI *** aww Darsh ur so very sweet and caring. Can I marry ya? LOL!

    That is so very very sweet... LOL... Well!! I dun think i have to think abt it ;) that is sweet :p

    anyways... talk soon... got my client chewing my nerves up since yesterday arvo.... so pissed!!!!!!!!


  21. ***Keshi makes wedding plans....

    Venue: Darling harbour
    Date: Sat - tomorrow
    Time: 11am
    Car: Keshi's Silver babe...Darsh can come in his car.

    LOL! deal?


  22. uttsyyy and neha are there as witnesses :p

    ahem ahem who is sending tickets for us?? :p


  23. lolz Uttsy that wud be great! u n neha can come...Darsh is sending u the tickets ok? :)


  24. OH TERI............ !!! Shaaadi bihaaaaa ki baaatein shuru hai... guests are being invited and venue is being boooked... wat a gal.... babe u rock keshi. .... ;) LOL!!!!

    UTSY NEHZ... tum dono ko toh . ... .. haha

    MAD so mad u gal keshi... haha... i cant stop laughing sitting in office ...

    arghh!! i aint a morning person on weekends at all .. hahahaha... aahmm ... ahmm... 11ish... alrite...

    ***tere liye kuch bhi jaaneman... (FIGURE THIS OUT KESHI) and i will be there ;)

  25. Darsh I think soon I'll be sacked from work for laughing on my own...they must think my mental health is deteriorating at a rate thats faster than Road-Runner's speed! :)

    **i aint a morning person on weekends at all

    o I love that LOL! k k we can make it a night wedding then.

    **tere liye kuch bhi jaaneman

    o gawwwd the test is becoming harder man :( tere liye means...for u..right? kuch bhi means...anything? So does it mean...Anything for u my love or something to that extent? LOL!


  26. ***keshi scratches her head n wonders if this marriage is ever gonna work due to her inability to speak Hindi...



  27. UTSI Nehz... witness ke liye hamesha ready hote ho na tumlog huh ... hehehehe

  28. bla bla bla bla tumlog...:(

    btw I know wut tumlog means...u ppl?



  29. LOL.... they will need a better replacement to fire me... hahahahhaa

    tumlog = you people...

    *** dun scratch too much honey... life is too short to ponder over language ;) hehehe

    KESHI you are a SRK fan ... you shud atleast know wat jaaneman is :p

  30. Messy awww HUGGGGGGGGZ! Nothing is brewing...except for my coffee right now :)

    Darsh heyy...

    SRK fan..yeah I used to be. Not after his Paheli movie..that was crap. WTH he became a ghost in a bag?


  31. achaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    something is coookingggggg smookinggggggggg
    :D :D :D

    **Darsh is sending u the tickets ok? :)

    ahemahem my bags r ready darsh.. :D

    i dont even need them u will take us shopping na? lol

    **OH TERI............ !!! Shaaadi bihaaaaa ki baaatein shuru hai... guests are being invited and venue is being boooked... wat a gal.... babe u rock keshi. .... ;) LOL!!!!

    aur suhaagrat?? *sees darsh innocently ..:I :p*


  32. Uttsy I'll sebd u the ticket even if Darsh says no. OK? LOL!


    wuts that btw :(

    k I really gtg now..byeeeeeeee!!


  33. O . M . G.

    I din read this one: **i aint a morning person on weekends at all

    o I love that LOL! k k we can make it a night wedding then.

    **tere liye kuch bhi jaaneman

    o gawwwd the test is becoming harder man :( tere liye means...for u..right? kuch bhi means...anything? So does it mean...Anything for u my love or something to that extent? LOL!


    Ummmm mm so the marriage is ON!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL

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  36. **Ummmm mm so the marriage is ON!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL

    waiting for the courier... nehaaaaaaaaaa u heard that they wud need us :p hamare baghair shaadi nahi ho sakti :P :P :P

    woooot woooot :P


    mere prashno ka uttar nahi diya? :P

    n keshiii whoaaaaaaaaaa thats awesome muaaaaaaaaah i knw u will send no matter wat :p so wer is the courier :p..heheh

  37. UTSIIIIIIII..... teri toh ... tu toh bache bhi karva degi abhi.. hehehe.. .
    **looks at utsi with raised eyebrows ** u r funny shugahh ;)

    shopping i will take care sure... no worries... m too used to shopping now .... lol

    waise nehz ki bhi shoppping mujh pe TOH FOR SURE!! ;)

    thanks for taking care of utsi and nehz tics hhoney :p LOL LOL

    aww SRK will rock Om Shanti Om ... trust him keshi....

  38. ****looks at utsi with raised eyebrows ** u r funny shugahh ;)

    mes such a sweet innocent babe :p lolzz@shugahh :D

    shopping ke liye hhum kahi bhi aane tayyar hai :D :D :D aap waise bhi jan main aarahe ho na? :p lolss neha be ready with ur shoppping list:p

    btw darsh i added u on gtalk .. check karo

    *laughing crazily :p*

  39. LOL..this conversation has me ROFLling,Keshi and Darsh...Keshi,don't you know any Aussie dialects which you can throw back at Darsh,when he talks in Hindi??:)

    BTW,Keshi..this might help you:

    (Hint:Check out the words'suhaag'and'raat'separately,and be ready for a surprise at Uttsy's planning.)

    *sees Darsh advancing menacingly,(angry for the key being given to Keshi) and flees from the comments section*

  40. lolz Darsh and Uttsy u 2 go shopping n I'll stay at home make some dina for u ok? :)

    Amit haha I cant throw any Aussie slang at Darsh cos he's from Syd too fair dinkummmmm!

    Wut say Darsh, wanna crack a tinnie? ;-)

    And tnxx Amit for the link ur a legend!

    Guys hv a good one...soon I'll be hitting the city n then the beach - its Sat yeyyyyyyyy! TC MWAH!