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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Words Are Not Enough (Keshi)

I wanted to write something about the recent happenings in BUF. As an emotionally involved member of BUF, I think I have a right to say something here regarding the 'neglect' of BUF from some members. I don't mean to force them to be here all the time, but if you commit to something and become a member, perhaps you need to contribute to the life of this blog more than you think you should. You can't be a member and not come around to this blog in 3months, then suddenly come back and expect to be treated like you're part of it all. I can understand Ishi's's like she's running the whole show alone (when she's also a wife and a mother), when everyone else is having fun at her expense. I don't know, that's how I feel about it. We all expect her to put up Updates, Bday/anniversary dedications, Topic info etc etc and all we do is come here every now and then (whenever we want to) and then disappear for another few weeks or so. Is that fair? I think not. While I know everyone is busy and we all have our own problems to deal with etc, it's not all that hard to come around to BUF and contribute, especially if you wanted to be a member here in the first place, isn't it? So, apart from just participating in weekly posts, it would be great if members can try and make an effort to keep this place alive...perhaps by visiting it every now and then, reading the updates and contributing to this space with ideas, keeping connections through the SB, perhaps helping out with the ADMIN tasks etc etc. If not, it's best not to be a member...just be a guest. I may sound rude but it's the truth, isn't it? And this advice is not just for you, it goes for me too.

Whatever said and done, I know that Ishi's departure from BUF is like losing the root of it all. It's really sad and I really don't want Ishi to leave...not cos I want her to do all the work here, but she being the founder of this great place and knowing that she's not going to be here anymore, makes me feel like I'm lost. I mean it's not even a year since BUF was born and her mum is already leaving? :*( Ishi that really makes us all feel deserted and left out in the rain. Remember few months ago, when I was upset and wanted to leave BUF for a while, you asked me to take my own time and come back...that you'd still be here? Now that's not gonna be true right? Cos you said you're leaving already and that there'll be no ADMIN hereafter, no topics, that people can post whatever they want etc etc. That kind of made me feel that you don't seem to treasure BUF anymore...that you have lost interest all of a sudden. How come Ish? This is a place you started with alot of LOVE and I really don't understand why you want to let go of that very connection you created, and this soon too? Anyways, you're free to do what you like...I'm only asking these questions cos I care and I want to know why. I sincerely hope you'd still be a big part of this place and that you'd continue to keep this place alive, as much as you can. Thanks for all the great work you did here all these months and HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

The title reads Words Are Not Enough. That goes to all of us BUFers. If we make a promise, a connection and a pledge to doing something, then it should be DONE, not just SAID. And trust me, I'm not a jobless person either..I have alot of work, an exam to study for, visitors at home, my own blog to run, my various other probs etc etc, but I truly care about BUF, because when I became a member, I made a promise to be a part of I'm sticking by that, hence this post amidst my chaotic schedule. You are all most welcome to comment on what I said here...THANKS guys!


  1. WAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo gooooooooooooooo.... RIGHT SAID FRED!! I mean keshi... oops kejol.. aah.. i missin out the name here.. ;)

    k jokes apart..

    Keshi you have made a strong, valid and a cracker of a point here... I agree with every word you have said here.

    I havent been here for long either, but I can already feel the ISHI factor is so IMPORTANT for BUF.

    And yeeah ' Words Are Not Enough ' , we all have to make a effort LIKE ME (hehe) to see BUF everyday and leave comments atleast if cant post.

    Now from MUNNABHAI - GUYS BOLE TOH... You all have to atleast put 1 post in 2 - 3 weeks nai toh (or else) ... ... ...
    ...ummmmmm ...
    ... see this is where i(WE)need ishi.....

  2. short and sweet... SAVE EARTH oooops SAVE BUF...

    ishi u dun want me to sing himesh here.... :p

  3. LOL Darsh! U r too funny hahaha!

    Im gladu agree with me. But I didnt mean for everyone to be here EVERY SINGLE DAY...I know thats not possible. But ppl who arent making and effort at all, can start making it? :) And I didnt mean u...cos u hv been here alot lately and hv been participating quite regularly...THANKS for that Darsh!

    ** You all have to atleast put 1 post in 2 - 3 weeks nai toh (or else)

    yes..thats what I mean. Where r all the others? I didnt see many members do the Chain's really disappointing. What we need to realise is that BUF cant survive on its needs US.


    LOL I dun u'stand half of wut u write....but ur seriously cute and u make me laugh :):)

    ty Darsh way to go!


  4. and yeah Ishi is an imp factor in BUF's success...looks like alot of ppl hv taken her work for granted and thats not fair. Thats why I said that those ppl can be GUESTS...not MEMBERS. I mean wuts the point in being a member if they cant see the value of this space enough to contribute?

    tnxx again mate!


  5. Hi,Keshi..that's very nicely written, indeed..I'm totally with the title' words are not enough'(reminded me,somehow,of the James Bond movie'the world is not enough'.grin)..I'm totally 'in' where regularly visiting and commenting is concerned....,now,waiting for Ishi to say something..

  6. Amit u've been a great sport these last few weeks..actually ever since u joined BUF. U've been really dedicated and thats great!


    yep Im waiting for Ish to read n comment...


  7. ha keshi

    just back from kolli hills....had a break after a long long time.....well as you would have noticed in my posts in my blog i am under a lot of stress and stuff.....i get to be on the comp only for little time well...if i even have to blog i need to keep doing my studies i will be around...but sometimes i choose not ot post cause things get well say too old for me to post on...hope you don't mind ...

  8. There are times when we get busy .. it was probably a coincidence or somethin tht all of us got busy at the same time ... and that had Ishi pissed ... and it wasnt right to test her patience too ....
    Either all of us make a promise and stick to it or just let it be ... there's no point just 2-3 ppl being enthusiastic about it!

    there's SO MANY members who just joined for the heck of it ... if they can't manage .. they can't manage .... whats there to be so emotional and personal about it ... if tomorrow i disappear u dun have to have me here just coz i was an active member once upon a time...

    am game ... but i want Ishi back as well ... i want her to be the admin .. and i will help her in anyway i can ...

    am not saying anything here until ishi comes back ... if she doesn't ... even am gone ...

  9. ** KESHI...

    LOL i knw at times the bollywood takes over me and it becomes NOT possible for you to understand... but hey u watch a lot of bollywood i can guess... so you will get around my fuunnny hinglish (hindi/english).... hehe.. TY TY TY Keshi...

  10. hey Vish!

    no u dun need to apologise to me! :):) I know u hv studies n all...and its impossible to blog then.

    tnxx alot for being here amidst ur work n all. we'll see how BUF goes.

    TC n good luck Vish!

  11. hey Cheesy!

    **whats there to be so emotional and personal about it ...

    O well it's relaly hard to explain it..I mean Ishi is very emotional by nature...and she started BUF and was passionate abt it. And to see alot of the members drifting away from it, might make her sad...we need to realise that Cheesy. While we cant force ppl to be here, it wud be good if those ppl accept that they cant commit to this space and leave for good, rather than keeping us all guessing what happened etc etc...

    anyways, I want Ish bak too. This space is empty without her touch...


    tnxx Cheesy HUGGGGGGGZ!


  12. lolz Darsh I know...ty for that!

    Tum paas mushkuraye..



  13. Ishi is still not here...and where is Uttsy, Raj, Sam, Akaash, Abhi, Foresty, Diya, Wacko etc etc etc?

    Cheesy Im wondering abt wut u said...if Ish is not gonna be here, Im out of BUF for good. I think ur right abt that. Cos it's no point trying to save a space that no one wanna be in. Just 3 or 4 of us hanging ard here is just a waste of time. I hv alot of things to do too!

    tnxx for that idea Cheesy!


  14. Yo keshi, sorry for being late, u know i hv been coming online for hardly few mins and u know the reason as well.
    As far as whatever's transpired here on BUF was quite expected. I had been telling abt certain things right from the day this place came into existance but unfortunately Ishi always took them as my sarcasm and negative approach. We never needed attention seekers we never needed ppl just for the heck of it. Even the topics started to become stereotyped, i agree certain topics cudnt be covered here due to certain rules and regulations but who decides all that and r we not all adults here and i m sure nobody wud hv gone down to write something for which he/she wud hv felt ashamed of. Anyway i'll be regular here once i m completely fit and regular and i m sure ishita will come back too, but i'll see that we r not dumped with bunch of attention seekers on us in future.

  15. Hey guys...I have been reading what has been going on over the last few weeks and I find myself sorta in the middle. I joined at a time which was probably not the best for me in terms of convenience - I jetted off to India for 3 weeks and barely got time to update my own personal blog. I can understand Ishi's frustrations and her real life commitments obviously would take more priority than a place where nobody rocks up to anymore.

    I actually put off the final decision to join because I did not think it would be fair to everyone and make that commitment if I couldn't deliver. Even now with my wedding less than 7 weeks away, I find it hard to get some time to write a well thought out post and often I leave it.

    BUT - it doesn't mean I am not here and committed to this space. I always drop by to see what new posts are up and comment when I find something relevant to say. I say hi on the SB, but there doesn't seem to be too many people around. I'll be the first to admit I am a lurker which may not be enough to keep this space going but I have seen what it can do and what it means to everyone and I respect that.

    I think it is time to make a decision and I leave that up to those who have been here for a while and know this space for a lot longer than I have. My own appeal is that I'd like to be a part of it as much as I can, but only if everyone else is willing to support it.

  16. LOL KESHI!!! wowww.. .tht was ahmmm ahmm. .. tumne na jaane kya.... .. ;)

    anyways - comeback frnds:
    Southpaw & Silvara HEY I AM DARSHIK ;)heh

    u both have written ur heart out and can feel it ... chilax relax and keep posting ... its all BETWEEN US FRIENDS yaa....

    Loon... u sound like a bit short tempered gal hai na...???
    ***am not saying anything here until ishi comes back ... if she doesn't ... even am gone***
    baapre itna ghusssaa.. :(

    --- arey this is not indian team which will work without coach... I am sure COACH ISHI is reading this and will make a solid comeback... CHAK DE ISHI ---

  17. tnxx Southy great to see u here again! I know ur not that well these days...I hope u get better soon. TC!

    **and i m sure nobody wud hv gone down to write something for which he/she wud hv felt ashamed of

    yeah but there r certain rules n regulations that need to be followed na Southy...I mean we cant just let ppl write anything in any manner they want, in a public blog. Am I wrong?

    so r u saying that Ish was feeling alot of pressure even b4 the recent past?


  18. Silvara u've been VERY regular compared to alot of older members! We know that u hv been away in India in the past few weeks...and even then u dropped into say Hello straight away after u got back. U r seriously committed to BUF.

    ** Even now with my wedding less than 7 weeks away, I find it hard to get some time to write a well thought out post and often I leave it.

    so true..even with all the chaos, u manage to find time to say hello to BUFers and even to post...thats is admirable!

    yes we need to take a serious decision as to whats next on u suggested. Great tips there and we r abt to organise a brain-storming session...Darsh will organise that soon.

    tnxx for ur comment and ideas!


  19. Darsh my jaan LOL!

    **tumne na jaane kya

    kuch kuch hota hai..

    ROFL! this is fun :):)

    **baapre itna ghusssaa..

    Cheesy is gonna slap ya now LOL!

    **arey this is not indian team which will work without coach

    hahaha Darsh u r too funny!

    Jokes apart, yes I want Ish to be bak...or else BUF wont be BUF.

    ty Darsh!

  20. OMG!! haha.. yeh it is fun... LOL ... I am jst laughing here sittin in office and people are indeed lookin at me to wats wrong.. LOL LOL LOL @ kuch kuch hota hai.... lol..
    "yeh ladki hay diwaani ho diwaani..." :p

    *** hello, cheesy, loon hello... kuch bhi intentionaly nahi hai baba.. no slap slap ok.. WHITE FLAG WHITE FLAG ... no no no ... pls dun ... NOOO

    ishi ... i knw ur reading this and smiling and laughing.. now serious style...

    ishi pls aaja na :(

    hey thanks keshi :)

  21. I nearly choked on my lunch laughing HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    This is for u:

    ~~Ye ladka hai deewana, hai deewana..deewana...deewana...deewana... ... ...

    **Keshi dances ard in short hair like Kajol did in KKHH***


    hahaha @white flag!

    Ishi mere ko shudh hindi nahi aati plz come bak.

    btw I only know that one line in Hindi so used it LOL!


  22. hahahahahah ... awwww keshi ur funny... YOU CRACK ME UP :) :) :) hehehe

    ~~ zara sa jhummm lu meiiii ... hhehe

    *** Darsh swings round and sits on his knees like SRK patent :p ***


  23. hahahaha Darsh @~~ zara sa jhummm lu meiiii!

    I can get drunk but I really cant wear a red mini dress in freezing snowy mountains! wut was kajol thinking ha!


  24. o cmon keshi... its simple... kajol is jst trying show that she is hot enough to melt the snowy mountains :p