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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fresh as frisky lambs: AmitL

(a)Fresh as:
Frisky lambs on a hill. Don't you find it a really 'uplifting'scene, to see the young uns gambolling on hillsides?

(b)Fresh as: The reverberating sound of a baby's laughter- at such times,you can't help but smile,however off-mood you may be.(PS The baby's courtesy google)

(3) (I feel) as fresh as ever(nee,no comparison to the other 'fresh' ones, after a month of reduced working hours(2 hours less than normal).Tomorrow's the last such day,though...then,it's back to the 8 to 530 routine. But,since I feel so,err,refreshed,I'm sure it'll be aok,except,of course,for the sleepy mood at 4 PM,for 3-4 days. Nothing to feel sad about-can always read a few BUF archives at such times(surreptitiously,of course) during the 5-10 min self-imposed tea break.(Breaks are a must,incidentally- to avoid computer vision syndrome,you means,you can stare at the computer,but,not at the worksheets..grin..just a law I made!)

Three cheers for some great ideas from BUFers for this word(And,a few more to come till the 12.10 d'line,I hope)

Ishi,here's looking forward to the next 'word'.


  1. looking at the lambs and the laugh of the baby definitely does make you feel fresh and very happy! cute pictures!! :)

  2. a baby is one of the freshest things in the world. Lovely post Amit!

    **..grin..just a law I made

    LOL I can u'stand such laws cos I make em up too. I work, then blog, then work, then blog, blog, blog, work..n work is my break haha!


  3. u made my day with the pic of that baby...:)

  4. Hi,Keshi...tks...and,I'm so glad you like that law...grin...birds of a feather flock together,as they say..haha.

  5. Hi,Southy..hehe..I'm glad to hear that..the pic made me wish I could laugh like that,too..can you??

  6. very nicely written

    n the baby is soo sooo cute :)

  7. Hi,Uttara..tks...and tks for liking the baby pic(I feel that my googling expertise is acknowledged..haha)