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Friday, October 5, 2007

New Topic (Ishita)

This will be short and quick. More or less an update on what’s going on with me with respect to BUF.

I’ve heard from you (some not all but that’s ok) since the last post. I know one thing that setting up something that will appeal to everyone is next to impossible but the idea is to make it as acceptable as possible.

The first thing is, the basic essence of BUF is that it’s not a free for all group blog. It runs on the idea that people blog on something specific for a specific time period. I can’t generalize it and make it free from topics, then it would be “just another blog”. But yes, more flexibility is doable.

Secondly, there has to be a limit to the no. of posts per day – 1 to 4 should be fine – too much of it can clutter the space. And one post per BUFer for a topic too is fine or max two if there’s scope for more to be expressed regarding any topic.

I have some ideas in my head but since I have to get back on track, I’ll be slow with things here. Plus I want to settle everything before I go off on my vacation in Nov. Time is short and the festival season is slowing me down here.

In all this debating and talking through, I forgot to update stuff in the template. Plus not having Abhi/Sam with me in admin or any technically sound person is a severe handicap. But I’ll work out something. So basically it’s time for less talk and more work for me!

FYI, I will shoot a mail to the “still missing” people and I guess we’ll be a smaller group but hopefully a more focused and dedicated group of Blogger friends. I’d also welcome mails from those of you who can help manage BUF while I run off next month for my long awaited trip. I’ll need two people to coordinate – thanks :)

Now till such time I don’t get it all settled, I’d like to suggest a topic idea.

We run a word every week and you get to write a topic related to the word – any context, how you interpret it is your look out – be creative or funny or serious or miserable or happy …. Just write ppl !

And let’s limit it to two posts per BUFer for the coming week. I mean max two. If there’s just one from you, that’s fine too.

The word for the week starting Friday (5th October today) to next Friday (12th October) is –

(now use your imagination with this one :P)

Ps: I have a post sent in by Suchi that I will put up later in the afternoon. Please start this topic later in the evening so I have time to put hers up….Thanks.


  1. at lastttt
    i could see some light in the dark dungen
    wen everything is lost the hope for this place to survive.. u always r the light to this place and a hope for the people :):):):):):)( too much of LOTR ka asar .. hope n all :p)

    ishi.. i hope we have those active ppl here and keep this place once again happening and rocking

    oyyiimaaa suchi ka post.. she has woken up from deep slumber i guess:p

    a tightt huggg to ishi pishi... hugggggz

  2. *arghh-I just posted a comment,and it hasn't appeared-net problems?So,here goes*:


    At last-the much awaited post is here.I'm totally in agreement where each of the points are concerned,including the 'just another blog' one..yes,it cannot be free from topics,definitely.

    Limits to posts- definitely..even I couldn't squeeze in time to diligently read more than four posts a day..grin. The additional post per topic from a BUFer,is a bonus,indeed.*rubs hands gleefully*.

    Less talk and more work? has to be the other way round,for you,as for others. Many hands make light work,as they say,so,tell me how I can help any which way I can,now and during your vacation.(I'm sure you'll surreptitiously peek into the blog from wherever u're's too much of a temptation,isn't it?)

    The 'word for the week' idea is fantastic.*begins *freshly* musing on what to write*.It'll probably give those who found topics difficult,some more leverage to put their fingers together and type on the keyboard.(I almost said'put pen to paper')

    Three cheers and definitely looking forward to a revitalized BUF in the coming days.

  3. I agree with both Uttsy and Amit! As I said to u in the SB b4 Ish, I love this idea of 'word for the week'...that way ppl r free to post what they like and there r no barriers with topic preferences etc.

    neat idea!


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  5. And if/when u need help with Updates/Words/Activities etc, let us know.

    btw I will soon send u a HUGE database of words...i.o.w. a Keshictionary. LOL!

    And where's the SouThesaurus?


  6. And AmiThesaurus and Uttsysaurus? :)


  7. thats somewhere we are moving now... and for the problem of looking after the technical issues.. i suggest we could ask darsh to help us... he would know.. let him use his expertise for BUF... im sure he would like to help...

    darsh r u listening?????

    good work ishi... will write a post soon... hugssss

  8. hi Messy! :) we havent spoken in so long...


  9. Nehz your wish is my command :)

    Anything for BUF... jst let darsh know... he is always there :) A FRIEND INDEED :) :) :)

  10. guess someoen is sitting lukkha at the shores of sydney ..lolz



    gr8 idea neha..

  11. LOL..Keshi,the AmiThesausus is under preparation..haha.:)tks for the idea.

    Another LOL at Uttara's comment on 'someone sitting lukkha at Sydney's shore'...Darsh,reaction,please..haha.

  12. Finally it seems things are looking bright!! now let's all contribute in keeping things alive around here!! :)

    btw, teh topic is cool... hmmm.... something "fresh" from the oven(read my mind) has to be served for this!!

  13. cool idea doing this one surely :)

  14. she's fresh so fresh....exciting! ;-)

    lolz Darsh n Uttsy!

    yes Amit bring it on :)

    see u guys soon!