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Friday, October 5, 2007

Virtual Relationships (Suchi)

Hi people!!! It has really been long since I last blogged. However, visiting BUF is like visiting another relative of Ishi :), this is like her work place. There isn’t just couple of topics that I have missed here, I have not written on most. So I finally decided to write…… about something that is very close to my heart – VIRTUAL RELATIONSHIPS.

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I have shared virtual relationships with people since possibly 1998 or earlier even. Made many good friends even from the singles/ match making sites. I have known some wonderful people even from the blog world. It would be very unfair on my part to name a few and not mention the others who have stood by me in all my odds for so many years or those who have given me reasons to smile. I have been in love also through the internet :D.

Therefore, I would be writing about the lessons that I have learnt from virtual relationships. Lessons that scare hurt and make me smile as well.

The biggest drawback of a virtual relationship or friendship is that we cannot see the person, no matter how many times a day we talk or exchange the emails etc., the basic fact of knowing someone is so incomplete without seeing and spending time with each other. These are behavioral requirements of any friendship. It is also about the vibe that we get from people which keeps us going in any relationship. Moreover, this vibe comes only when we meet people. In many virtual relationships, as my personal experience says, friendship falls apart within a few weeks like a pack of cards. All those months of smiles, giggles and calling one another, vows of everlasting friendships, etc. etc. goes down the memory lane.

Many a time people take us for a complete ride and especially when we start falling for someone we have never met or just met once or so, of course through the virtual world. Do we actually know and realize that we are being taken for a ride? It is so darn easy to cheat on the people in the virtual world.

I am sure most of you would relate to things I have said like “been there, done that” and would still go on making friends in the virtual world. :) So will I! We do not stop living when there is a catastrophe then why should we stop loving? :)


  1. Hi,Suchi..I believe this is the first post from you that I'm reading,since I joined.(Haven't finished devouring the archives,yet,you see!haha)..

    This was a nice post,definitely- and,did point out some hometruths about virtual relationships.As in any real life scene,there're genuine people and there're,the same philosophy applies on the net,too,na?One can never be too careful.

    As you say so nicely at the end, we do not stop living when there is a catastrophe,so,why should we stop loving? And,may I add,discovering more virtual pals,screening the good from the bad to the best of our abilities, et al?:)


  2. Hey Suchi, I agree with Amit here!! It definitely has been a long time from you, but then... i do remember seeing you around a few times I believe!!
    Well, regarding virtual relationships, all that I would say is that it can be as real as it gets.... my roomie was once a net pal of mine.... so was my girlfriend!! lol... but then, you alwyz get a mix of the good and bad.. as has been rightly said by Amit we have to judge things to teh best of abilities. And thus the show goes on... for as humans we simply cannot stop feeling now can we??

  3. except blogging,i don't make virtual is because i need to see the person first...well lets say voice and face are better then keyboard and sentences :)

  4. people can even take u for a ride in the real world .. why only virtual world ... its all the same seriously ... but as u said "We do not stop living when there is a catastrophe then why should we stop loving? :)"

    we go on ...

    nice one suchi ... :)

  5. I so agree with Cheesy and that exactly wut I wanted to say! Dun ppl in real life cheat, desert and hurt us too? It's not only in the virtual world. To me, real and virtual world is pretty much made of the same ppl!

    ** the basic fact of knowing someone is so incomplete without seeing and spending time with each other

    I agree...that element is missing in the virtual world. But u can still hv a great connection with some ppl in the virtual world w.o. really meeting in person. Just like how u can hv a terrible r'ship with someone from the real world even after having met so many times.

    Just my thoughts :)...great to see u bak Suchi! HUGGGGGGGGZ!


  6. I know ur experiences with the virtual world and vice versa...u know mine too....

    i think when it comes to the virtual sense of frustration comes from the loss of personal face to face interaction...after a point of time I wanna know lil things like so and so's facial quirks when the say a certain word....or even things like how they tilt their head....use their hands while speaking...

    i guess u get the drift...

    that aside, I find no difference in people in the real world or virtual ... ppl can't live a whole new persona forever...their true self comes through sooner or it good or bad :)

  7. It is so true that we miss out on the real things that make a relationship: being there, facial expressions (nah, smileys are not enough!!) etc No wonder it is easy to pretend to be someone else on the virtual world...