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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Together in Boredom (Sam)

Well... i have been travelling across the length and breadth of this country since I was an infant. My dad was with the government!! For me memories aboard a train are far too many. Can't single out any.. except for one may be. For it was on this journey that I realised I had shed a lot of my shyness.... I was a little bit different now. Here is the experience:

"I started my journey, on the 19th of November evening aboard the Azad Hind Express, the journey slated to take around 34 hrs now. Long time, and i was all alone there, surrounded by strangers. What does one do? Had packed in a few books to give me company but was soon through with them, rushed through two editions of "India Today", the Monday print of "Times of India".... still boredom refused to grant me a moment of peace. As for my companions, notable where 3 or should i say 4. U see, I was accompanied by a couple with their 10 month old son, and a pretty lady, who happened to be a student at Pune. While a lil bit of chitchat was going on now and then, a proper conversation simply didn't seem to be the order of the day. While, the couple effectively had each other and their kid for their company, me and dat lady were left completely to our own devices to wage our individual war against boredom. it was a losing war, as we both realised as time flew by, plain ignorance of each other started giving way to shy smiles... an acknowledgment of a perfect understanding of the other person's state of mind. Still, brings one those smiles on my face, those very memories.

As time was flying by, suddenly I realised that only a few more, and the lady would be arriving at her destination. And thus, I prodded in the dark, after much consideration,(and I dare say after some calculation too), to engage this beautiful lady into a conversation. My prod was in the right direction, and thus ensued the most enjoyable hours of the journey. The couple too joined in with their anecdotes,as the discussion was going on about our college days.............. what to do, and essentially wot not to do...... ;)

Finally, with the parting moment coming close, I mustered the courage to ask for her number, to which she complied............... I wonder, whether I'll call her or for dat matter ever try to contact her in the future."

The Route
Full account here: Of moments, meetings and conversations with strangers during a journey!!

Was that the train??

Well... we did stay in touch, till she finally left for her hometown after completing her grads and is now pursuing MBA in Kolkata. We did meet up once more though: "And so we met again!!" And that is one of my memorable journeys till date... and the most memorable one... nah!! won't write about that... it's too personal!! ;)


  1. so why dun u ring her up?

    and WB SAM :)


  2. smiles...

    oh those long journeys with attractive unknown strangers!!

  3. interesting sam ... :) ... wl move on to read more in ur blog!