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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

mumbai local (messy)

those living in mumbai would know what i am talking about... trains here are not the 'normal' kinds... there is nothing like a nice train journey... there is nothing like a peaceful train journey... i know people from other countries specially get onto a train just to get the 'feel' of a train ride in mumbai...

the trains are never empty... they are perpetually stinking... not a day in the history of mumbai railway must have gone by without a fight in one of the compartments... you cannot reach your destination without breathing in the stale air of perspiration of your co-travellers....

and one day long back i had to travel to andheri by train... this happened when i was working... almost 7 years back... i had to meet one of my cousin at andheri... and unfortunately i had to travel at 7 pm... the peak hour... ladies compartment was out of question as i had a male friend (lets call him akshay) accompanying me (he lived near andheri then)... so we decided to travel in the first class compartment...

now i was under the impression that the first class would be better off than the second class compartment... but naah!... no way!!... it was totally packed... we decided to stand near the entrance... because if we went inside, it would be very difficult to get off at andheri... but we never thought it would get so crowded... i stood with my back to the seats... there were hoardes of people around me... i guess i was the only female around... it felt very uncomfortable standing like that... akshay must have guessed that... because he stood facing me so that no one could push me or touch me... he rested his palms on either side of me so that no one could push me from the sides too...

unfortunately this position wasnt good for my system... i knew akshay liked me a lot... and i had a major crush on him (ahem ahem)... and with him at such close proximity it was bound to get difficult for me...

he was tall and strong enough to keep people off me... but i had my doubts about how i was going to keep him off my mind... i wanted to hit myself for not getting into the ladies compartment... but it was too late to change my decision... i couldnt do anything about it... i tried to hold myself away from him... so that i wouldnt touch him even by mistake... but the crowd was crazy... everyone was jostling and pushing... it took all of akshays strength to hold me in place... and then someone pushed him so hard that he literally fell on me... ouch!

his face was so close to mine that if he had dabbed on some aftershave i would have smelt it... his hands tried to gain support from me... i had to hold him by his shoulders so that he would not be shoved away from me... and then our eyes met...

it was as if the crowds had melted... the touch that was supposed to be a support for me became a caress... his body that was shielding me seemed to be embracing me... his hand reached out to touch my hair softly... he bent low and kissed me on my forehead... i looked up at him... his eyes held mine like a magnet... his handsome face close to mine... i did not know how to react... i was lost in the pleasure of his embrace... he bent his head lower... i was sure he was going to kiss me...

and then someone pushed... ouch again!... the spell broke... the magical moment came to an end... i looked away (relieved??)... he moved his lips away from mine... he pushed himself off me as i moved my arms away... we waited in silence... not looking at each other... waiting for the train to reach andheri as soon as possible... till we got off the train and i left to meet my cousin...


  1. ohkkkk..!! I must confess neha that i read this in drafts ;) and couldn't wait to comment! :)

    now that was sumthin! Why didn't such things happen to me huh :P .. there's sumthin incredibly romantic about these kinda situations... even if they never really end up anywhere *sigh*

    and oh did I tell u I love the way u write ;-) :))

    and it was great talkin to u on 15th..:)

  2. doubleu-o-doubleu as in W-O-W

    U write so well..i could literally feel as if I were the one who pushed akshay that day :P

    am wondering when will I get so close to any girl like that in a train..I'll make sure that there's noone around me pushing!


  3. lolz Messy u wanted tokiss him too ha? U cheeky missy!

    Wut a romantic experience! Such things happen on the train to me exchanging steamy glances...but never got close enough to kissing...I mite actually try it next time..LOL tnxxx for the idea!


  4. Kambaqqqqqq Akshayyyy....

    hum yaha ticket ki line mei khade the... aur Akshay saab train ke dhako mei chance le rahe the.... re baba baba baba...

    Isi liye bolta hu... train ka pass hona zaruri hai... Akshay ki jagah mei hota... LOL LOL LOLhaha..

    (ok ok ok ... jst kidding yaar..)

    messy EXCELLENT post and so well written.. kitni baariki hai... bole toh sirf yash uncle ka ddlj ka tune bajna baaki tha background mein... ... ;)

    waise do i knw akshay?

  5. messsyyy

    U dint mention the chameli ka tel ka stink and sweat ka baas.. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    i feel pukish abhi hi :D
    Its real pain man travelling in train at times.. :(

    now coming to the DDLJ love story :D

    chance pe dance mar raha tha woh .. hmmmmmmmmmmm

    uffff woh dhakka.. lol hayeeee woh nazrain milana..

    wahhhh isse zyada aur kya chahiye..

    *BTW i too have encountered similar stuation, so i exactly know how it feels and wat u talking..

    but mera train aur BST (crowded) bus bhi hua hai..*blush*

    ahem ahem... :D

  6. Lol... utsi .... lol.. tu sachi mad hai.... nehz bolti rehti hai sahi hai.... .. haha

    waise tera bhi sirf chance dance hi hua ki fir kuch bhala hua... .. lol....

    bechari nehz :p

  7. been to mumbai once,but never had the "time" to get into one :) well you must have guessed it just made me feel bamboozed :)

  8. darsh'd

    oyeeee...bhala hua na :D *ishhhhhhhhhhhhh*


  9. hi Messy

    ""and then someone pushed... ouch again!... the spell broke""ooolalllala

    I never had such kind of exp ... But i am sure it leaves a mark for life time ... i mean you will always rem those moments :))

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  11. ufff!
    yeh zamaanaaaa!!

    i can imagine and understand this!!

  12. i had to open the archives coz wanted to comment on this one.. i love ur writing style.. even in this one n the next incident u wrote here.. awesome.. keep it up :)