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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I - Day Party - Mumbai (messy/uttsy)

we decided to meet up at mumbai for the independence day celebration... the dress code set was 'tri - colour'... here are some of the pictures for you guys...

i sported these tri colour bangles for the party...

uttara sported a tee shirt for the same event.. and as you can see... the others... including the admin gave this a skip...

(r -l) prashanti (guest.. thats symphony from itimes), messy, uttara, richa (in white), mala and abhishek

looks like i was the only one who missed showing off my shampooed hair...

say 'cheese' guys... thats the statement that got this pretty smiling pic...

uttara and mala... the ever smiling pair... and the most beautiful pic of the pair till date... just missed the hotties pic in the background :p

the girl gang... abhi did you feel left out???

and thanks to abhishek for the treat at ccd... we loved the drinks... check what mala ordered... thats hot chocolate... slurpppppp...

we did go to other places for food... we did sing some songs... (abhi can u put up the video if its come good enough)... we did scream and shout... and we did miss all of you guys... cheers!!!


More from Uttara:

"Guys a lot of things to be added here...

ahem ahem ... so here I goooo

I was as usual late and was searching then I see a cute guy with dimple smile:p n am like ye wahi tho nahi then I see neha or hear her infact *winks* fir mera shak yakeen main badal gaya ki ye abhiii hi hoga... then he waves his hands saying "hi! " I take a seat, it was house full so had to pull a chair in a gentlemanish way he says" Allow me" (I thought wahh !! is he just showing off to be a Gentleman or is he one? ) :p kidding.. then we alll go hooo haaan shouting n saying hi and all...

Then introduction part the guy am sure its abhi fir baaki do kaun hai ( I rack my brains) then I ask richa " Are u richa? " she nods her head saying "yes" ( I must tell u all she looks realllyyyyyy cute and cuter when she was nodding :p ) abhi confirms and says "Yeah she is Richa :) "

Then the other lady ( ummmm i forgot her name ) ooops... After formal hello to the new comers..I start with my normal gupshup with the oldtimers neha and mala :) ( i don't have to introduce the gorgeous ladies right? )

Then comes our photo session... after 45 minutes of serious discussion of who will have what we order and sip our drinks ( we don't do the act of have from one glass :P whoaaaaaaaaaa 6 heads on one glass? kya dosti hai wahhh!! lol )

We then move to Hiranandani to have a grub.. hmmm on our way I get a call from Ishipishi :) am with all smiles on telling neha and Richa "ishi ka hone haiiiiiiiiiii " hehe unfortunately lot of noice around i tell her, " Waha pahunchke phone karti hu " ( i shall call you once i reach the place )

We reach there and in the mean time Richa promised all of us to get a pepe jeans FREE yepieeeeeeeeeeee

Stop it guys don't get J :P dint i say *conditions applied? lol

We had our grub at Bread Talk( yummmyyyy ) while having i called Ishi but guess she was busy dint take my call immediately.. umm then we all spoke Rajbir.. we thought of calling keshi, but then i told others, "if u guys want to talk to the voice mail then we can call " :p In the meantime, we had a great a singing session, great singers Mala and Neha ..:p they sang vande maataram ( AR rehman style ) lol head banging and some of his expressions ( which was captured by Abhi ) :D

At last Ishi calls.. I'm told her,"roz hum dono baat karte hai ab baaki se baat karo.." ( we talk everyday so now talk with others) one by one she talks to all of us.. we talk talk talk... umm wat else ? in the meanwhile we also go to another place to have grub ..:p (Subway) hmmmmmmmmm ... ( all bhukkads) lol

Ishi was busy with family chores so i say bye bye...and hang up total time spoken: 20mins and 35 seconds..( tooo less :D ) loll

We also had a beep songs.. umm if i have to even say wat i will write "beep beep beep "i.e " **** main ***** de" all censored :D .. (all guesses welcomed ).

It was real masti dhamal and lottts to eat and drink :D..

we parted promising that we all would meet up again sooon for a dance party *winks*

Adios Amigo :) "


  1. Such pretty pretty girls and one dimpled chikna!!


    Nice nice. Looking forward to more BUF meet posts ;)

  2. messyyyyyyyyyyy

    nice post we had funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    we sang the beep song...LMAO u dint put the masala yaar.. tch tch tch .. ye thoda ekdam plain lag raha hai :(

    thoda tadka maro :p


  3. @John..

    don't u know u not allowed to come here .. :p

    n how come u comment only on BUF meets.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    *my detective cells getting activated*


  4. Very pretty pics of some very pretty chicks and an awesome guy :)

    NICE! love the bangles WOW!


  5. Uttsy: I comment on BUF meets only now :P How can I see you pic and NOT comment?? Bolo??

  6. luvd d pics :) and was wunderful talking to all of u when u were all together :)

    @ J .. we'll only have a delhi BUF meet if u keep your promise of coming here!!! okkkk!!! :P ... soooo??? :)

    hope u guys have more such fun meets! :)

  7. Oh HOye Utsi!! Howgh Muchh shugarh did ya takhe in thhe Cohfee..... lol... . hehe

    nice pics Messy... ekdum mast.. mane pan aavu che......

    dam i m missin mumbai... wanna eat vada pav and misal. .. .. lol...

    ehwai.. post mei nothin like that.. jst independence day ne yaar dila di...... .... ...

    Good post... keep rocking BUFers

  8. BUF (Mumbai chapter) seems to be one chota-and-mast parivaar..


  9. oi!!! now dat seems to be such a happening meet!! great to see you guys having such a good time!! jeez... i missed one more!! :(

  10. Hi,there..tks for a nice intro to the members..that's one nice n cozy Independence Day meet. Reminded me that it's hi time we had a DBM(Dubai Bloggers Meet).:)Missed seeing the admin at the meet...well,there's always a next time,I guess.

  11. wow ....the pictures are so pretty :))

    Loony and Arjun...when are you guys going to be free :((

  12. hey sam thanks for visiting my blog. i recently visited ur blog and this is just awesome. anyway u need not to stand back and appriciate because this blog is open for everyone to join. so check out the forum link which is just under the header to post ur part of story or put a comment. if u do well i will add u as a member in my blog and then u can modify it with ur choice.

  13. wow..wen did this happen? niceeee

  14. Hmm these XL waalas really hit big time! for the song GMD, right?

    So who knows all the lyrics?

  15. abhishek ji kitney pyaar sey attention mein khadey hai haha hes so cute! so uttu pune kab aa rahi hain aap? :P

  16. well.... now dats an interstinga ccount uttsy!! btw, that song by rehman is one of my favs!! lonve the way sings it.... u guys really had a great time!!

  17. all bhukkads?
    only *I* was eating!!

    and pls dont beep my GMD song.. :( its so must listen to it...

  18. kewl!

    once again .. a story that makes me jealous loll

    anyway m glad u all had such a great time :) .. and its surprising u met up with symphy too ha?

  19. not that i have understood all of it, but girls in the pictures look lovely and nice people, would love to be their friend some day


  20. ok i give this one to aakash!... he recognized the song bang on... n aakash u can contact mala.. she knows the lyrics pit pat... n wowwwwwwwww.. does she sing it well... she can give the XL guys a run for their money :D

    ohhh theres another one she sang too... im sori i dont know the words...

    mala batao zaraa... beep beep... lol

  21. And Messy I wanted to say u look GORGEOUS smiling in that 3rd pic... u r beautiful!

    Uttsy and Mala r HOT as hell!

    I dunno the other girls but they all look good too.

    Abhi ofcourse is CUTE! :)


  22. all bhukkads!!!

    Thank you all for making it a super duper evening!!
    It was an amazing time.

    The tonnes of fun we had is only partially captured in the wonderful,colorful and zany pics and text'd-up by Messy and Uttsy!

    ** @ Messy :Hey the Admin did not brek the "tiranga" theme... You can SEE all( not just thr Ti-rangs) in my T-shirt!!

    ** The video: Has not come that good, but will try to do something about it!!

    ** MALA: Yes yes the GMD is a good song..;) the lyrics are so true ..right!! LOL

    ** Aakash: You got it right about the BEEP BEEP GMD!!

    ************ Lets have a meet again soon******
    Lets make Mubai BUF happenig

    WHo is up for a PLAY @ NCPA/PRithvi!!? OR Blue Umrella??!!

  23. Abhi the SB is not working..grrrrrrrr! :)


  24. So who exactly is Richa in these photos?


  25. **we thought of calling keshi, but then i told others, "if u guys want to talk to the voice mail then we can call "

    thats so not true many times hav I spoken to u on the phone when u rang me..many times!

    o well mebbe u didnt wanna ring me..thats so ok tho :)


  26. Heyy Messy , i know all the lyrics, ekdam jhakaas! Was just wondering among you lovely ladies who was the one who knew it all. :D

  27. michelle..

    i will be there soon prolly next month... *fingers crossed*

    @ keshi..

    sweety... u really feel i dint wanna talk?? *sigh*

    thanx soo much we really missed u all :)

    i simply miss reading ishi's comment *sigh*

  28. @darshik..

    thank u soo much for the lovely gift *smilessssssssssss*


    it was really sweet thanx once again :)

  29. **sweety... u really feel i dint wanna talk?? *sigh*

    nah..tnxx for remembering me at ur meet even tho u assumed I wudnt pick up. :)


  30. keshi..

    thanx for taking it otherwise...

  31. nah I didnt take it otherwise...u said u assumed I wudnt pick up...why? Did I ever hang up on ya Uttsy? The only time I cudnt pick up was when I was in the middle of New Year's eve fireworks in Sydney..honestly Uttsy d u think I can hear my mobile fone in such an event?

    well I just said that cos u 'assumed' I wudnt pick up...thats all.


  32. can we end this silly silly argument :)


  33. Uttsy maa... I thot i'd posted my comment here?! I guess not since u put up your version...

    talkin to u guys was the highlight of that evening... ghar pe I had a different scene i think i told u a abt it? yaad nahi

    mera dimaag is eating circles aajkal :D

    i can't wait to plan my trip to mumbai...i guess i keep tellin u the airfares every now and u know na i sooo wanna be there *sigh*

    uff.. itna patience kaha se laau?! to wait...