This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Admin Team (Ishita)

One quick and important announcement!

Abhishek (abhi) and Sumit (sam) will be joining the Admin Team effective today. Hoping they will bring in new ideas and suggestions to improve BUF. I am around of course :) ... maybe not as active as earlier but definitely not passive either.

Send in topic suggestions and any other ideas people!

BUF is the FUN place it is because of all of you. Keep it fun and friendly guys :).. make this place ROCK!

Ps: If you've missed it, do listen to Jitendra's Voice Message ... not only is he a wonderful writer (and *ahem* good lukin) but he's also got another talent :) ... go on listen to the VM ppl...enjoy :)! And looking forward to hearing from you all too...leave msgs people!!! :)


  1. kudos to abhi and sam :)

    at last ishi got someone here to assist her n john..:)

    gr8 :)

    n jitendra..

    u already got all the compliments from me n vidya bala herself :P


    ahem ahem :p

  2. OMG all these hot dudes pics r disturbing me at work!

    Congrats Abhi n Sam way to go!

    Jit's voice? ooh lala! tnxx Ish I shall check it for sure ;-)


  3. yeah and Im glad Ish n Johno got some great ppl now to assist them in their fantastic work here in BUF. Go BUF! :)


  4. Jit u can sing? WOW! Thats sooo beautiful! U've got a GREAT Voice.


  5. Wow! Just the right bubblegummer techies. The enthu levels will be max, and then being from the same clan of engineers, i am glad.

    So ishi and john can finally have some rest. And maybe Sam will take a break from his bevy of femme fans around! :D

    As for Jitendra, man thats my fav song, and you did justice to it. You got a karaoke track?

  6. holla!!
    errr...... ok.. here goes!!
    Glad to be on board.. thnx alot ishi and jon!! :) and to everyone out there :)
    and to all you BUFers out there... LET'S ROCK!!! :D

  7. back to business!!
    i have to find wot jitendra has uploaded... sounds good teh way keshi has reacted!! :)

    ***And maybe Sam will take a break from his bevy of femme fans around!**
    oye aakash!! wer did u see the female fans??? btw, wot song did jit sing??

  8. ( bows with both hands in the air.
    Then waves to silence the loud hullu-bullah of claps and cheers and poses with cute smiles for the clicking flashes)


    Thanks a tonne to all!( Not to un-mention IshiJee and John)

    lets rock and roll!!

  9. congrats sam and abhi!

    uttara: thanks and balan ko kahaan chupa diya?

    keshi: thanks for being generous..its jus a bathroomic voice ;)

    aakash: thanks! ya, i used a karaoke.

  10. Jit if thats ur Bathroom voice I can only imagine how gorgeous ur Livingroom voice is LOL!


  11. @ jitu..

    Btw did u know vidya balan was my gyming partner?? as we used to gym at same time at same place...

    she is indeed sweet lady n down to earth..
    this was 3 yrs back i donno if she rems me nw:p

  12. congrats Abhi and Sumit :))

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. uttara: you kidding me? zara usse baat karwaao pleej :D

  15. so its a mans world now! lol

    u'll be missed ishita :( .. and i remember john's robotic replies too :(

    and abhishek and sumit welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. ur mails have that personal touch which is good .. liked the jerk waala mail hehe

    and jitendra .. can't blv .. u sing amazingly man!!! u rock!!! xx