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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First Crush (Aakash)

A school in the foothills of Kumaon,
and a uniform white and navy blue.
One summer like the summers before
somewhere in nineteen ninety two.

I first heard her sing a song from our
school prayerbook in the music class
The way her face drew pictures that
piece of memory it never did pass.

Never knew when with muted feet
she grew on my meddling mind;
but soon I found myself lost, in
thinking about her all the time.

Years passed and sections changed
with different subjects we grew old
but all the time that she was there
to no one ever this story I told.

After half a decade when I saw
her again laughing her own laugh
I was taken back to the old times
just looking at her in our class.

And one evening of last summer
while standing outside her gate
i told her how she was 'the' girl
just the confession came late.

She was amused, a little shocked
and then she broke into her laugh
the same laughter that captured
then told me that time was past

Even today I tell her how she is
the first girl to hijack my fancy
and she rejects, all that I say
with a smile that I can see.

She is leaving for US in a few days, and then maybe I'll see her after an year or so. I didnt have time, so this silly rhyme is all that I could manage (afterall if I didnt write this time too, Ishi would have killed me). And then every first crush deserves to be written about, hai na?

And no, we never were romantically involved. Always friends.


  1. awesome aakash!!
    loved teh way you put up the poem.. i mean, it started wen you were a kid right?? and teh way it has been written it reflects all the innocence that the age should have if you had written it during those days!!
    all the best to both of you... be friends forever.. no matter what!!

  2. hmmm... i luvd this.. the way it's been put in words and rhyme.. :)

  3. WOW you have written it so beautifully :)) Loved the poem. Aapne kitne aache se likha.

    Yes the first crush always takes the first place n is remembered always :O

  4. **Even today I tell her how she is
    the first girl to hijack my fancy

    Aakash if that aint ROMANCE, what is? LOL!

    Very sweet post.


  5. a poem with a yash-choparian fragrance! :D

  6. Mundaa kamaal hai bhai!!

    but boss, i must say, the amazing flair you have to weave words to vividly express is just klass!!


  7. @Promot: We'll call you Promot from now on, so if you ever visit us again, dont look around ok? :)

    @Sam: Yes bro, you got it right. The words chosen are simple, one for it is an old story(though written yestereve), and two, i really didnt have much time to pore over it.
    As for 'forever', i somehow dont trust that word. :)

    @Ishi: Thankyou hai ji!

    @Poo: you kept on sayijng write write, and so i wrote. (yeh baat aur hai ki mujhe apni jaan bhi pyaari hai). :D
    So when will you write?

  8. @Keshi: Touché, that indeed is ROMANCE in its literal meaning. :) However the contemporary romantic connotations are quiet different, so in that way we were never.

    @Jitendra: Hmmm, a bit of Karan Johar too, had it been yash chopra, we would have been happily married. :p

    @Southpaw: Isse aage kuch nahin kahenge aap huzoor? :)

    @Abhi-se-ek : Yaar tussi faaltu di taareef kar ditta! *i am sure i botched teh punjabi part*
    And thankyou thankyou. :)
    *raises the glass, and says cheers!*

  9. nice!!!
    started my day's work reading your lovely poem or rhyme as u choose to call it...:) gave me the perk i really needed to get through this harrowing overloaded with work day!!!!!

  10. Beautiful piece of poetry. Simple words and yet so conveying.

    All the best to both of you and your friendship.

    Keep floating in love.

  11. Hi,Aakash...that's one nice poetic way to say bye to someone,especially a First Crush.:)Nice,ending,too.(always friends).Cheers.

  12. hey Cuckoo, welcome to BUF.. your first visit???

  13. so beautiful and innocent :) and its so sad how u always end up being friends with ur first crush :P

  14. lovely poem n nicely written vyom :)

  15. @Shooting Star: Well thats nice, my words making up your day. :) And thanks.

    @Cuckoo: Been to your blog. Madamoiselle you rock!

    @amitl: Thankyou Amit. :) But i am not saying my bye's.

    @Sam: Miyaan tum pahle se hi moderator. :p

    @Michelle: First two words are for you, maybe you mistakenly typed them here.
    As for the rest, its good to be friends than be strangers na. :)

    @Uttara: Thankyou Uttara, did you really like it? :)

  16. thats such a sweet poem :) its amazing how u put it so brilliantly :)

    why are all the crushes going to US?? (just read abhishek's and now urs lol)