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Thursday, August 9, 2007

First Crush (Abhishek)

I vividly recall,the classroom.

If you were standing at the entrance of the class, you would see... the teachers desk in front of the blackboard ( which was on the right side perpendicular to the wall containing the door)

Starting on the left side of the door, were these three rows of two seater desks and benches, all facing the teachers table with the blackboard behind it.
The last row opposite the entrance door was along the windows.

That after-noon, the orange curtains were drawn to prevent the strong summer sun to enter.
I was sitting on the 1st bench with NJ, Cute round face, bright eyes, slightly big nose, 100 watt smile.

I was in the fifth standard (Class V-B). The three sections of A,B,C had just been shuffled and the current class was a new mix in the new session.

I had fallen for.

That summer afternoon, when the school got over, she forgot her Hanky inside the desk
(yeah typical movie style, I cant stop smirking whenever i recall).

In the brouhaha after the final bell, I called her with one hand in the air, "N!!, Tumahara hanky reh gaya" (N!!, you left you hanky)
She came back took it from me , blushed, turned and ran away to the door.

Over the next two years we would usually be around.
I would just sheepishly keep looking at her.

When we were in 7th class, Me the great, with super-duper encouragements ( Read being pumped) from friends and my brother, mustered the courage on 14th Feb.

Its only a card abhi, they all give to each other, it does not mean any big thing.. go go go.!

Yeah, and the red-faced me, did it.( I just cant stop smiling, even while typing this.what a fool i was, 12 year old yaar, imagine...)

Poor NJ was more baffled as to what hit her. She reluctantly took the card.
...... But after two days, and she was very very sad, and in near tears she returned it.

Understandably, there was a misunderstanding!! Of what the card was meant to be.

We never talked after that, the way we used to....
Till we all parted ways after tenth standard( as our school was only till tenth standard)

I had the card with me till a long time later.

Six years after this incidence, when I was in college in another state in india, someone mentions about a certain bright looking girl called NJ in another class!!

And one of my dear friends wants to hit on her.
Yes, can you believe it she was here (again)

After two years of just hellos and Hi's, we chatted up one day outside the library and laughed and laughed at the past.

She left college abruptly as her familiy moved to USA.
We are still in touch.....
I tore the card later....

Coming up ... Crush number 2,3,4,5,6......


  1. Ha Ha Ha! very sweet. :) Ajeeb hai yeh zindagi!

  2. awww...ur so cute...!! lol it was soo filmy and sweet :) cudn stop smiling as i read it

  3. "Nayi nahi nahi yeh baatein,
    yeh baatein hai puraani,
    kaisi paheli hai yeh kaisi
    paheli zindagani!!"

    (Ah!! these incidents are not new for they have been oft retold, surely life is just a strange old story... a strange old one!!)

    "zindagi... kaisi hai paheli hai!!
    kabhi yeh hasaye, kabhi yeh rulaye!!"

    (life... is such a strange mystery.. times it makes you laugh.. times it makes you cry!!)

    these two songs came to mind in one go wen i was thru reading ur post!! loved it.... life surely does come a full circle.. always!!

  4. nice story!!!!!!!!!!!
    life is stranger and much more thrilling than fiction

  5. aww Abhi this story brought tears to my eyes...u were only 12! HOW SWEET.


  6. @ Akash:
    Han Bhai ajeeb th ahi bahut yeh zindagi!!

  7. @ MIchelle:

    yeah tell me about it!!!



  8. @ SAM:
    Ama yaar tum toh.. Jitz se bhi zyada musical lagte ho..
    zara tum bhi apni performance dikhao na!!( You seem more m usical than Jitz, we would love to see your performance)

  9. @ Keshi:


    oh no !
    no no no no..
    its alove story yaaar...


  10. well such luuurve stories make me sob :)

    u r sweet!

  11. thats sooooooooo sweet.... so did u guys talk abt the card when u met later on?

  12. @ Keshi:

    Dunn cryyyyyyyy
    Please please please !!
    u too are sooooooooooooo sweet!!!

  13. @ Messy!::

    hee hee yeah we did!!

    in fact she has read this post last night and shes been cross about " the big nose"


  14. Nah!! not really musical... just like tuning in!!
    Btw, she's read this??

  15. the first maybe a part of my past...and i hope its the same in the future..i just settle all that mis understanding...

  16. hahahahhaha Very cute :)) sacchi full filmi estyleeee.
    n at the age of 12..isssshhhhhh baapre itni jaldi aap bigad gayeeee :))

  17. @ Poo:

    HEY!!what do you mean bigade hue????

  18. why did she cry???

    and why did u tear the card??

    do u still have a crush on her? :D

  19. if you give me the card now i will accept it gladly abhi. came here from the blog url on your orkut profile :)

    tc, NJ

  20. @ LOON GAL:

    Tu Kamaal hai oye!!

    no none of them!!!

  21. @ NJ::

    ab who are you now??
    you cannot be the NJ in the post!!
    coz she has this link in her Gtalk chat with me and would not need to make this !!

    Arrey too much hai yeh toh!!


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  23. sum ppl do say that I give em Abhi mebbe u should talk to me only after taking Insulin LOL!