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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


23rd August: Aakash (Vyom) ... I'd heard of him long before the invite to join BUF was sent out to him :). I'd seen him on Harjee's blog and then read his blog (silent reader I must add). Needless to say, I was more than impressed with the way he expressed himself. I do envy people who can write so well! :)

And getting to know him since has been a total pleasure and just the kind of thing that makes BUF so special. Meeting him in our first BUF Meet here in Delhi simply convinced me of the fact that he's truly a wonderful guy to know and call a friend. We (Uttsy, Suchi and I) later talked about just how cute his smile is and how we felt so totally comfortable - that day - with him. I'm sure later when he met up with fellow BUFers again, they felt the same way :) ! Personally, I find him a wonderful listener...coz the one time I had my longest conversation with him helped me a lot. I don't think I ever got to thanking him for simply being patient and hearing me out :) ...

I'm sure everyone here at BUF will join me in wishing him ...


Hope your day is the best ever and you have a wonderful year ahead Aakash!!!


Ps: Publishing this an hour ahead of midnight coz I just might fall asleep :P ... school day tomorrow! And then again I don't want to get in late in the morning!! Requesting people to hold off on publishing any new post till lunch time tomorrow or leave your post in drafts and we'll (admin) post it....Thanks all :)


  1. happy birthday vyom!! have a gr8 day

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR.AKAASH HANDSOME! :) ooh lala look at ya!

    Beautiful dedication there from Ish. Very well written.

    **Personally, I find him a wonderful listener

    Ish I havent even met Aakash in real but I do feel that way abt him too...he is a GREAT listener...a CARING friend...a FEELING humanbeing. Cos even when I havent known him for too long, he has been there for me, understood me, come to check if Im doing ok etc - that even some long-term friends wudnt do.

    He is truly a great guy...someone who has RESPECT for others. He never hurts ppl's feelings too. And that is rare in this very egoistic world.

    AAKASH is just like the sky...a beautiful experience...a fresh view...a sphere where u can fly with no fear.

    Have a great day mate! U deserve every happiness in the world. HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


  3. bir'day wishes aakash :o) hope you hav a rockin' day ;o)

  4. happy birthday !!!! wish you all the very best in life aakash!!!!

  5. haaapppyyyyyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy to uuuuuuuuuuuuu

    have a blast and may god bless u

    and i second on wat ishi said.. PERFECT..:)

  6. happy birthday aakashhhhhhhhhh... may u have a fabulous year ahead...

  7. Ishi: Can i thankyou enough? For all these lovely things you said about me. makes me greedy :D when do we meet again?

    Wacko: yes we'll rock dude! Thankyou. :)

    Diya: Thank you for the wishes. :)

    Jitendra: Thanks waala you bhi hai. :)Malria toh nahin hoga na! :D

    Keshi: Now when pretty girls like you say such wonderful things, any man's day will be done! =)

    Having said that, Thanks a lot Keshi, for all the good thinkgs you say, i dont know whether i am like that, but i'll try. You are wonderful!

    Rich: Wow! You too! Thankyou's =) no no, :o) *thats better*

    Shooting Star: You know you should change it to Rockstar! Thankyou Sushmita!

    Uttara: I was just wondering, why does this column look so bubbly, now i know. Thankyou Uttara. =)

    Messy: Thanks for the entire year long wishes, you are generous. :)

  8. U R ALL THAT and MORE Aakash!

    I wont ever forget how kind u were to me...rem that day? Thats an example of who u really r and all that I said above abt ya.


  9. Hey Aakash :)

    You are as young as your faith,
    as old as your doubt,
    as young as your self-confidence,
    as old as your fear,
    as young as your hope,
    as old as your despair.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!

    Hope you have a fab day!!!

    I don't know you much yet ... but looking forwarding to knowing you better :)

    Lots of love and wishes,

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  11. Happy Birthday Aakashiji ..The Dimple Man :))

    Once a year I get the chance
    To wish you birthday cheer.
    It pleases me no end to say,
    I wish you another great year.

    So happy birthday to you Aakash,
    From the bottom of my heart.
    And may your good times multiply,
    Till they’re flying off the chart!

    Have a great day filled of loads n loads of Love


  12. happy birthday smooth talker!! :D hope u have a greaaaaaattt day!! *hugg*

  13. @ aakash :)... haan ji milenge zaroor :)...everytime i get to gurgaon I'm tempted to call u...

    btw i must confess writing this dedication came naturally coz u are every bit the nice and wunderful person I said u are... toh fir if u're gettin greedy...lemme tell u i can go on and on :P :)

    Have fun!

  14. So today is your appy budday.

    Janamdin mubarak ho!!

    Now, can I get my chocolates please?? :D