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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let me entertain you - Silvara!

Hi y'all!

For someone who usually has a lot to say, writing something about myself has got me stumped. What can I say really?

It's hard to capture me in a nutshell, but a nut is definitely what I am :P I am a 24 year old North Indian girl...err...woman from Melbourne, Australia. Can speak Hindi but have been told various times I speak tapori Hindi. I think I was a gangster in a former life. I am the eldest of three (a younger sis and brother) which is usually a curse because I end up having to fight for everything and they get away with it without doing anything. Hmph.

I've been blogging for just over a year now and it has definitely has been an eye opener. I have met so many wonderful people and learnt a lot about myself in the process. Blogging rocks! *does a happy dance*

I'm short and curvy but I don't mind too much because it lets me indulge in a guilty pleasure - shopping! I love fashion and probably spend much more than I should. shopping habits aren't limited to shoes. More like shoes and bags. And clothes. Actually, pretty much anything that catches my eye. Usually shiny things which has resulted in a large jewellery collection. I have a big earrings fetish too.

I get excited by things easily, which people usually translate into me having a short attention span. I have to sorta agree because my university career has been everything from engineer to scientist to optometry to business consultant. Despite that, I have recently graduated and am due to start in my first job in the corporate world next year. Woohoo! I think officewear is hot and I like the way I look in a suit :P (Probably the only reason I got into the job :P)

I am soon to be married to the guy of my dreams Evan, who is despite my grumblings is the light of my life. How he puts up with me I can never figure out but I like to think I have him wrapped around my little finger :P. He is a Christian Sri-Lankan and I'm a Hindu Indian so I can tell you life will always be interesting.

I am total coffee addict and being in a city where cafes line the streets means I am very hypo. Add a intense, everlasting love for chocolate into the mix and I'll be bouncing off the walls. I love to read, always on the look out for good books and LOVE music. All types, but mainly R&B/hip hop. LOVE Hindi music too and could probably kick your ass in antakshri if I could remember remember the lyrics to half the songs :P

A typical Picses I am very loyal to my friends and tend to get lost in my dreams. I'm not very practical which is why Evs is my rock on earth while I float away in the clouds. I get emotional easily, cry at the drop of a hat but when I get mad or upset I am an expert at giving you the silent treatment.

This is probably just a snapshot or a piece of the puzzle. I could also tell you how I always lose things so while I am here you might discover a new piece or an old photo that may show you the whole me.

And that's all folks!


  1. Welcome aboard Silvara! :)

    luvd ur pic and this intro made an interesting read :)

    Wishing u & Evan a lifetime of togetherness!

    And aha... i have known pisceans well and u sound like one out and out :D

    oh and yes.. R and I are the christian and hindu combination too :) (he's christian and m hindu!) we have sumthin in common besides our love for shopping, hindi music :)

    lukin forward to reading more from u!:)

  2. Welcome Silvara..:)
    Good to see u after a long long time...:)

  3. Hey Silvara... welcome onboard!!
    You seem to quite and intersting and well.... hyperactive gal!! :D
    Hope to see a lot of you arnd here!!

  4. Ohh Silvara? The one with the siver grey gif image in her profile?

    Nice to see you here. :)

    Hope you enjoy your stay!

  5. hey, i think i know you *winks*
    keep hustling yo!

  6. Hi,Silvara...welcome,from one Piscean to another..:)This was one fun intro- LOL at the 'gangster in a former life' line and *does a happy dance' line..:)

  7. u sound like a smarta$$ !! and look ravishing!! B-)

    nice knowing u babes..

    btw u remember chattin with me this morning on SB??

    quick question .. did keshi get u in here??

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  9. WB aboard sexy babesterness! :) MWAHHHHHHHH! Love that pic. Bangs suit u ALOT babeh.

    by now I know most of ur story but I didnt know u were coffee addict me hehe. HIGH FIVE!

    **Christian Sri-Lankan and I'm a Hindu Indian

    I knew Evs was from SL but I didnt know he was a Christian..not that it mattered. U know I'm half Hindu and half Buddhist...mum is is Sinhalese...Im basically a massive fruit-salad LOL!

    Anyways so wanted to see u here soon and Im glad that day finally arrived. tnxx Ish too!

    HUGGGGGGG Silvara!

  10. btw now I hv an Aussie mate here in BUF...that seriously ROCKS.


  11. Hii!! Wow - what a response hehe

    thank you all - I'm so happy to be here :D Reading back I think too fast for what I write so I realised I have swallowed some words in it...oops!

    @ Ishi - Wow! that's awesome - u are going to be my help and's an interesting journey :)

    @ Southy - Hello!! I haven't seen you in ages! You made ur blog private and I couldn't find u again :(

    @ Uttara - Hello!! I love ur pic - ur gorgeous :D

    @ Sam - hahah yes...I'm quite hyperactive hehe a slight side effect from the coffee I drink :P

    @ Akaash - yes that's me :) Thank you :)

    @ Wacko - hehe you know me?? I'm definitely a hustler *wink*

    @ amitl - hi!! Yay - another Pisces!! I think we are the *whisper* best *whisper* star sign :P

    @ loon gal - hello!! I remember you! haha smart ass is one way to describe me...:P I did use Keshi's ref when I signed up yes. She's :P

    @ Keshi - Hello! High five right back at you!! Aussie babes rule and rock hehe. Wow - I didn't know that about you. Evs is what they call "Berger" - he has English descendants which is why he has a Christian name etc. So happy to be here :D

  12. Gimme ur email address here or drop me an email at and i'll send u the invite there...:)

  13. **Berger

    oyeah the Sri Lankan 'bergers'...know plenty of em :) They r Dutch/English descendants from the British Rule days...

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oii Oii Oii!



  14. welcome Silvara...

    "He is a Christian Sri-Lankan and I'm a Hindu Indian so I can tell you life will always be interesting."

    Grt Collaboration there :P

  15. Hi,Silvara.*whisper*I agree*whisper*,but,I think,in all fairness,other star signs also deserve a chance,no?:)

  16. can understand dat... am into coffee big time!! :D

  17. silvara... thats some combination girl :)

    welcome in... looking forward to know u a lil...

    errr n knowing how u got Evan wrapped around ur lil finger :p