This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blog Update (Ishita)

Hi all ...

New topic(s) effective from 30th August 2007 till 9th September 2007 is

Your ADDICTION in life
How has Blogging Changed Your life?

Since the pace of the blog has been really slow, we are simply reducing the duration of the topics.

On 8th September we have the birthday of an ex-BUFer coming up… most of the old timers will remember Puneet of PuneetDreamz fame! Sadly he quit blogging once he tied the knot. But yes he did get back with one post here on BUF :) and we hope whenever he does feel the urge to blog, he will choose to do so here in BUF. Wishing him a wonderful Birthday!

Recently some amongst us have left BUF due to their busy schedules. They include DICE, Richa, Rajiv and John. And though we will miss having them around BUF, we're hoping they will keep visiting and catch up with us on the SB or our individual blogs and we'd like to remind them and every BUFer that they're always welcome back on BUF if and when they feel they want to write and blog!

And we’d like to share a part of Richa’s farewell mail here …

“This is definitely not to say that I will be cutting off from the people there. By now, I’ve met a lot of them, and keeping in touch with them is my personal choice, which I would love to do, and will. There are friends there I’ve just got to know and it feels like forever, and some who I met recently and still discovering... And I hope leaving BUF does not change it.

… Whatever you say, I don't think it's anything like the extremely vast groups like 'orkut' etc, its very personal and that’s what is so beautiful about it. Loved being here, and shall still be in touch. Love to all :o)”

We’d like for all of you to acknowledge her and other ex-BUFers and we’re sure you all agree that we’d like them to know they’re always welcome back here!

A change has come about in BUF due to certain unfortunate incidents. We hope you all have received mails from the team regarding this. The comments on BUF posts are now restricted to team members. We understand that there are many visitors who are not a part of BUF yet and may want to comment but the other alternative of comment moderation was less favourable as it would simply take away the flow of conversation that sometimes take place via the comments on posts.

Also we hope you have all received the mail regarding the SB?

Some have come forward with their replies and suggestions. We’d love to hear from all of you. If not mails, then through your comments to this post.

We will welcome requests from ex-BUFers wishing to post comments. We’re more than happy to send them invites and have them keep posting comments on BUF. Simply send in a mail to let us know.

And yes, we’ve sent invites to a few new people. They are familiar names in the blog world and some of you may have interacted with them here in blogs. Once they accept and come up with their intros, we hope you will all join us in welcoming them … Yes a warm BUFer welcome! Wait and watch :)

We’ll be back with the BUFer of the Week from the next update and to make it more interactive this time, we welcome your suggestions for the same. Leave your choice along with your comment to this post. Thanks!

That’s all for now people… Waiting to read up your posts!


  1. awwwwwwwwww richa :(

    u didnt even temme u were going going!

    fine fine ... be happy with the new lot of people "u've met"

    *cries in a corner*

  2. Topics r great. Interesting posts will be coming up then. woohoo! :)

    Pu bear is a naughty bear now. Just cos he's married, he suddenly becomes an ex-blogger, ex-bufer, ex-keshi's friend :*( cos he doesnt even keep in touch. BAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAAA!

    Richa left? how? I mean no goodbye post? :( Anyways her email is sweet.

    Rajiv n Johno will be bak right?

    The team has taken great steps to keep this space clean. A job well-done!

    And I cant wait to see the new faces.. I know 2 of em :)

    tnxx Ish and the team for this wonderful update and for all the hard work u do on a daily basis here. Cheers to ya!


  3. hey fellas...
    Great topics!! I'll definitely make sure I have something to post by this weekend.
    Btw, dat farewell mail from Richa is so very sweet... just goes to show how much BUF does impact you doesn't it??
    And for Dicey, Rajiv adn John do come back as soon as you can.. it wud b gr8!!
    Btw, did hear of that fiasco around here.. and i support teh decision.. only thing is I missed it!!
    Now, I knw I'm guilty of being off the map for quite sometime now, what with a vacation and then a subsequent cut-off from internet... I hop to have thingsin roder soon... and be back with all my capacity!!
    Till then

  4. @ loongal.. aww cheer up :) ... m sure richa'll be in touch wid us all!

  5. @ Kesh:)... lukin forward to ur posts on these topics!

    aha..i wish puneet wld get back to blogging too!

    richa .. well.. there's always a wish within methat she'll come back and ditto for Rajiv and John... *sigh*

    yes m lukin forward to gettin to know the new ppl too! :)

  6. @ Sam ... yes richa's mail was very sweet indeed:) and well, i hope the same too @ them gettin back...

    yes yes all that drama and now these restrictions *sigh*

    waiting for u to get back to BUF fulltime...!

  7. @ loongal, keshi & sam >>> names for the BUFer of the week please? nominate someone guys! :)

  8. All said and done Ishi, you are the rock of gibraltar here, and without you we are almost lost!

    Thanks for being so dedicated, lazy bones like me can do nothing.

    Looking forward to the new people. :)

  9. Hi,Ishita..I got the invite and sent an intro immediately..*prays for prompt publication*... Richa's farewell mail was quite says a lot for the camaraderie here...cheers.

  10. tnxx Ish :)

    d u mean R n J arent comin bak?