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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Intro (A)muse from AmitL of amitsmusings

Hey,wow!Finally,I got an invite from BUF. (My reaction on receiving the email)I've been reading posts, commenting on posts I enjoyed(Read: All ) ,and,thoroughly enjoying the lively 'atmosphere' which runs all round, from the very first day that I came here. And, whew! Just at the right time- when comments are being reserved for ‘members only’.(Oh, my, we’re exclusive- I must boast, err, post about this on my regular blog).

From amongst the members of BUF, I’m already a regular ‘friend’ly visitor to Keshi’s blog.(In fact, I got the link from her blog, and, asked her to put in a good word for me(Influence in high-up places always helps, na?), to get me a quick membership).

Then, there’s others amongst you all -Wacko, Loon Gal, Ishita, et al, whose blogs I’ve been visiting as well, on my eternal bloyage(Blog Voyage) of discovery . So, let me just say, ladies and gentlemen(Should I say gals and guys, I wonder?*Muses*), I’m thrilled to be here.

Now, since this is an intro post, here goes a CV-like(albeit, brief-without-being-boring, I hope) description(comments welcome):

Name: AmitL
Date of Birth: 23rd Feb. (Piscean)
Place of Birth: Baroda, Gujarat (But, not a Gujju)
Places of Education:
-Jeevan Sadhana High School(I know there won’t be any members from my school around, but, just thought I’d try my luck).
- Faculty of Tech & Engg: M.S. University, Baroda
- Specialization: Mechanical Engineering
-First job: Blue Star Ltd, Baroda
-Second job: Drake & Scull, Dubai(Came here in 2002)
- Third and current job: Hastie Intl, Dubai
- Next job- err, no plans as yet.

Other tidbits about me:

- Avid reader: Favourite: Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason series, but, even read an Enid Blyton now and then, Archie, Tintin, Asterix and of course, joke books)

- Avid writer (I used to write to around 30-40 mags and papers before coming to Dubai, now, it’s relatively low-key.), on most topics except politics. Also love entering contests, especially caption contests and quizzes

- I like good music, be it Hindi or English,

- I’m an avid blogger- writing wise and reading wise

- I’m more of a good listener than a good talker (You wouldn’t guess it from my blog posts/comments, but, ask any of the Dubai bloggers- I’m known to write a longer post on my observations during a DBM than I actually participated in the tete-a-tetes )

- Typical Piscean- dreamy, easygoing, happy to ‘be there’ but not necessarily in the limelight, versatile, usually (a)musing, …..

- Friendly, optimistic, have and love a good sense of humour, etc etc

- Blank Blank.. (Can’t reveal all facets in an intro post –grin grin)

(BTW, I just found out-the full form of Avid is Advancement Via Individual Determination. LOL. I use it just to indicate keen interest and enthusiasm)

- My First blog:
- I Switched over recently to:

Favourite quote: If you walk with your face towards the sun, your shadow will fall behind you. (Heard this on Radio Australia, in college days).
Current topic: How has blogging changed your life?

I wrote my first post on rediffblogs four years ago. In 2003, I had been missing my hobby of writing to magazines and papers, ever since I had arrived in Dubai, since either mags and papers here were(are) double or more of their price in India, or, they were not available. Suddenly, one day, I saw a link in rediff, titled’ blog’, and, out of curiosity, I clicked it, and went to their section called ‘sizzling blogs’.

One thing(Read’ click’ ) led to another and very soon, I was poring over posts, nee, articles I should say, that I never imagined existed- people were writing about everything their hearts desired, from their experiences in college, at work to their experiences dissecting people in the course of their medical studies, to their experiences in showers- and, it convinced me to try my hand at blogging. And, there’s been no looking back, so to speak. How has it changed my life?

Well, for one, making so many friends from all over our great country and, from around the world, first via comments and other blogs, then, interacting via emails and messengers.

Sharing thoughts and feelings- be it in happiness or sadness, it’s great to know that ‘someones’ there’, besides family and regular friends circle)- in fact, it’s easier to share feelings on blogs and with blog pals, sometimes.

It’s helped me become more extroverted(As I said, I’m still a better listener than a talker)

It’s kept me in touch with the subject I love- English, and heaven knows, I needed that, looking at the megamix of languages out here, which always batters my English.

Last but not the least, blogging makes me look forward to each day, in a way- waiting to log on, waiting to blog-surf, waiting to see who’s commented, waiting to see who’s written what(About whom and where, sometimes. Grin).

So, here’s wishing the WWW and blogworld a long and happy life. Cheers.


  1. wow new member.. welcome amit..(ha ha im the frst one to comment :D)

  2. awesome .. so ure a member here ha :D

    ive seen ur comments on my blog very often and i apologise for not having visited ur blog
    (time constraints)

    its nice knowing u ... surprise surprise .. m working with the bank of baroda here in london for 2 mnths :P (i knw u callin me a loser!! ;p)

    and am a product of abu dhabi ... so howz my country doing? :D i was there just last yr .. and i sooooooo miss dubai .... bestestestest place ever !!!

    anyway nice knowing u ... ur post was quite like a biodata ;p .. looks like ure pretty experienced in applying for jobs etc ha? ;p

    anyway lookin fwd to readin ur posts!

    till then tc!

  3. oye AMIT WC ABOARD! :) wow ur finally so glad woohoo!

    Nice pic mate. Glad to see ur face too.

    **Influence in high-up places always helps, na?),

    lol cmon am I sitting on a tree now? :):)

    Anyways Im glad u decided to join BUF and u did ur research b4 making that decision. Making friends with the very ppl who started this blog...and thats Ishi. She's truly an amazing person. U'll get to know that in time.

    And ofcourse there r so many friends here waiting to meet ya. I'm sure u'll hv loads of fun Amit.

    Also u hv given us ur CV Amit...we dun offer jobs here tho..LOL ok bad joke hehe. Just trying to be funny today n it doesnt seem to work :(

    Anyways so very glad to see ya here mate! HAVE FUN NOW.

    Abt the current topic...

    **Sharing thoughts and feelings- be it in happiness or sadness, it’s great to know that ‘someones’ there’, besides family and regular friends circle..

    spot on! Thats what I feel too...its so nice to have a total stranger reading ur story n telling u their gives u a fresh unbiased one.

    ok so see u laterz Amit...enjoy meeting loads of great ppl here!


  4. hi Amit!! Welcome as well! Fellow pisces I'm sure we will like the same things and reading ur intro I think we do have a fair bit in common :)

    Have fun and see you around :)

  5. Hi,Diya...tks for being the first to comment and for the welcome...tells me what late(Or early hours people blogsurf at,bec. I saw the post up at @1030 PM,yesterday(DST)

  6. Hi,Loon Gal..hey,tks for your comment-always happy to meet a UAE-ite.:)No hassles @ you not visiting my blog so far(Note the 'so far'-now,a visit is expected.grin grin)..'Your' country's doing fine..let me know next time you're here...we'll set up a DBM.LOL at'your post was like a biodata'...well,I was just making it 'different',nee,eye-catching...but,I surely wouldn't put 'dreamy Piscean' in a biodata,would I?*muses*Cheers!

  7. Hi,Keshi-Tks for the warm welcome,and,the 'push' from the tree you're sitting on.heh heh.I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy being a part of this group.LOL at the CV joke-as I said to Loon Gal, I wouldn't put 'dreamy Piscean' in a CV,would I?:)(Unless it was a 'showroom display'job,for mattresses/waterbeds,where you just have to 'lie around'and look relaxed.:)Cheers...awaiting your post on the month's topics!

  8. Hi,Silvara,fellow Piscean..:)You echoed just what I was going to say.:)Here's looking forward to lots of posts from you.And,remember,next year,we celebrate one year at BUF,with a joint post.:)(Whew-I never looked THAT far in the future,earlier).Incidentally,I do have a blogger who began blogging on the same day as I did,in 2003..and,we call each other'Twin'.:)

  9. Welcome aboard!!!
    I dont know muh abt ur school, but if i m not wrong there's one school by that name near Manjalpur crossing, Baroda. And ur college, well i can bet no other college can beat the campus f MS university, Its a beautifull college.

  10. **Unless it was a 'showroom display'job,for mattresses/waterbeds,where you just have to 'lie around'and look relaxed

    LOL there is a job like that's title is: MALE.

    Keshi ducks for cover....!

  11. Hi,Southpaw..I think the school you're referring to has a name beginning with Jeevan. My school was near Karelibaugh.And,yes,the MSU campus is like no other.(But,then,I think most (ex+)students think thusly about their campus)

  12. Hi,Keshi...that was One Smart Alec remark...just you wait...:)

  13. musings welcomes amitsmusings... nice to know u... n i hope u enjoy urself here :))

  14. Since most of the pisceans are most of the time in their own "dreamworld" . .so even if u hadnt mentioned it ... it wud have been understood :P

    and yeah i'll be at ur bloggg soooooooooooooon !! :D

  15. Hi,Messys..I remember visiting your blog,definitely..tks for the welcome.:)

  16. Hi,Loon Gal- noted.:)Hum Pisceans aise hi hote hain.:)

  17. Welcome Amit! Its always good ot have someone with a zeal for blogging. not only you will post regularly (i hope), you will also lead us to posting. :)

    So, heres to you!

  18. ahem i never expected you to mention my name here..:D

    anyways, man uve had a long time blogging yeah...nice meeting you man..i cant stop laughin readin your hilarious rock!


  19. Hi,Aakash..tks..and,you can be sure of that-that I'll blog,and,try my best to convince irregular ones(If there are any) also to blog..:)Cheers.

  20. Hi,Wacko..tks,tks and tks...of course I mentioned you..had a few smiles at your blog,too.:)Keep's good for health,you know

  21. btw Amit there r no Smart Alecs..only Smart Alexandras..LOL!

    Keshi runs for her life!

  22. Hi, Alexandra,that's you...keep running,now.

  23. it suddenly struck me that I hadn't put in a comment here!! :P

    m quite absent minded as u can see *sigh*

    this intro is probably one of the most thorough...err.. detailed ones I've seeen arnd in BUF :) (u have to read mine it's like probably 1/4th of urs!) :D

    Thank u for sharing all this and yes it does help in getting to know u a lot better esp. since I don't get around blogs as often as I did earlier, so the more I read about BUFers here on BUF, the better it is for me :)

    Looking forward to reading your posts and I hope u remain as excited about BUF as u are now :)

    Happy Blogging!!:)

  24. Hi,Ishita,to be honest,I was wondering the same thing.Grin..(Why you had not commented so far)..but,then,once you say 'absentminded',all is forgiven(Secret-I carry a mini-diary around,to note the 'littlest'of things,incl. ideas for posts,otherwise thoughts evaporate).Will read your intro now...Re. remaining excited about BUF,worry not-I will,and,will try to promote that excitement within and outside BUF,too.Cheers.Happy blogging to you too.

  25. Fresher aaya.. fresher aaya!! lolzzz......
    Welcome onboard Amit... I am sure you would find this place a damn good inetersting spot to hang out!!

  26. Hi,Sam...fresher for BUF,certainly.:)Tks for the welcome..I know this is an interesting spot to hang out.:)