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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lesson Learnt (DJ)

This happened like six months back. Me and one of my friends were taking a walk in the night to reach the computing lab at my university. We were chatting about life in general and something triggered in my mind that made me go like - nothing good is happening to me right now; everything seems to be a goddamn mess; what the heck am i doing in US; and what not...

.......... just then a white girl passed through us, riding a bike on a pleasant night in Los Angeles, paddling real fast to get somewhere soon. That's when he pointed to me and said, "You see that? That's LIFE! She is trying to pedal the bike fast enough but then she is still moving slowly when you compare with the person in the car moving ahead. Ultimately both will reach the place they need to go, and who knows, the person in the car might even reach later. He might have to go some place far than the girl. Likewise, everyone is on their own vehicle on their way to their own destinies".........

This is when I learned one important lesson:

Never try to rush through LIFE. Let it assume its own pace and you will reach where you are destined to.


  1. DJur friend is quite THE philosopher isnt he :) WOW!

    **Never try to rush through LIFE. Let it assume its own pace and you will reach where you are destined to.

    I love love love that message! Cos I strongly believe in it too.

    ty DJ!

  2. @keshi
    yeps :)
    i have like three friends who i think are great philosophers...

    generally when all in mood, we have a round table conference for discussions :)

  3. wow and I'd be seen as pretty blonde if I sit with u philosophers :)


  4. true dj,this again is what everyone has to realise,each one has a lille time called life,and it has its own pace and filled with its own mysteries:)

  5. @keshi
    does not matter... everyone on that table considers themselves to be really dumb... :)

    but they say right... "nothing is real unless it is experienced... even a quote will not make any sense until ur list has illustrated it..."

  6. gr8 lesson man. we have talked bat this to n we also say that its no gud trying to overtake others for their destination may be just a turn away while we may end up hurting ourselves speeding while our journey may not have reached even mid way :)

  7. @diya
    yeps... very true :)

  8. hey DJ

    nice message here...never thought of it...ill make sure i do my best in whatever i pursue and the destiny guide the rest


  9. now dats a ncie way of lookng att hingsa dn i dare say.. so very true!! great observation!!