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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

India's Independence / Updates ( abhishek)

Along with rejoicing in the celebration of 60 years of Independence, lets us also try and ask ourselves "What does Independece mean to us all?"

AS none of BUFer's are 60 years or older, our perceptions of Freedom and Independence wuould /should have changed over time

Here are a few voices:

Mala thinks:
freedom is breaking rules but not law.
freedom is choosing and being chosen.

freedom is allowance for learning from mistakes.

Our Dear Vishesh:

the need to be free
and yet be a part of-we.
as young as the earth
and so much worth,
it in our nation
the divine creation.

**Being who I am wherever I may be - INDIVIDUALITY**
Tolerating all kinds of people - TOLERANCE**
Realising the strengths and weaknesses of self - ACCEPTANCE**
Spreading love and living in it - LOVE**
Breaking all barriers to achieve togetherness - UNITY**
Living in openness of the mind - PEACE**

1. be able to walk around the city without worrying abt who's gonna come up and do some moral policing on me!!
2. behave in a manner befitting a free man.
3. respect an individual no matter what... and to honour ppl for what they truly are!!
4. do what i want (honest stuff mate!!) without a fear of teh repurcussions.
5. be a responsible citizen and no matter what you do, try and give back soemthing to the country you belong to!!


Freedom to be,

to be you,to be me.

Freedom to say,

things i want,my way.

Freedom to go,

take roads that no-one knows.

Freedom to give flight

to ideas I believe.

Freedom to choose,

netas for power to abuse.

Freedom to me
is freedom to be -- free.

Jai Hind!"

Ishita: ( who has expressed the desire to use her freedom to pull some rules ;), to overshoot the limit)

"It’s Independence Day! Just another much needed holiday for many I know. It’s not often that we stop to really think about the importance of such days. I’m not here to talk about how we don’t value our freedom and the struggle to gain this freedom. That’s not true because we do! We’re not ignorant of our history and we’re not all always cynical about the state of affairs in our country (or for that matter the world at large). I think days like Independence Day and Republic Day here in India and similar days like these in other countries are special because in the midst of all our “living” and “existing” through our daily routine and mundane lives, we take time out to remember, appreciate and feel that sense of patriotism which in our otherwise regular lives, we just don’t really think about, do we? I feel a great sense of pride whenever I see the tricolour being hoisted and hear the national anthem. And I remember being in Chicago on 4th of July watching the fireworks display on Lake Michigan and I got to sense the same pride amongst the Americans. It’s there in all of us irrespective of who we are and where we belong!"

Tell US what you think in the comments!!


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Upcoming birthdays!

16th August - Nadiya

23rd August - Aakash (Vyom)

26th August - Rajiv

Happy Birthday!!

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  1. hapy indeppendence day to all..
    i think india is truely free today.. we r not restricted from doing any majour things n im really proud things r working out for india n im sure soon we will all live in a developed india!! :)

  2. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all BUF mates here and every Indian in the world!

    I like everyone's definitions of freedom here...learnt alot. TY ppl!

    **3. respect an individual no matter what... and to honour ppl for what they truly are!!

    Sam that was very well-said!

    Ish I agree...we dun think abt it daily..and it is on a day like this that we realise how fortunate we r and howproud we should be of all the great ppl in History who achieved the Freedom that we have today.



    ...said what i had to say in the post...

    ps: abhi.. it's Nadya's b'day tmrw.

  4. happy independence to all... very good use of the freedom to talk about freedom :)

  5. Happy Independance Day Everyone!!:D


  6. happy independence day everyone...

    "freedom is heavenly bliss; the power to think the impossible..."

  7. Happy Independence to everybody :)))

  8. happy independance day guys!!! the header looks great!

  9. freedom to me is more precious than life,for what is life without freedom..........

    May everyday be a new day and a mark of a new and adventure filled all ya buf'rs..........

  10. A very happy Independence Day to all! ...

    TO me its all about doing wat i want to do when I want to do!!

  11. * Freedom of Knowledge and empowerment is what I feel is freedom*

  12. Abhi thats a good one!


  13. @sam..lovely thoughts.... always you are profound!!!

    freedom to me is to live and let live...i did not get to choose the country would be born in...but if given a choice i would choose to be born here again and again.....
    what this country has in terms of culture and history,landscapes, unparallell..

  14. k I dunno everyone by their real names but who's Nadiya?


  15. @ keshi

    she doesn't get arnd here much but here's a link to her intro post



  16. oh ok Ish..tnxx alot!



  17. Happy independence day...

    we all missed u guys yest :)

    n for me freedom is

  18. Hi,there...Belated Happy Independence Day to everyone..I liked everyone's thoughts.