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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monthly Book Review—A Thousand Splendid Suns ( Mala)

Khaled Hosseini would probably always be known as the man who authored “The Kite Runner.” However, his subsequent attempt at authoring fiction is equally captivating, if not better.
Set in Afghanistan, the novel spans two generations—political unrest being the common thread running through them. Hosseini beautifully captures the hardships of Afghans during the times when it only rained ammunitions.

The main characters of this story, two women of different generations, find company in each other. While one is fiercely independent and vocal, the other has been raised to be a docile housewife. But, circumstances script your destiny. Or your destiny scripts your circumstances. Either way, life takes a dubious turn for these two women. The rest of the story is about their love and their hatred; their failure and their success; their smiles and their tears.

“A Thousand Splendid Suns” is a beautiful yet heart-wrenching story of two women I couldn’t help but fall in love with. I felt their pain, rejoiced in their success, and applauded their courage.

All this because Hosseini, for me, is the best visual storyteller of modern times.


  1. hy im reading his kite runner n its superb!!

  2. somebody else told that Kite Runner was a great read.


  3. i bought it on the day it was released...
    its an excellent read...

  4. Interesting plot....and a nice review..i might read it next
    a suggestion....if possible please include the book publisher's name and price

  5. Oh I haven heard great things about both his books :D I'm waiting to buy them and will read them very soon :P

  6. now i know what to look for myself in my next trip to the book store. Else its always children's books for Vedant :P

    thanks mala :)

  7. hey did read teh kite runner.. found it amazing... off to teh book store!! anyone wanna join??

  8. Well i havent read the book .. but your review is one of the best i have ever come across.
    Thanks Kohinoor