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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday - Rajiv (messy)

todays a special day for all BUFers... and most of you know the reason... but i would still love to spell it out...

its rajivs birthday today... and i wish him on behalf of all BUFers...

rajiv, wishing you a very happy birthday... may you have a lovely life ahead... and may all your dreams come true...

without you BUF wouldn't have been possible... ishi has given her time and heart for this project... but without your support she wouldn't have been encouraged... without you she wouldn't have dreamt of something so big...

so i take this opportunity on behalf of all BUFers to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

Sometimes we are lucky enough
to meet a person
who stands out
among all the other people
as being extremely special
who knows what we
are thinking about
who is happy for us at all times
who is always there to talk to us
who cares about us selflessly
who is always truthful with us

Sometimes we are lucky enough
to meet someone who is
extremely wonderful
For me
that person
is you
my dear friend

-Poem by Susan Polis Schutz


  1. happy birthday bai :)

    am really happy to have known u.. u r really a gr8 guy and a nice person to have known personally.. u r way tooo caring .. thank u for taking good care of me.. and being a sweetheart that u r :)

    and i can go on praising u ...
    may god bless u
    have a gr8 day :)

    @messy such a sweet post.. and you said it so well
    Huugz to u too :)

  2. Happy Birthday Rajiv.

    And all the others who read, even though i shoudl appreciate Messy's wonderful attempt, but i must say its almost impossible to capture the warmth of this man in a blogpost.

    So when do we sit down for our hogfest next? :)

  3. hey Rajiv...Many Many Happy returns of the day!

    Have a grt year ahead!

  4. Happy Birthday Rajiv!

    Messy this is a beautiful post..and so true...w.o. an understanding and kind-hearted man like Rajiv, Ishi wud not hv been able to do all this great work in BUF.

    Both Ish and Rajiv rock!

    Hope u 2 had a beautiful day with Puki...lotsa cake, smiles and LOVE!


  5. Happy Birthday, Rajiv. Wishing you a fab year ahead. God bless.

  6. Mausiiiijiiii....that was sweet...:)
    Hv a great year ahead Rajivsaheb...

  7. First and foremost it was such a lovely birthday post by Messy....i really appreciate such caring thoughts...

    I dont have words to really thank u all...i am so very much touched...

    Spl thanks to my wife Ishita...for making such a wonderful day...and am very sorry for all the pain and hurt that i have caused over the years...i must have done thousand goods (weak in numbers) that i got such a wonderful family and such a loving wife....motte tumi maaf kar diyo...

    Thanks again to everyone...

  8. Have an amazing fantastic day!!

    and a super duper year ahead!!

    Happy birthday!!

  9. A very happy birthdayyyyy Rajiv !! :D

  10. Thank u all for the lovely wishes for Rajiv... He's not one to well write a lot and express himself too well with words but he was overwhelmed, excited and happy seeing this here.

    Since he had left writing on BUF for ages, he opted to move out which makes this post all the more be remembered and wished like this was truly special..

    Thank you messy and every word u said is true...without Rajiv putting up with my constant obsession with BUF, this space wouldn't be as special as it is!:)

    @ uttsy.. thanks baby :)...!

    @ aakash ... yes yes we will meet up for sure :)

    @ rathna... thanks :)

    @ jitendra ... thanks :)

    @ keshi ... thank u! and for making a mention of puks too :)

    @ mala ... thank u! :)

    @ rajbir... yes it was so sweet na ... thanks :)

    @ abhi ... yes yes thank u :)

    @ wacko... thanks!:)

    @ loongal ... thanks :)!

  11. belated happy birthday...

    sorry... as usual, i m late :(

  12. @ dj :).. thanks! better late than never :D... good to c u here!