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Friday, August 24, 2007

Truly Memorable (Michelle)

This incident took place many years ago when I might have been around 9 years old.I don't remember too many incidents that took place so long back but you obviously tend to remember the ones that touch you.

This one, however, has never been forgotten.

My maternal grandfather was very ill and was hospitalised in Kerala.He had been ill for quite sometime but his condition was deteriorating and he was going through dialysis almost everyday.This happened in the middle of an academic term.My mom, who is a teacher had to take leave and so did I and we took the next train to Kerala.Most of my maternal cousins were already there because he was very serious and nobody knew what could happen when.

As a kid, you tend to get bored easily and I was done listening to music, reading 2 books and staring aimlessly out of the window.I had this habit of making friends everywhere I went.I have always befriended strangers on every trip I have taken.To my dismay, on this trip, there were no kids of my age, just a couple of bachelor guys.

One of the bachelor guys got talking with my mom and me and even though we had quite a huge age difference, we had so much to talk about! His name was Xavier and I became fond of him instantly.I told him all about how my grandad was ill, and how I hope hes ok and my school and my friends and he listened to me with so much of interest and did not speak to me like I was a little girl, but like I was his friend.We played cards, listened to music, sang songs!! In a few hours, he was my best friend!

We reached Kerala the next evening and I was really sad that we had to go our separate ways.My uncle came to pick us up and offered to drop him wherever he had to go which made me really happy because I would get to spend more time with him.In the car, my uncle broke the news to us that my grandad had passed away that afternoon.Everything felt so far away...I could hear my mom crying in the background and a rush of memories blew past me.

A cycle.

Me getting jealous of my cousin who got to sit on his lap

His glasses

The way he smiled.

And then a strong arm pull me into a hug.I cried for a long time until he had to leave.He left his contact number with my mom and I kept staring at his dark silhouette till it disappeared.I have never heard from him since.


  1. This one made me cry...

    beautifully expressed mich..

    simply rendered me speechless for a while and got back memories of another similar instance in my life when I reached home too late...


  2. thanks ish, wen i saw this topic was up, i knew there was only one train journey i can never forget.sorry if it got back bad memories *hug* :)

  3. This was one touching reminded me of the last time I heard the news of someone really close passing away...the flood of memories at that time,the wish that we could have been with them for some more's just too much...that stranger,I guess,just happened to be at the right place at the right time,which is something I've observed so many times,especially when one needs comfort.

  4. Hi Michelle
    long time no see
    do an HNT

  5. michelle...

    its a touching post..
    life moves on really fast and keeps u wondering what happened a second back, then it feels like years ..

    huggggggz sweety

  6. oh michy this is so so beautiful... sometimes its the strangers in our life who help us get through awful happenings.. hugzz

  7. quite ironical how you felt sad on the demise of your grandfather and on being happy spending time with the guy...nice to see somone express so flawlessly!

  8. am at a loss..... a sad incident.. which left one with tears.. and another with it.. which makes one understand that at times strangers can understand u better than ur near ones.. and can be the best source of support!!!
    beautiful way to express the journey....
    hey mich adn everyone else, let's just pray we come across such fellas more often in our lives!!

  9. Aww Michy ... thats touching :)

  10. amit,

    right place at the right time indeed...god works in mysterious ways :)




    very true! sometimes a second seems like a lifetime and sometimes an hour feels like a gust of wind


    i know, and honestly, i dont think i wud have stopped crying had it been someone else...i guess even though the friendship was shortlived, its the bond that counts


    i know...and thanks :)


    id really like to know where he is mom lost the number, dont blame her she was going thru a rough patch...but yes, he was a miracle and i hope i meet him again someday




    sigh indeed...

  11. *sigh* and Hugs!

    Every journey is more than just that.

  12. its really amazing how lookin back on the moments that made u cry bring a smile on to ur face while some really beautiful moments make u cry..
    went thru ur blog...
    i like ur style...
    keep writing...

  13. and what stopped u from calling him?

  14. aakash,

    well, most of them are :)


    thanks vrinda...keep reading! :D


    my mom misplaced the number

  15. this is a tear-jerker! beautiful story...

    but sometimes Michi, it's best to leave it at that...not to meet him again...that way the experience remains MAGICAL n PRECIOUS.


  16. haha that is true keshi...but i really would like to meet him someday...