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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gifts from Heaven (Sam)

Ah well!! I am a very materialistic person at the first go or so I think. But then at times I do sit back and wonder if I really ever did get a gift that I cherished then what would it be? I've thought and thought and thought.... Couldn't come up with a single thing... because there have been so many... so I decided to question the reason behind why I like those gifts. Slowly and after much introspection I came to the conclusion that it were never what I received in the materialistic sense that made me smile and cherish... it was the gesture, the affection, the moment and more importantly the person. I exclude my family members from this list for they are eternal, and by default, favs!! :)

Let me recount a few precious gifts:

1. I was down and out, extremely disgusted with things happening around me (this would be Feb, 2002) all because of a certain incident which scarred me forever. My friend Amrita sent across a message for me, while I was cooped up in my room: "If he isn't up and about like before I'm gonna kick his *** worse than anyone has ever done." That statement though a rough one, showed faith, solidarity and support in a way I never expected and loved her for that.

2. This one happened last year on my birthday. Sailee was on her way to Nasik from Mumbai..... still 15 min to my birthday.... I get a call from her and we started chatting like the chatterboxes that we are..... and then suddenly the lady breaks out into the birthday song!! It left me grinning sheepishly.... and I could only murmur a thank you.... The purpose of calling me up early?? Well... so that none gets to wish me before she does!! :)

3. And finally Isha. She has been a constant source of just about everything for the past 8 months or so. Has donned quite a few mantles for me.... and leaves me smiling with her kiddish antics. I thank her for all the moments that she has shared with me. Anywyz, I have mentioned her often here at BUF (including a post entirely for her!!) so won't go into much details.

4. There are so many people out there (including BUFers) who have gifted me with wonderful moments to cherish all my life. Can't single out more..... I would end up writing a book :P

Those are the best gifts that I have received till date.


  1. hey i love that picture.. i rem once in school for friendship day i had given that to some of my friends.. good old school days!! thanks for sharing sam :)

  2. hey thnx diya!! btw, which pic r u talking abt?

  3. well said sam. friends are always the best gifts......i am sure you are a good friend too to ppl you call friends! GOD bless....

  4. this post left me smiling.. and i know just how much u cherish ur frenz :)

    hoping all that you hold close to your heart comes true for you.. :)

    stay happy!

  5. how sweet...thats sooo have someone to support u at ur difficult times is indeed a GIFT from HEAVEN.


  6. Apart from the special significance of your special gifts, i cant help but notic one thing, all women ehh!

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude! *said in a yankee drawl*

  7. @astral: I think my friends would have to answer that!! :)

    @ishita: thnx... and i wish you teh same too.. for i guess wen it comes to frnds we all do tend to think alike!!

    @keshi: ah yes!! gitf from heaven for sure... everyone is....

    @aakash: well buddy!! wen it comes to girls guess i learnt early on: "hate 'em or love 'em.. but sure can't live without 'em!!" :P ;) :D