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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The best gift (Diya)

We all love getting gifts.. it makes us happy it makes us smile.. while some gifts become soo dear to us, may be because of the value we give to it, or the person who presented it to us, others may not be soo dear..And in the hoard of gifts, we keep some safe, use or wear away some while others get lost among the junk of things in our rooms..

So, when i think of gifts i can't seem to say 1 which stands out or 1 which i value more than the other. but the philosophical part of my brain wants to post in here that the best gift is "life" itself.. :)

Each new day brings us 24 hours to laugh, sing, make merry and be with our loved ones..

Each new hour gives us a reason to be happy, to look around all the luxuries we have been blessed with.. Each meal gives us a choice to choose from the list of our favourite eat outs and recipes. Each new minute gives us the desire to achieve, to plan for a goal, to boost up our career or to while away chatting or browsing..Each of us have been so blessed in life.. Yet we tend to crib, criticise,complain, and bring in unwanted miseries.. We tend to ponder over virtual problems and forget the true worth of life.

I think life itself is a marvellous treasure the value of which is mostly realised only when we know that we may be deprived of it.. Instead lets treasure this gift each and every moment of life left with goodness and zeal, friendship and laughter and hopes and smiles :)

Celebrate life!!!!

Quoting Mr. Anthony Robins -

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”


  1. I love this post the BEST!

    Life is the BESTEST gift one can have and it's so sad to see so many ppl wasting their lives away by running after wrong pleasures. This very moment, friends, loved-ones, smiles, hugs, nature...they r the real sources of JOY.

    Good one Diya! HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

  2. Like Jack Dawson in Titanic, raises a toast to Life!

    'Zindagi ke naam!'

  3. Excellent post!!

    I think we shud celebrate life every day when you wake up...and thank god for showing us one more beautiful day in life.

    Thats exactly wht I do...but then before I start my daily morning activities...I just question god...WHY ME?? Why ME? Why do I hafta go to office on weekdays??

    I think am just not satisfied yet :P

  4. Beautiful Post "Life"

    Each of us have been so blessed in life**** I totally agree with you on this.. I fel i am so blessed today in my life.

  5. Wonderful post.... let's have a toast to LIFE!!
    CHEERS everyone!! :)

  6. ~*~ We tend to ponder over virtual problems and forget the true worth of life ~*~

    So true Diya.....We must Celebrate Life as we get it only once in a lifetime....

  7. a sweet and timely reminder.. :)

    life is a treasure and more so when we realize it's worth...

    thank u diya for sharing this post :)

  8. truee!
    life is all tis bout..we live to do everythin...yeahh!
    u rock!

  9. keshi,
    im so happy u loved it best he he hugsss
    havent been seeing u much lately.. my bad.. will drop in more freq from now on ;)
    yup like jack a toast to life!!
    lolz.. u sure will get satisfied soon.. i can see that page coming up soon in the book called life ;)
    yes enjoy every minute to teh fullest :)
    sam, cheers...
    astral, cheers to u too :)
    i just wrote itjust at the spur of that moment. didnt know u all wud appreciate it so much. im really touched :)
    u rock too.. enjoy!!!!