This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the greatest gift(vishesh)


for me the greatest gift is my life.Where i am.What i am doing.What i have done. ALL are gifts.
People who have forgiven me.
People who hate me.
People who dislike me.
People who think of some way to hurt me.
All are gifts.

One of the greatest gifts i have ever received is access to this blogosphere.LOVE YA ALL!


  1. short, sweet, matter of fact and quite philosophical!!
    Wonderful thoughts!!

  2. thank you vishesh for conveying whats on our minds in such a beautiful way.......well written:)

  3. this was very uplifting indeed vishesh :)

    and i want to thank you for what u had to say in ur last post :) .. it was very thoughtful and meant a lot to me personally...

  4. Hi,Vishesh..that was a nice tribute-yes,access to the blogosphere is surely something to be thankful for.Thinking again,I guess,people who think of some way to hurt one,are also something to be thankful for.:)(Coz they teach you how to avoid mistakes)

  5. hey vishesh..
    thats a sweet post.. enjoy!!

  6. cute one Vish...n so true! Life is indeed the BEST gift ever..and all the experiences and all the good/bad ppl we meet as well.

    Blogs..OMG there r no words to Thank God for making it possible for me to blog! What a beautiful world in here!


  7. All the ladies have said what it is. But dont neglect the others out there... :)

  8. @michelle: :)

    @sam : :)

    @astral: oh! so great minds do think alike hu?

    @ishi: :)

    @amitl: :) true..

    @diya: :)

    @keshi lolz :)

    @aakash: lol k:)