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Friday, August 3, 2007

the flowers and the necklace (messy)


according to me there is nothing like 'my favourite gift'... it is more like the emotions that a gift can extract from with us that is more important... how much a gift can make us feel good... happy... ecstatic... that is more imperative

a few years back i had gone to visit my mom for a few days... she lives in mumbai too... but considering the roads and mumbai traffic it takes approximately an hour from my place to reach my moms (considering you are on a bike... a car definitely takes longer)...

that day was a sunday... and i was lazing around at home, talking to my bro and mom... just then the doorbell rang and i heard my mom welcome someone... i jumped up from the bed and ran to the door when i heard my husbands voice... it had been a few days since we had met after all... and what do i see!... he was at the door with a bunch of the most beautiful flowers... considering the point that my husband is not a fabulous 'gifter' i was thrilled at the sight... (according to him... 'i dont know what to buy for u... u want something?... heres my wallet.. buy it for yourself!'... n no thats not rude from what i know of him... he really has no idea what to get me...)

now, the flowers werent exotic... nor were they the most beautiful in the world... they were simple red and yellow sunflowers... but the underlying love that they embodied within them was something that i will never forget... and the most important part was when i saw his eyes dancing with glee because he had made me happy...


this happened when i was a kid... it was my birthday and i had just got home from school... i saw my brother standing in the living room smiling at me... i noticed a gift in his hand... he shoved it in my hand saying he had got it with his own pocket money... i was thrilled... i tore open the wrapper impatiently, thanking him for it... i noticed him smiling at me and i smiled back... when i shifted my eyes back to the gift i was so shocked that i sat down on the nearest chair i could find, staring at it... goodness!... it was the ugliest and the most ghastly necklace i had ever seen... it was made of bright pink beads and some other blue and golden beads... suddenly i felt the expectant hesitancy in my brothers stance... i covered up my feelings and smiled at him saying it was very beautiful... he smiled back at me and ran away to play with his guns... i showed it to my mom and she burst out laughing looking at it... but she was pleased that my brother could do that for me...

i dont know what happened to the necklace... i never wore it ofcourse... but i wish i still had it... it was a gift given out of love... i know i would never wear it even if i had it right now... but i would still love to cherish it and keep it with me forever... (this reminds me.. i have to ask my brother if he remembers about the gift... im sure he would balk today if he recalls the kind of necklace that he had given me...)


  1. It's so beautiful!! Actually goes to show how much emotions count when giving and receiving a gift!!

    btw, i do like one thing abt your hubby.. his candid apprach wen trying to get a gift for you!! can understand his predicament perfectly!! :)

  2. aah...those childhood gifts from siblings.... i remember my younger brother gifting me sea shells....which he had lovingly brought from his school trip to Puri...... he was so excited while gifting those.... i still have those with me...
    ur truely bang's the emotions the gifts extract from us that makes them special.....

  3. :) you just put a smile on my face.

  4. awww...the first one was definitely romantic but the second gift was so cutee...!!!

  5. bring ur hubby to blogsville so tht he can teach us guys a few lessons :)

    a pic of the necklace would have been icing over the post..

  6. kem cho messy ben? :P

    nice dad is just like ur hubby :P he seldom gifts anything to my mom..but the love between them seems to be everlasting considerin they have been together for 26 years now :) no wonder tis the same with u and and ur hubby...i dun tink gifts really matter..but if dey been given once in a blue moon doesnt get better than that..hain naa??

    aww..ur brother is so nice ya..i hvnt still gifted anything(from all that i can recollect as of now) to my 2 elder sisters..and m almost 20 now :) maybe i never got has always been my mom buying em a gift from my side and tellin em I did..hehe


  7. messy,
    ya even simple flowers can bring us so much joy and express love..
    n soo sweet of ur brother.. ya im sure even if the necklace was ugly, it sure is ur fav one :)

  8. Mausiijiii...u r bang on! its the love and feeling embodied that makes the simplest or the wierdest thing the best gift of our lives...:)
    Hv a nice weekend messy...:)

  9. **sam

    oh i have taken that approach in my stride.. dont expect nything :)

    **shooting star

    oh i know how it feels... i remember my bro had gone for a scouting trip to dahanu once.. n he got me some kind of a huge fruit from there!! it was so sour.. but i loved it..

    ** aakash

    so did u :)

    ** mich

    yeah i know.. it was really cute..

    ** sudeep

    oh my hubby is net shy... n i have lost the necklace... so u'll have to do with the cake without its icing...

    ** wacko 'bhai'

    uffff... im sure after ur mom got a gift called anshuman she asked ur dad ENOUGH! no more gifts :p..
    oh n u!! get up from that place.. goto some mall n get ur sisters a gift now!! come onnnnnnnnnnnn... n i wanna know wat u got.. i wont let u b unless u do it :D (errr and dont b kanjoos)

    ** diya

    yes i do regret losing it.. :(

    ** southpaw aka gabbarji

    right! the wierder the better :D

  10. lol i really wish i cud see the necklace ;p ;p

  11. awww how beautiful Messy!