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Friday, August 3, 2007

Dream Girl! - Sudeep

I already had listed down 6 points on Miss Right earlier on my blog here so adding to that list the following points:

1. Should have a high libido: Going by the posts of females I can infer is that they need a passionate lover. Guys can understand only one interpretation of passionate so I am not wrong in demanding this eh?
*tries to avoid the things being hurled at*

2. Should be a live calendar reminding me all important dates including her own birth date etc. Immediate relatives of her having Archies/Hallmark franchise would be given priority and throwing surprise parties would accrue emotional benefits.
BOINK!! *damn who was that*

On a serious note, she should be individualistic and the one with whom I can talk to on any topic; she could be a home maker but not a dull house wife; financially independent and since I would respect her for what she is I would expect the same from her.

Leaving aside the points I would like to quote a few lines Sean, one of my good blog buddies, had written earlier which perfectly echo my idea..

When I think of a girl that I think is pretty close to perfect, I don't look at one or two or six things. She's the whole package. Maybe I could list things that I would look for in the "ideal" woman, but there is no such thing. The perfect woman isn't a collection of traits. She's just who she is. The perfect woman is someone who makes it impossible for you to stop thinking about her. My perfect woman may seem average to someone else. But there is something about her that makes her special to me, and that's what makes her perfect.

So with whom you end up might be destiny but to make a relationship work and bestowing your spouse the title of Mr/Ms Right is definitely in your hands. Have a nice weekend everybody..


  1. "The perfect woman is someone who makes it impossible for you to stop thinking about her"

    Well said and it's nothing but teh truth!! Trust me!! :)

  2. high libido uuh? he he enjoy!!

  3. 1. Should have a high libido:***Rakh diya pair landmine pe? Now start cultivating spontanity and building up stamina coz u'll need it when that wish comes true...:))
    Enjoyed reading ur list...:)

  4. that was written in the year 2006... n u have still not got 'her'!!.. guess such kind of girls are really rare... or should i say extinct?? (or maybe married :p)

  5. lol now tht was very honest!

    esp the high libido part ... ahm ahm

  6. Sudeep hv u stopped thinking abt me? LOL!