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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Birthday Dedication for arz000n - Arjun!!

***Changing the format of birthday dedications here @ BUF. Now the dedication posts will be put up on your birthdays rather than with the BUF update!***

3rd August: BUFer's sing the birthday song for Arjun :)

Popularly known as z000niee ... the z000n bug ... in the blog world. His bizzare sense of humor reflected in his posts made his blog one of the most 'favorited' blogs around!

I for one have spent many afternoons reading through his blog and laughing aloud :D. Although I missed meeting up with him in my last trip to Mumbai, I've had couple of phone conversations with him and my personal take on him (from what I made of the rather short conversations) is that he's not the totally bizzare person we would expect him to be! He's a nice and interesting guy to talk to and one who insisted that he was in fact a very shy and reserved guy :)

Ofcourse, when you read up the comments made by uttara, vipul, keshi, messy, etc on this post ... you'll get a better insight because they've known him a lot better than I have!

Happy Birthday Arjun! :)


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww...Thanks

    This is so cute Ishi :)

    You are one gem of a person...Lovely!!!

  2. I was counting days to have z000nie lemon-cake :) HUGGGGGGGGGZ n HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend!

    z000nie is a rare with extra cranium and too much wit that can make ur tummy hurt LYAO (laffing your ass off). He's def a great friend...a sensitive human being...good! Girls so keep an eye on him. ;-)

    I hv known z000nie for abt 3yrs now...and his blog posts r brilliant pieces of humor and deep thoughts, coming from a master mind. He and I once had a competition of blog-posts hehehe. He's unbeatable in every sense!

    Have a beautiful day z000nie! U r one in a million.

    And Ish...lovely dedication here for z000nie. THANKS!


  3. Happy Birthday Arjun! have a great time ahead!

  4. goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ishi ur absolutely WRONG!!!!!

    z00nie is BIZARRE... with all the letters in capital.. im ur he misled u by his sweet voice and innocent face!!! ask me... from all of u around here im the first one who ever met this nutcase... n im telling u people... hes a crazy guy... but the sweetest guy i've ever met...

    i miss him so much that hes not in mumbai... (oh i also miss the rochers that he gets for me most of the time)... im waiting for him to b bak...



    check my blog for more pics of z00nie and me.. and the mumbai gang...

    ** utsy will surely back me when i say this guy is bizarre... wat say utsy??

  5. Happy Birthday 2u
    Happy Birthday 2u

    Happy birthday, dear zoooonie

    Happy Birthday to you!

    hahhahahah Have a rocking day!!!

  6. hey z00nie.. happy birthday!! and from the looks of it... teh party has already started!! :)

  7. Happy b'day sirjee..

    n do remember about the wet gals :p

    btw, yeh kaan mein se light kya nikal raha hai??

  8. Hey Arjun....Many Many Happy Returns of the day!!

  9. arjun,
    wish u a very happy birthday... i will definitely have to chekc out ur blog now ;)

  10. Hey hope you had a blast on ur birthday!sorry for the late wishes :)

  11. arjunn..

    happy budday :):):)

    and ishi i second on wat messy said.. he is one BIZZARE!! lol

    aur maine mere post pe bhi likha tha ki woh ek no. ke pagal insaan hai.. insane i should say .. u will be in splits all the tim.. hai na neha??

    hope u had a gr888 day arjun :)

  12. Thank you all for making my b'day so special :)

    Lot of new people here....gimme sometime and I'll catch up with you pretty soon.

    Cheers guys!!

  13. @K000kie
    He and I once had a competition of blog-posts
    well, I always wished that I could beat you in this...but I cant.
    However, I havent given up hopes...the war is still on ;)

    Thanks for the cute wishes. Hugzz

    Thanks dudes!!
    That was nice..
    I need to catch up with posts on BUF to know you all. Kind of busy these days, but I can stel time ;)

    Ferreros are couple of miles from your place :P
    They might just drop in anytime in sept :)
    Yeah I know how much you love em
    Thanks for the wishes Messsy.
    I think past 2yrs we had b'day bash..isnt it ??
    Ohhh..I miss that fun..
    But BUF rocks!!

    @White forest
    Thanks Poo for singing :)
    Thank you guys for the kind wishes.
    That was really kewl!!

    @Sam are always invited for the party :)

    @Shooting star
    Thanks Star!!

    Well...lets just say I was at a carnival yesterday and managed to do lot of things with random gals and pics are on the way ;)
    Lemme just uncensor know our deal...dont you :D

    Ah haa...
    Thanks for the wishes..that was nice

    I have a speical relationship with her. She beats me up all the time whenever I meet her...for reasons yet unknown :P
    (Neha will back me up on this)
    Thanks Uttssy :)
    Thanks for the bday wishes. That was really nice....and thanks for the gift on facebook too.

  14. lolz z000nie u hv already won!