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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blog Update (Ishita)

New Topic(s) - 13th July till 24th July 2007

1. Virtual Relationships
2. Friends after Love

You can do either or both the topics. Do remember not more than 4 posts a day and with suitable gaps or else save your post in drafts and send us an email.

Keep posts clean and in adherence to the general rules in place.


Vishesh (18th July): I guess the youngest BUFer but you wouldn’t know that from the posts he puts up…his poems and his pictures are truly lovely! :) Initially there was some hesitation if we should take in someone this young but he’s been wonderful here at BUF. I’m sure you all would agree:) Have a fabulous birthday!

BUFer of the Week!

Sam: Sam.. with his warm presence, intellect and sense of humor...and I must say his constant presence :) ... has in a rather short span of time, become a true BUFer indeed!!! :) ! So lets read your special post this week. Happy Blogging away!!

Just a reminder!

Remember the rules in place @ BUF are in place to make the blog function in a systematic way. We still had some off topic posts and time and again we’ve said that we are all fine with putting up posts which are important and need attention but do give us a prior notice.

Anyone interested in book/movie reviews should email (team@buf) first and coordinate with Mala and Roy.

Suchi will be doing a monthly Food feature starting this month.

That’s it for now….have a good weekend everyone! :)


  1. cool topics ish...looking forward to writing and reading bout em :)

  2. vishesh is really some thinks hes gonna be the next great philosopher emerging from India.....topics are very nice creative corner is all overdrive thinking of wat to write....

  3. @star: lol....
    @mich: i agree wid u....
    @ishi: thnx a lot!!!!!!!!!! :D
    @vishesh: happy birthday buddy!! :)

    @suchi: please ekdum mast recipes dena.. so dat novices like em can try dem out too!! :)

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  5. lol...ya my b'day...:)

    oh i knew ,you ppl had to think abt it....

    but BUF has become a good place for me....i always like to be the youngest...fro in my house i am the eldest among all my cousins..and never do i get the previledges of the youngest :)

    @ss:lol :)


    @sam:happy BDAY to ya too buddy :)

  6. lol sry sam..
    got a lille confused :)

    and ishi isn't ur sonvedant's b'day toooo on july 18th??

  7. @ vishesh :).. ahaa u rem huh?:) yep the two of u share d same b'day!

  8. I shall wish the bday boys on D day, for now congratulations to sam!!!

  9. @ishi: lol ya...for once i remembered a name....:)

  10. like wow!! Vedant and Vishesh sharing the same b'day!! luks like i'll be celebrating 4b'days in 2 days!! cool... just in case if confused.. my cousin Diya turns 3 on 17th and Rima celebrates another year on 18th too!! :)
    Tralalala... so many b'days!! :)

  11. tnxx Ish for the update!

    Vish I love that pic of ur's..thats the one I used in my post the other day. And HAPPY BDAY in advance mate! :)

    Congratts Sam! I somehow knew it that it wud be u next..cos ur always in the SB and ur so good with all the ppl here and ur great posts ofcourse. So enjoy being the BUFer of the week!


  12. Hi Vishesh ...Advance Birthday Wishes dear :)))

    Sam Congrats !!!

  13. Hi Ishi

    How are you?

    I dont know why!! but i am not able to access the shoutBox :((