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Friday, July 6, 2007

Love is Born....(Shooting Star)

Gulab is at the railway station…escaping from the clutches of his old enemies..and on the hunt for Chameli/Dan …..but suddenly…..his eyes encounter…a spectacle so just explodes his senses…the beauty of it just elevates his soul and he’s in love…yes ..he finds lying on the railway tracks…. Berett 82A1 semi-auto .50 caliber..

It was his life’s dream…and to suddenly come true…it’s beyond his wildest imagination…he picks up the beauty..feels its metallic shimmer on his skin..the ash grey color of her body is the most beautiful color he has seen in his fires his imagination….looks through her lens.and his vision is clear.of all illusions ...…….he longer feels hatred for Chameli or Gabru..

His heart is filled with love and he turns back from the station a reformed man…to start a new life in the forests with visions to do his heart he's now a weed out the evil from the earth..with his love..he will make peace...

But love is not he walks out of the station into the wilderness with newborn feelings and with dreams to start life afresh..he’s suddenly stopped in his tracks by…


  1. there u go sush...only u cld get a hulk like "gulab" all dreamy eyed... ha ha... m like wundering what twists and turns this story's gonna take now...


    who next??!!!! :D

  2. ah!! I gotta idea... but then am not too sure about it!!
    wot say Ishi, Gulab, Champa and Raju..... chhota parivar sukhi parivar??

  3. Weppppaaaaa!!!!
    How did u know i wud love that toy...i meannot many know abt that gun, i dont even hv to go the station to stop Chameli and Gabru if i hv that gun, just aim and bang...its a dream toy for a trained sharpshooter....

  4. oha.. now do v have a veerappan also in the story ;)

  5. @southpaw..i have a bit of interest in guns especially sniper guns n pistols....and that one is one of my favourites....

  6. @Shooting star
    Thats great to know...chalo koi to mila jise meri kuchch fav cheeso ka gyaan hai...
    Berret 82A1 semi-auto .50 caliber is one of the best gun a sniper can ever dream of...distance, precision, fire, its a complete package, as far as handguns r concerned u must watch out for the Soviet made porporin modified 9.5 mm, the company is no more after the soviet disintegration, but the ppl who hv it can surely brag of having the most powerful handgun of all times. The best thing is its precision and capacity to hit the target from a long long distance and the sound is awesome...

  7. @southpaw
    yeah berret is my favourite due to its complete package...will definitely check out the handgun...... but wat do ya think of bro says it's better than terms of accuracy..he's totally so gaga over it....

  8. Being an Indian we shud be proud of INSAS, but practically AK-47 is still the baddest ass in its category...and if u specially looking for accuracy INSAS scores over kalashnikov for sure.

  9. @southpaw
    that's wat my brother also says that INSAS is much more accurate ..and only they didn't have to clean pipes again n again..which is it's major problem it would one helluva gun..and also the magazines...they are of plastic and tend to break up sometimes

  10. only they didn't have to clean pipes again n again..which is it's major problem****Exactly...not only INSAS but every assault gun fails in that dept against a kalashnikov, u dump it in a river, u bury it under the sand, u put it under a moving tank, it will fire and deliver the mayhem u expect from it.

  11. thank God for Sushmuta! lol after Southy and Jit's shocking turn to the story, Sushmita gave it a soft touch again hahaha tnxx girl!


  12. Love ...hahahah Ladki se pyar nahi hua ???