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Friday, July 6, 2007


1st scene

Gulab Singh while on his way with his newly found love, is suddenly encountered by strange and guilty filled thoughts rushing through his mind. He starts panicking and the whole world seems to be revolving at a much greater speed. It suddenly seemed to him that letting his sister elope with a stranger was not what he could ever think of. He then decides to take his Berett 82A1 semi-auto .50 caliber along with him while he hunts down both chameli and gabru. After all, that is going to be the only support that is gonna be with him..his new love!

2nd scene

Back in the train, chameli and gabru were enjoying much to their happiness. They both were too busy reviving back the old memories. Suddenly, the weather started acting all weird. Thunder struck! The train jerked feverishly. People started shouting. Eventually, the train halted abruptly. The clouds were all dark. It became freaking cold.

Aliens had come. There landed a spaceship. The gates opened and soon followed some long horned, geeky eyed, stooping creatues....(tis jadoo time now :P)

P.S. thnks to raj bro, the story seems to be taking twists and turns quite interestingly!


  1. wow!! now we have an avenging brother.... and aliens both stalking the lovebirds!! this is unfair.... looks like spaceman spiff should make an appearnce to save the day.. who happens to be non other than reincarnated TOM :D.... and teh alien pack is led by... guess who?? Michelle... for she was actually an alien... nad her mission was to thwart TOM earlier.. but she failed thanks to an earthquake.. but then TOM too died!!
    hehe.. how ws dat??

  2. now the story is getting really kewl......all thanks to rajbir's twist......hail rajbir for standing up and taking the first step.........

  3. Sabbaaaas wacko....:)
    Thanks sush...:)

  4. wacko,
    star wars in hindi soap?? wow i can see the guys r making it very masaledaar.. :)

  5. neone wanna tell me whats goin on here! lol

  6. we still have "time travel" ....back to d future style left to

    what next?!!

  7. sahi hain ...I am still thinking wat to write :P

    I am very bad at story writing :(

  8. KRISH :)))) hahahah Aliens are finally here ...inki hi kami thi :))

  9. omg now we r in space? lol great great twist Wacko!


  10. @sam
    yeah i told ya man..u sud continue d story but it seems as if nobody's interested in continuin wher i ended..

    yeah raj bro rocks!


    @diya dear
    no star wars m strictly against it..tis somethin wackier

    go figure!


    oh yes!

    @white forest
    cmmon u sud give it a try

    right on!

    thnks keshi..tis my pleasure :)