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Friday, July 6, 2007


Daniella felt faint.. who could she be? wat did she want.. she felt the energy drain out of her body.. why hadn't he called?? Time was leaking out.. she had to act fast.. one hour was all she had.. After that her life would change.. forever..
She couldn't bear the thought of not hearing from him..Of loosing him..And in the next second she decided..She had to go.Clasping on to her handbag n without turning back, she ran out..her coffee untouched,unbrewed..

Once outside, she decided to walk casually not wanting to attract undue attention.. But her glass heels knocked n her party dress made heads turn.. She panicked.. she quickened her pace..She tightened her grip on the bag n said one quick prayer in anticipation, "God, please don't let anything happen to him.."
7th street was just around the corner..She could see the area was crowded.. The cinema hall just next to the Barista was playing some new blockbuster.. N the youth thronged the gates waiting for the tickets.. she could see people staring.. yes she was a pretty girl.. N she was dressed to impress..
She hurried into the cafe n looked around..It was crowded.. Her eyes kept searching for she didnt know who.. N suddenly she felt perspiration ticking down her forehead as her eyes locked on a far away table n she stared in horror and disbelief.


  1. hehe i cant wait to add to this ... bt m not gonna kill the suspense either lol

    nicely written btw!

  2. i feel like adding something like this.. "there was a big earthquake..everyone died".. and Tom lived happily everafter with his girlfriends.

    ps: ppl are free to add a re-birth angle too :)

  3. @Jitendra
    Thats it jitendra...i was so confused with the chain, thanks for providing the new angle i m surely gonna follow that...:)

  4. And angel, i liked the way u made it such an exciting bit to read, really nice!!!

  5. loon gal, cant wait to hear u out ;)
    jitendra, yes we can make a bollywood film out of it then.. cool idea rt..
    hey charlie,
    thanks a ton :)

  6. heheheh Diya very neat!!!!

    Barista :))

  7. Thats the Barista in Gurgaon.

    Nice. :)

  8. hey diya...well written....

  9. Very graphic chapter..GOOD WORK Diya!