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Monday, July 2, 2007


Holla mates,
I haven't been online offlate due to some studies. I thought of writing about this movie flick before the admins chuck me out of here.I don't have a habit of rating movies or anything like it. Frankly speaking, whenever it comes to telling or writing about favorite movies, I am usually blank. But, a few weeks back I was all alone until I thought of catching up with some movie. The only movie I could get hold of was "The Greenstreet Hooligans" which this post is all about.
I have always liked Elijah Wood (hate LOTR and such mythological stuff though). You all must have this 'chocolate boy' image kinda thingy about him. But, in this flick he's just acted the opposite. He's a hooligan. Now, coming back to hooliganism it refers to unruly and destructive behavior. Such behavior is commonly associated with sports fans, particularly supporters of professional football and university sports. The term can also apply to general rowdy behavior and vandalism often under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
This movie is all about English Soccer clubs and the inner complicacies involved with it like the fans, the managers, the player contracts, drafts, drugs and so on. I would not like to go much in detail because I feel tis worth a watch. If you are a football fanatic, tis a must watch for you.

The movie is basically about how an American College student--Matt Buckner(Elijah Wood) is accused of some false cocaine charges and is kicked out of the college. He then comes to stay with his sister and eventually falls prey to a violent English Football Firm run by his brother-in-law(the Green Street Elite). It then revolves round how he gets emotionally attached to the firm and the consequent brutal violence associated with it.The movie depicts the harsh reality behind soccer that exists in many countries apart from UK. The craze and zeal possessed by the football fanatics is just awe-striking. The extent that they go killing and hurting people is something which i could not even think of.No doubt, football is one mind-boggling game which like many other sports has its own issues and complications to deal with. I finally got to see what vandalism and hooliganism actually is in the real life. I am all horrified by now writing and recollecting about it.

P.S nice movie nevertheless for all ya action lovers out there...


  1. Phew! Hooliganism!!

    sounds interesting .. i doubt i would watch it though !

  2. hi
    this blog rocks...
    lots of people...nice one guys..
    yes friend i think i did watch this movie sometime back

  3. is the guy next to elijah wood wentworth miller? *sigh* *faints*

  4. Seriously??? Elijah Wood and Hooligan!!! Got to watch out.

  5. @loon gal
    go go go!

    @known stranger

    yeahhhhhhhhh! do not 4get to tk a beer can wid ya!

    no idea..

    yeahhhhhhh!! beer beer all d way..

  6. hey... luks like i gotta catch this one!! thanks mate!!

  7. **The movie depicts the harsh reality behind soccer that exists in many countries apart from UK.

    aha...o well Im such a romance, mystery, horror, comedy fan so yeah, not sure if I'll watch this. But a good review..tnxx!