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Monday, July 2, 2007

Favourite? Probably not.. (Sudeep)

I was eagerly waiting for my google reader to show a spoof from Z00nie but alas it is the last day for this topic and Z00nie baba is still at large. The post below is not my ‘favourite’ post but I had tried to write something different from what I usually write so it is one post which I remember well. Plus yesterday’s win over South Africa is a reason I convinced myself to post this after dropping the idea last week. But, one of my favourite posts would be this tag since some of you know how I ‘love’ to do tags :D. Yeah I can see some smiling faces already over that line.. he he he. But I had really given a thought over this for a long time so..
In the meanwhile the cricket gup-shup for you.. cricket-zealous/non-zealous better check the link above than going below :)

Sunday was overall a gr8 day for sports lovers. Aust-SA cricket one-day match, F1 season’s first race, Arsenal-Liverpool showdown n India-England Test match… one should have a TV showroom to see all this at one time. Doordarshan (DD), our government channel proved once again tht it is very pathetic to watch. Has anyone watched ‘Aankhein’ on DD? Might be more bashing on this some other day. But, when it comes to showing highlights DD does not know the difference between highlights and live match. TV audience want to see how wickets fell and how the batsmen blasted the bowlers. They don’t expect to see how a captain sets his field and how a batsman waits for the 12th man to bring him a spare pair of gloves.

Rahul Dravid (India’s captain) is setting the field according to bowler Irfan Pathan’s need. DD zooms in the camera on both of them get close to decide on whom to set on which position. The conversation caught is courtesy lip-reading skills…

IP: It is hot today.

RD: (eyeing suspiciously) Were u watching Brokeback Mountain last night in the hotel when rest of us were busy watching dancers in the strip-club?

IP: Stupid! I am talking about the atmosphere. I was practising on bowling last nite. Wht ‘bout the fielding strategy?

RD: I don’t think we will need it. Look at both the batsmen. They are not gonna keep their eyes on the ball u bowl.

IP: Wht makes u think like tht?

RD: The batsmen r staring at our wicketkeeper Dhoni. They think tht we have a gal as wicketkeeper. Long hair is definitely beneficial to the team.

IP: (sad smile) Yeah! Girls r going crazy ‘bout his locks. I seem to have lost the title of Most Eligible Bachelor to him. U know after the incident of the 2 gals who had come to my house for marrying me, no one has yet knocked my door. Even the count of fan mails has fallen down. Parthiv (ex-wicketkeeper) was better. He used to carry our entire luggage and we even used to hit him in frustration when we used to lose a match.

RD: I m still wondering why the gals who had come to ur house did not …

IP: (cuts him off) Are Harbhajan and Laxman again fighting?

RD: Where? I can’t see them. My eye-sight is getting weaker day by day. I had told my parents tht I wanted to marry an ophthalmologist but they forced me to marry a General Practitioner.

IP: (points in tht dirn) There… they r fighting ever since tht Ganguly issue raked up.

RD: Hmmm… Greg (coach) is a dumbo. Ganguly is earning so much through advertisements and might feature in some movies also. Yet Greg said tht Ganguly wanted to remain captain for financial reasons.

IP: I am wondering wht will happen of all the established players if Greg keeps on experimenting the team n bringing in new faces.

RD: Thts why I have started to play fast nowadays. Wasim Jaffer plays even slower than me. When I play along with Wasim, I feel like I m Dhoni blasting the bowlers at the rate of 2 runs per over. Time to re-read Who Moved My Cheese?

IP: Hmmm… U know why I didn’t come to the strip-club yesterday. I was busy teaching ‘Bhangra’ to Greg. He said he didn’t look gud in the news channels last time doing the bhangra jig.

RD: But wht has to do with ur bowling?

IP: Not with bowling but it has to do with my place in the team. Munaf Patel also bowls pretty well.

RD: Ohh!! I forgot tht newbie.

IP: Shall we send Kumble near the boundary line?

RD: Yeah.. we will give him rest till he retires.

IP: I think he will quit now after reaching the 500 wickets landmark.

RD: Why are the batsmen not asking for bad light? I want to finish off this soon n want to catch with the next episode of Takeshi’s Castle on POGO.

IP: But, it is shown again at 11 in the night.

RD: But at tht time I have to see Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. I luuvvv Ekta Kapoor’s soaps.

Irfan faints on hearing this n DD takes a commercial break reminding us tht it is time to switch channels.


The original complete post can be seen here.


  1. omg look who's here....the hunk from Pune :)

    Hows u Sudeep? long time! Missed ya in this space.

    Funny as usual. I mean who can write more humorously than Sudeep! :)


  2. :D boy am i glad i delayed the blog update!!!! .... funny stuff but then humor has always been ur plus point :P

    ab plz yashita ko bhi puchho usse yaha waapas aane ka koi iraada hai ki nahi?!?!

    ...i hope the next topic catches ur fancy too:)...i cld delay (!!) the update again !! *grin*

    ps: @mich, sudeep, sumit, yash...and i guess roy? abt u guys planning a Pune BUF meet???

    oh reading the tag was FUN too :D

  3. ""RD: But at tht time I have to see Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. I luuvvv Ekta Kapoor’s soaps"" hahhahaha :))

    LOL and really funny :))

  4. not funny at all....!!!
    it was pathetic...!!!

  5. It wud have been appreciated had our anony friend been courageous enough to comment using his/her own name!! and may be turn up with a better spoof!!
    I detest such behaviour!!

  6. "Ekta Kapoor’s soaps" ... ha ha grt :P