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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blog Update..Topics...B'day/Anniv!! (Ishita)

Ok ok …. I know I am really late with this update! But a lot’s been happening around here and hence the delay.

This time lets start with the birthdays and anniversaries...


10th July – Harjee a wonderful writer and a brilliant photographer! Not frequent with his posts on BUF but you’d have to agree they’ve been memorable ones. He’s made his presence felt on the SB of course. Personally I’ve known him for a while now but missed meeting him on his last trip to Delhi…now based out of Mumbai, I hope the Mumbai BUFers get to meet up for his special day. Have a fabulous B’day Harjee…ENJOY! :D


5th July – Ishita & Rajiv – 8 years now :) … it’s been quite a journey so far and *touchwood* it will continue…. !


Our first loss at BUF….well, first official loss that is coz there are others who’ve chosen to stay off BUF without informing or saying a goodbye.

Amy (Jewelrays) … you will be missed and more than you ever could think possible. Do remember that when I’ve said that I understood that “Nothing is forever”…. I’ve also taken it to mean … “Nothing…Not even Goodbyes….are forever”

New Topic effective 3rd July 2007 to 13th July 2007 (10 days)

Right so there were no topics to vote from last couple of weeks. That’s because we wanted to run the “Chain Story” topic for the following 10 days. It’s quite simple really. We start a story…and each BUFer continues it.

Now the question was who would start the story? Simple, the honor is given to the BUFer of the Week. We give the BUFer of the Week the choice of putting up a post of their choice and this time besides that, he/she gets to start the chain story!

Now some points to keep in mind, each continuation should be limited to a paragraph of 20 lines. A few lines plus minus but short and crisp would be preferred. Do check drafts to see if anyone’s post is waiting in queue and to avoid any clashes as far as post timings/story sequence is concerned.

And most importantly, each BUFer gets just one attempt at the story. Incase we get done with this before 10 days, the next topic will be put up without further delay.

Yes, do send in your topic suggestions to the team id. The poll counter will be updated in the next couple of days and you can start voting!

Incidentally, the second topic of the previous weeks was “Write a book/movie spoof” … many voted for that because till about the last couple of days that was winning but none of you attempted to write a post on that. Now why would you vote for it and not write? The choice is always there to do either or both the topics given! This topic will be also be on in these 10 days!!

Another point, we’ve had posts from some which are unrelated to the topics running. In case you have a post to share which is off topic, please send in an email and we’ll let you know if it’s ok to publish!

So far we have Mala and Royston doing Feature Posts Monthly book review by Mala (that’s usually up by the 15th of every month) and Roy does the movie reviews (English) once or twice in a month!....

Anyone else who wants to a do a feature post, has to inform us prior to doing so!!! Please understand that it’s tough to keep taking off posts and keep sending out individual reminders every single time.

Those who have volunteered for admin work, please send in an email letting me know a time and date when we can talk/chat about joining in and the kind of responsibilities involved.

BUFer of the week – Who else but the one and only KESHI :) …. She truly rocks here with her participation on every topic… lovely posts… chit chat on the SB… comments! She makes the newbies comfy here and reaches out to one and all. A definite asset to BUF … she’s been here from the beginning and seen it grow through these past months. Thanks Kesh for being here… and you get to start off the new topic besides of course doing a post on a topic of your choice! Enjoy girl…!

Ps: This weekend Uttara and I went on a short 2 day trip to Mussoorie...the pics will be put up in my pic blog soon (later today) ... take a look here "Ishita's pics" !

And John...have a safe journey home! Welcome back to India (yeah yeah I know u're reaching two days l8r but wishing u in advance)....!!! :))


  1. oii Harjee ;-) Happy Birthday for the 10th of July! Hope u hv a blast. HUGGGGGGGGGZ! One qn for ya tho...why cant we see a pic of ur face instead of ur hand? :)

    Ish n Rajiv the coolest couple on the net...HUGGGGGGGGZ n HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for the 5th of July! Lovely pic there.

    Ish Im still in shock with Amy's departure from blogs...I miss her so very much. And like u said, NOTHING is forver and I hope Amy's Goodbye isnt forever too.

    Kudos to Roy n Mala for the reviews. They r doing a great job!

    **We give the BUFer of the Week the choice of putting up a post of their choice and this time besides that, he/she gets to start the chain story!

    LOL Ish u cheeky girl...u chose me as the Buffer of the week ha. gee tnxxx! :) Im not all that u say but Im stoked to bits reading all the good things abt me :):) ty sweetie n MWAHHHHH!

    So I start a story...ok with I hv to stick to 20 lines too?

    I will email u with more topics for future posts. Sorry I forgot abt em for a lil while. ty for this wonderful update Ish ur doing a fantastic job here!


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  3. so this means I hv to put up a story real quick ha...cos others hv to wait till I start...ok will tomorrow morning be early enough?


  4. Ish I wrote a story in like 10mins :) I'll put it up now. Dun wanna delay others here.

    Soon it'll be up. I added a title too. Subsequent writers can add their own titles to their posts (as in chapter titles).

    ty for the opportunity!

  5. Thanks KESH! :))

    sent u an email...kept the story on hold for like a couple of hours simply to give this update some visibility ...okies? wl put it back up like i promised!!


  6. Hey Harjee... best wishes for your birthday about a week in advance... doncha worry.. will turn up on ur b'day too :)

    Ishi & Rajiv: 8 yrs.. a splendid journey.. keep travelling.... :) oh!! btw, may i say you guys might actually end up being role models for the singles out here ;)
    rocking couple all the way!!

    As for Amy, it's kinda shocking ot say teh least... and her blogs gone too... the saddest incident for me on blogsville till date!! :(( she was so cheerful!!

    Ah!! well.. mala's reviews have been really wonderful... kudos to her for reading a book and then patiently writing about it too!!
    as for Roy... I haven't seen any of his posts... but I blv he must have been doing a great job!!

    And finally!! KESHI...... you amazing lil gal!! Congrats.... hehe.. "BUFer of the week" we want a party... lol!! hey kickstart the story whenever you want.... am looking forward to it!! :)

    ****** staring at the screen gleefully ************

    And finally.. will chk out the pics later.. somehow all I see is a white screen :(

    oh btw, am one of the guilty parties who put up a non-relevant post!! was too excited about that topic... sorry!! :)

    So.. waiting for the story.. and racking my brain for some topics...

    Over and out!!


  7. Hi Keshi,

    Followed the link from the comment you left on my blog.

    This site certainly has me intrigued - especially since I have a major Mumbai connection.

    Will try and visit your other site as well.



  8. Wishing Harjee a very happy birthday in advance and good wishes to you and rajiv, ishita.8 years is a very long time and wishing u guys all the happiness in the u guys went to mussorie to celebrate eh? very nice! will chek the pics out...also, the topic is very interesting!!

  9. ty Ish MWAHHHHHH! :) I was in a hurry to get everyone started LOL! Im so excited abt this story. It's gonna be great!

    tnxx Sam! :) Party? awwww...why dun u come ova to my place? Cos I still hv left-over cakes from mum's bday last week.

    G'day David! tnxx for visiting here as well. Yes this blog rocks!

    Michi u better make it more interesting once I put up the starting chapter ;-)


  10. Amy's departure really hurt me, but i m glad i hv other ways to be in touch with her and was really happy when she called up on my bday...:)

    Congratulations keshi...:)for being chosen the BuFer of the week.

  11. Southy I wantes to call u on ur bday but ur number is wrong..the one u gave me ages ago.

    tnxx! :)


  12. Yeah but i still hv the sent emails where i had sent u the new cell number, anyway the thought itself is enough...:)

  13. aww that new cell number is wut Im tallkin didnt work :( can u send it again? Mebbe one code or something was missing.

    tnxx Southy!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARJEE!!! and lots of wishes on anniversary..ishi n rajiv................

  15. hey keshi..
    congrats!! well deserved one gal..
    keep rocking!!