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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


i never knew it would.

But it has.I wanted to avoid it all these years,but the word,has brought it all back.

Here i am locked between two people i hardly know,yet ,yet...


it had been a night a Saturday night,it too had struck 8.....

Back then,she could hear as well as feel.

She knew,the clock strikes 8,because the mobile vibrates.She had waited for a call,she knew cause she had told him that was the last way to reach her.Yet she knew it was worth less,the phone was useless,it had no screen to read the other persons lips.


She felt uncomfie,cause she couldn't see what they were talking properly.yet she had heard him speak to her.HE had spoken in a tongue ,a one which she could her inside.He saw her,did he know?

what would he say if he knew?

it had been years since she heard her self speak.YET now she did.Even though he looked outside.They both spoke.They were taken into a world.She realised
,he must love me really.

The silence prevailed ,they both spoke through their hearts.

The car drew into the driveway.

HE got down.She followed suit and caught his hands......


  1. ummmmm.......... am sorry vishesh, but somehow the flow of the story eludes me here. may be your thoughts flew too fast!! no issues!!
    but still a great attempt, and somehow a flavour of teh abstract has been introduced!! I'm going to watch the story unfold now!!

    oh btw, just observed this.... the posts have come in real thick and fast today!! can we slow down a bit guys??

  2. Ditto Sam. I'm totally lost here, in between the She and the I. And the way things are unfolding.

    Is it in continuation with Michelle's post, or did you write it in continuation to Puja's post (thus bringing it parallel to michelle)?

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  4. Well, yes, I do agree partially...

    Announcement: My post is ready in teh drafts.. ADMINS.. please publish at the stroke of midnight or.. whenevr the next slot opens....

    for those who are going to write..

  5. hey guys i think vishesh is referring to the 'hope' factor ive concluded with...and i think ive followed what its about...she holds jack's hand towards the end...she and sam are both looking out of the window and are in their own world(S)...thats what i made out of it...pls correct me if m wrong vishesh!! i really liked the continuation but if u can just put the names in cuz thats where everyones getting confused...happy writing!

  6. omg i was so engrossed in talking to sam i wrote sam instead of jack***

  7. @michelle:what you say looks like one of the interpretations...

    @Aakash and sam: there should have been some show the different parts sorry,will make it...

  8. @vishesh: hey now i can make things out.... :) dude, you had me flummoxed back there....

    @michelle: awewsome, u really did get teh flow to a great extent. btw, engrossed?? my my my... now dats wot i call teh quick fire effect!! ;) lol... :P

  9. **omg i was so engrossed in talking to sam i wrote sam instead of jack***

    LOL Michi!

    I guess Vish means what Michi said..and yeah it wud be great if the names were put in so ppl dun get confused.

    Good stuff Vish!