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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Turn( abhishek)

The Buzz of the Phone Shook her out of her thoughts and coffee.

It was his number.

She quivered. ( was it excitement?).. She answered

Mumbled a hello.

"Hello, Daniella..."

(It was a female voice)

Female VOICE!!, she wondered, how could it be a female voice.....

"I am Michelle "( sounded sweet and cheerful)

umm OK..,

" You see Daniella, you dont knwo me, but...."


and Phone blanked out.

Damn this phone battery!!!!

Thumping the half left coffe on the table, she ran to the charger

Her mind running much faster... He never even mentioned..... who .....

Beep! ( the charger plugged in the the welcome ring hummed)

Before she dailed back again, and sms beeped in..

" Sorry I am in a moving car and the network keeps skipping, I am in your area, lets meet for coffee at Barista near the 7th Street"


( Have changed back to original Third person narration...)


  1. Abhi I love it! It's getting interesting by the minute :)

    So now Daniella's bakk at home and a new character Michelle is calling her? WOW I cant wait to hear the rest of the story...wonder who's the next author :)


  2. Oye abhi...kahani me to twist le aya ab dimaag twist ho gaya uska kya kare....

  3. Cmon People...
    take it forward... toh toh Admins ki permission lekar hum paanchon hi storey ko agaey badhana shuru kar denge!!

  4. Its getting better. :-)

    And Abhi, thoda wait karo yaar. Janta will write!

  5. :)) ahhaaaa Now it going on the right track...... Thanks Abhi!!

  6. @ Aakash:

    Ooops How can I forget the "Kings" Of storey writing have yet to punch in their parts.....

    Sorry Bro!!!

  7. @ Poo:

    lets see what happenz!!

    this is relly a very very interesting topic!!

    Three cheerz to US all!!

  8. sahi hai!! now things are gonna go from mushy to....... let's see!!
    I liked the twist.. and the way Daniella's mind jumps directly to some sort of a conclusion!! What conclusion was it??
    Is Michelle going to reveal something sinister??
    Wait and watch people.. just like me!! :)
    In case you are wondering when I'll come in... well.. probably towards the end... there ain't no wrapping up without me!! :)

  9. the story is getting interesting.....this time i will be the audience and just read out the whole story with all its twists n turns........lets see where the water finally flows to....

  10. cant wait to reach barista abhi..

  11. this is like saas bhi kabhi bahu thi types lol

    The wait changed to Kyunki tumne bhi kabhi wait kiya hoga!

    k its 12.32 am here and am a lil drunk!