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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The End (Sam)

As the aliens closed in on Chameli and Gabru, one heard the staccato burst of a gun somewhere very near..... From the bushes emerged Gulab, who was very surprised to see the the green creatures encircling the couple.... However, there someone else who had a surprised look on her face it was Chameli... she was sure she had seen the alien leader before but couldn't recall where.... It was then that there came a streak of light landing right in front of the leader.... she shrieked (I hope aliens shriek!!) and leaped backwards.... It was spaceman spike..... handsome as he was it. Chameli couldn't help but stare at him as if lovestruck..... Gabru got quite tensed here..... his girl was ogling at some other guy..... but then the other guy is here to save them, isn't he?? Gulab.. was dumbstruck.. he couldn't believe a single thing in front of his eyes... it was only his beloved in his hand who made him realise that this was all real......

And then Chameli remembered, Spike was Tom and Alien Leader was Michelle..... But how could that be possible..... Seeing her confused face Spike explained that he and Michelle were intergalactic rivals...... the earthquake which had killed their earth forms had happened at a time when Spike and Michelle were working out a truce....... But that never happened and the war continues.... and now that she has turned up to harm Chameli/Daniella... Michelle must face the consequence.....

And so the face off happened................ It was never about Chameli, Gulab, or Gabru... it was always about Spike and Michelle........ It was about.............

"WAKE UP!!!!!!"

"Wake up girl!! It's time for school....."

Michelle sits up with a start... she's breathing heavily.... it's then that she realises that she had been dreaming..... her brother, Tom is already up and ready to go.. and shouting at her...

******* later at school *******

As Michelle sits down with her pals for lunch and "You won't believe I had this amazing dream last night, where Tom was dating some girl.............."

---------------------------------------- THE END ----------------------------------------

I hope ;)


  1. hey.. nich.. do u dream of having fights wid ur bro too?? :D

  2. Bravo!! A great ending to a completely zany lovin it :)

  3. wut a brilliant ending! Started with reality, ended with a dream...WOW!


  4. super kool!

    i had nearly lost track of the story!!

    but hey.. did u not have to wake Daniella"????
    u woke up michelle!!

  5. Well you almost had my end. And you have done justice. Infact when i was analyzing the story last night i found that a dreamscape will nicely wrap it up. Only when i saw that your post was in the drafts so i restrained my ending.

    I liked the cheerful twist that you gave to the story, instead of taking it in a totally different direction.

    @ISHI: Now i think we dont need my end... I know its against the conversation on phone, but Sam has used the same element to wrap it up. Maybe next time. :-)

  6. poor gal daniella .. is nowhere to be seen in the picture :(

  7. well ppl thnx for the appreciation!! daniella... the thing that i had in mind was daniella being some chick whom tom dated and who was rivals with mich!! so.. der goes daniella!! :)

    and aakash, u shud have told me abt this!! i wud have done it in a different manner... crap!!
    and ishi knew?? why didn't she tell me?? hell.... i cud twisted it up enough for aakash to finish it off in style!! :((
    now i am sad!!

  8. Not to worry bro, its just wrong timing on my part. I waited to long to put in my part. When i finally did, i saw your THE END post in the draft. At around teh same time i called up Ishi, she told me you were writing the end and were held up since you were busy on phone (long conversations ehh? :p) So i thought, i'll read your end and then take it further. But my devise was dream, which is exaclty your devise as well. And thus eliminates the need for me to write.

    And dont talk about my end being stylish (even without me writing it), you have finished it really well!


  9. bahot mazaa aaya...

    and both of u @ aakash and sam (mutual admiration society:P:D)...there will always be a next time wrt "chain story"

    lets see u guys write on the next set of topics :)...

    happy blogging!:D

  10. wow sam,
    lovely!! im glad the story ended so meaningfully... gr8 work!! n congrats on the blogger of the week award !! :)

  11. Loved the ending Sam :)) Good one